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  • Mohamed Shafiek posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Story and Art by Mohamed Shafiek

    Chicago, Chicago.

    William Bastion trench crawls out of an overturned car. Shattered glass and rubble surround him. His clothing is torn up and blood trickles down over his left eye, forcing him to close it and squint with the other. His face is bruised and splotched with smeared blood.

    It’s one o…[Read more]

  • Ice Fairy posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    @javon-sankoh Hi Javon, what’s your best work. There is too much to read. 😋

    • I actually only have one work, Twins 99. Unfortunately, I’m still revising the prologue and the first chapter along with figuring out some plot holes for its future. Sorry, but I will let you know when I completed them. I promise I won’t disappoint πŸ˜‰

  • Javon Sankoh commented on the doc Twins 99 Plot 4 weeks ago

    It’s okay, it’s been a while since I edited it 😅

  • Javon Sankoh commented on the doc Twins 99 Plot 4 weeks ago

    @ice-fairy well, I’d like to say I have a unique perspective 😏 At the beginning, I want to show how a normal person would react to the supernatural. Hopefully, it will make sense when I release more on Twins 99. Actually, I should revise the plot. I’m sure the way it’s written doesn’t encourage you to read it

    • Haha, actually I too have similar idea but somewhat different, theories of gravity, strings, and quantum mechanics in it. Because in story we can make good weapon from it😂😂

      • Does it sound weird??

        • It doesn’t sound weird, but I feel the plot doesn’t drive you in and make you wish to read it. The way it’s written now anyway

      • That’s funny. It was in an old manga of mine, but I made a character named Sayu who had an ability called String Theory. Basically, the ability would make visible the strings of fate of a person and she could disconnect them to stop certain events from happening at the expense of one of her own strings to be cut without her knowing which one.

        • That actually sounds very entertaining. That would be a great idea for a psychological thriller type of manga. Have you ever thought of using a character similar to her again?

          • Can’t really. That manga was called Shibuya PI and it was supposed to have a supernatural element, thus I could use that. However, the manga I’m making now is strictly science-fiction, so that supernatural ability won’t make sense in the context in what parameters I set for the abilities of the characters.

            • Ah, oh well. I’m sure the characters you create in that manga will be interesting too. You still have a lot of options, ability-wise, since it’s science fiction, like technopathy or logic manipulation

      • That’s a unique way of creating weapons. I haven’t seen that done before. But, the route I’m going is a lot less scientific. More along the lines of fantasy (I probably should have made that more clear 😅). Like, my characters were either born with superpowers or were given superpowers by an ancient artifact

        • Ancient Artifact=Stone Mask. WAS THAT A JOJO’S REFERENCE?! πŸ™‚

          • I actually haven’t watched JoJo, I didn’t mean to reference that. I have heard of that anime though, that’s a popular one. The ancient artifact in my novel is more of a powerful crystal

            • I left a premise kind of when I responded to Ice Fairy. You should find it on my page. It should explain the science fiction aspect of my manga

  • Javon Sankoh posted an update 1 month ago

    @shojiamasawa Hey, thanks for the friend request 😉 By the way, your light novel does sound interesting I can imagine myself enjoying the interactions between Kaji Fujiwara and Chie Kurasuma. I’m sure there’s a meaningful reason as to why he dislikes her cat appearance. Still, I have a question. Is Chie actually a cat or is she wearing a tail?

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    • Thank you for the feedback, my friend. As an answer to your question, it’s a fake tale, probably attached to a belt or simply clipped to her skirt. I suppose I should make that clearer in the narrative, so I’m glad you brought it to my attention!

      • You’re welcome, man. So, when do you think you’ll finish your revisions for your first chapter? I’d love to read it and give you my opinion on it

        • Thank you for the interest, fellas! The chapter has been revised and posted, literally 10 seconds ago! Reading through, it was mentioned that the tail was fake, but it was pretty easy to miss. Also, I’m pretty sure your member privileges will allow you to download the entire volume–all five chapters–in manuscript and book format.…[Read more]

      • Where can I take a look at this story of yours?

  • Javon Sankoh and Profile picture of Shoji AmasawaShoji Amasawa are now friends 1 month ago

  • Hey, @sora-hana, I read the prologue of Restart X Days. It’s interesting; it’s always entertaining to see a villain who wishes to eradicate humanity for the sake of humanity. But to erase my confusion, did you combine mythological facts with the real world? Also, did the villain destroy the world and recreate for humans to have the ability to…[Read more]

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    • Aren’t you supposed to be asking @sora-hana for that. She is the author of Days, right?

      • Oh god, I got the wrong author. Man, that’s just terrible of me. I guess I confused them because I was reading Triple Orb Academy at the time

    • I only referenced some myth facts, but the world building was original. Thanks for reading πŸ˜€

      • You’re welcome, thanks for answering. Sorry that I just now began reading your light novel. I’ll be sure to read the rest when I have time πŸ˜‰

    • Man I wish I could read some more of the stuff on Vic’s Lab. Not even the stuff already set, but the new stuff in submissions. Alas, making manga takes up too much time. Why couldn’t there just be more hours in a day?!

  • Update: My manga is going really great! Adopting an episodic format with overarching plot elements is really really fun! I love how much I can expand on the world without having to worry about touching plot threads in the process. As for Square One, I do have the 2nd and 3rd volumes already finished. I just want to space them out between each…[Read more]

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    • Dude, that’s great! I’m glad your manga is going so well. Yeah, I know that feeling too well. I feel the same exact way with my light novel. Because, I have so many intriguing ideas running around my head. And don’t worry about it, man. I understand that some novels and/or manga weren’t intended to last long. I’ve read manga like that. Plus, this…[Read more]

    • Congrats on finishing your 3 volumes. Meanwhile, i’m still stuck on my second. Now that summer break is on, i really hope to finish this second volume in preparation for the next arc.

      • Lol dude your volumes are huge compared to ours. Yoyr regular chapter has 20k words. In term of work you must have beaten us all ^^

        • I guess haha. I just felt like a word limit was enough. My intentions with volumes was for it to easily translate into 1 season of an anime adaptation er go it has 12 episodes. If it does get an adaptation (which is really big if) then it would have a nice rounded out 3 seasons.

  • Sorry for the inactivity lately from me. As @thaddeus and @javon-sankoh know, I’m also a Mangaka. Ever since I finished Square One, I feel like that story of overcoming your limitations really fueled me to go back to manga. So I’ll still be writing Square One, but I’m gonna devote more time to drawing up a new one shot.

  • Hey, everyone, I need recommendations on what light novels I should read. Since I’m creating a light novel that emphasizes on genres such as comedy, fantasy, action, drama, and romance, I need to read light novels that focus heavily on these genres and are highly praised. I need to start learning from the best and then expand my knowledge by…[Read more]

    • @byakugan-amr, @thaddeus, @weebmetalorange, @locomotive, @sora-hana, I need your assistance on this!

      • I mean… you don’t just read light novels to become a great writer. That just gives you tunnel vision. What you need is to observe all sorts of media because media itself involves writing and the precipice. Watch movies, read a manga, watch an anime or American tv show, anything! Light novels are just novels, simple as that. If you’re looking…[Read more]

        • Eromanga sensei IS a trashy show, lol. Have you seen the video done by Gigguk? Youtube: Eromanga Sensei is a masterpiece

        • Okay, so basically do what I’ve been doing. Still, thanks the advice; I actually read the same in a book called “How to Publish Comic Books & Manga Books”. But to improve my writing, is it a good idea to read good light novels and focus on how they were started and the writing style the author used? Cause I want to write the beginning of my novel…[Read more]

          • There ain’t no “right way”. In fact, you just stated how you want the first chapter to be. You’re job as a writer NOW, is to take all the elements that you want to express and find a cohesive and coherent way to write them the way YOU want to. If you follow a template, that’s not writing, that’s following a cookbook. By bringing about the ideas…[Read more]

            • You guys are absolutely right. I gotta stop thinking dumb. I’m smarter than this. I want to create my own writing style in my own light novel. I hate how similar some light novels are and how much certain tropes are used. I want to be different, innovative, and better ✊ I’ll take everything I learned and lay my soul in my light novel. I’ll make a…[Read more]

      • I agree with Shafiek. The important thing is the material, inspiration and trying to find your own style. You can get them as much as watching good anime, movies and reading good stories. And yes, there will be a lot of stories out there that have too many similarities that you’ll sometimes suspect plagiarism. When a particular genre gets expanded…[Read more]

        • Agreed. If anything, try watching youtube channels like Digibro, Mothers Basement, Super Eyepatch Wolf. They do an amazing job analyzing anime and japanese media to the point where you’ll quickly understand the do’s and don’ts of writing. Also, here’s something that I use to make myself feel better if I ever feel like a trash writer at times:…[Read more]

  • Strovist posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    @javon-sankoh Hi Javon, here’s my feedback for twins 99 chapter 1 (revisited)

    Do note that this review is going to be short since I already know what you have in store for the story. This time, I’m just going to focus on the problems of this chapter. Yes, problems. Sorry to break the hard yoke, but this chapter has two major problems. So buckle u…[Read more]

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    • Ouch. The dialogue about Javon bringing anime up and Japanese school traditions might need to go. It feels clunky and too much of a stretch for a meta joke

      • Ah, I was just trying to type how I actually talk to my dad. I guess it doesn’t blend. Well, I’ll consider it. Especially when I think about how long my first chapter is

        • I wouldn’t worry about first chapter length. Heck, my first chapter in my manga is 50 pages long. And you know that rule about how your following chapters being generally shorter than your first? I made the second chapter 70 pages because I can. Don’t worry about chapter length. Just make sure you get all the core ideas that you wanted to get…[Read more]

    • @thaddeus. Honestly, I hate to say it, but everything you said is correct. I don’t know how I missed huge flaws such as these. I guess that’s I get for being inexperienced. I’ve only been working on this light novel. I was complete novice back then. Now, I’m just an amateur. But you know what, Strovist, thank you. I needed to see this. For a…[Read more]

      • Don’t worry. There is no shame in facing flaws and errors. This will only serve to be the foundation blocks to make you a great writer! So don’t get your hopes down! Your story has potential. Not a lot of people write about twins, and if done correctly, it can be a masterpiece in it’s own right. If you really want to improve significantly, what I…[Read more]

        • You’re right, I can only learn from this. I hope to be a great writer cause I have big plans for Twins 99. I know it could be a hit if done right. I have so much unique ideas for it. Yeah, I’ll need to start reading light novels. I’m just going to buy them. If baka tsuki has them, then sure. But recently, baka tsuki has become untrustworthy. I…[Read more]

      • In regards to your ideas for change, the part about Jovan crying can work. Again, it depends heavily on your plot as a whole. If it helps, perhaps you can refer back to your volume plot plan and see which exciting part can be interjected in the prologue. In my preference, I will always take the third or second best part and put it straight into…[Read more]

        • Actually, that’s what I was thinking too. Like you said, I have to set up the prologue in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. Ah, that’s disappointing; I thought I did well with comedy. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure out what jokes work and what doesn’t. I’ll gain the knowledge. Thanks, man, your advice really does help

      • To be honest, it took me a year to learn how to write.

        • It took me two years lol. I have been writing a fanfriction on Infinite Stratos, but I dropped it in the end in favour of my own story. Those were fun times, times where I had simple tastes in Anime. I used to give IS a 7/10. But after so much exposure it’s now a 5/10. Sigh… the irony.

          • Hmmm. So, it’s a process. Man, I feel like I’m late to all this. For a whole year, I thought I knew everything I needed to know after I got panned in Otakon. Even worse, I never actually read a light novel. I know, terrible. A light novelist who hasn’t read a light novel. Well, that’s definitely changing soon. My light novel is my main goal and…[Read more]

            • Well, writing stories is a process, and one that can take a long time to master. But it’s never too late to start. I spent two to four years planning my own story before I start putting it into words. I am still expanding the story as I write, and I’ll probably see no end to story expansion until the series finish. And to make things worst, I…[Read more]

  • OH YEAH!! @sora-hana @thaddeus @byakugan-amr @javon-sankoh It’s finally ready for preorder! This is actually really cool! I hope you all pick up a copy. You can grab it as a digital book or a physical printed copy. Want one? Grab it here:…[Read more]

    OH YEAH!! @sora-hana @thaddeus @byakugan-amr @javon-sankoh It’s finally ready for preorder! Th
  • Hey, @weebmetalorange and @locomotive, I need advice on learning to draw anime-like (light novel) illustrations. I try to learn, but I’m inconsistent with it. I had only drawn eyes. How did you two begin drawing? I know it’s a process, however it’s better to learn now then later. Talented illustrators, like yourselves, could definitely help me!

    • Well, the first thing I did was expand a lot more than I was comfortable with. A lot of people say to take it slowly but NO! You gotta jump and learn all the basics all at once so it doesn’t become inconsistent. Another thing I learned is to kind of rely on anime itself for bases instead of looking up on google images (DeviantArt has the shitiest…[Read more]

      • Dang, I was hoping to take it slow. Everything you said make sense though. Man, I’m really gonna have to learn to multitask. I really have long way to go. Hey, I have one more question if you don’t mind me asking. Did you learn to draw before wishing to create a light novel or did you learn to draw and create your novel at the same time?

        • I’ve been drawing for 5 years. I actually wanted to be a mangaka ever since I started High School and that was the reason I started drawing. To be honest, the novel was not really planned at all. It came out of me just getting frustrated at myself for not being able to make a good manga. That’s why the novel focuses so much on overcoming your own…[Read more]

          • So, it’s a long process. That doesn’t surprise me. It’s not like you’re drawing simple illustrations like stick figures. You’re drawing full bodies, specific eyes, facial expressions, hairstyles, faces, and all of that is supposed to look close to anime. And to top it all off, you have to draw it consistently. I praise people for being skilled at…[Read more]

    • A lot of what @weebmetalorange has said is true about learning a lot in a short span. I’ve never worked or used any bases for drawing so I can’t say much on that. One thing I do in daily life is to trace outlines of body parts (face, hands, legs, torsos, etc) with my eyes and visualize the strokes as I apply it on paper. What I’m looking for is…[Read more]

      • Ah, so memorization is key; that makes sense. You worded it like a true artist. Did you start drawing a specific body part and work your way up and did you draw the whole body even in the beginning? And, how long did you practice it a day? I need to know how I should divide my time. While learning to draw, I also want to work on my novel, catch up…[Read more]

        • You mainly want to start with the head and its features, then expand to the whole body all at once. For practice, it’s not really how much time you put into it. It boils down to your ability to recognize patterns, ratios, shapes, and a lot of factors. I would sat the best way to do it is to trace your favorite characters and really try to see the…[Read more]

          • I already knew coming in to the idea that I could draw illustrations that it would be a lot of effort but dang. I underestimated the time and work put into it, just like I did with writing. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to consistently draw. I’m sorry to make you and Luis’ advice seem useless but I don’t want to lie. I don’t mean to make…[Read more]

        • I didn’t do anything that planned out or make any elaborate schedules for my day when it came to practicing art. I simply drew for hours on end when I had spare time and focused on whatever I thought I was lacking on. There really is no right answer on how or where to start learning how to draw. Every artist will be different and their schedules…[Read more]

          • Dude, don’t worry about it. I’m glad to get any advice. I don’t know a lot of people who can answer these questions so I’m thankful. So, basically you improved your drawing whenever you had free time. Talk about a great work ethic. Another thing I need. Yeah, I thought you would think I am a lazy slacker if I told you that I spare time for anime.…[Read more]

  • @weebmetalorange @weebmetalorange I read your first chapter. I like it! It looked like a mix of Pet Girl of Sakurasou and Bakuman (need to finish that anime). The characters are all funny and enjoyable. It will be interesting to see what Akari Ise learns from such unique characters. This may be just me, but I see a family theme in the mix. I’ve…[Read more]

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    • Thank you very much. That was actually one of themes I wanted to explore. The way that family isn’t just a relation by blood, but an extension made by reaching out to people. I’m glad that you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  • @sora-hana @thaddeus @javon-sankoh Finally, I got all my files and everything sent to Vic for my publication. Now, I can finally join the REAL rivalry against RestartXDays and The Everlasting! Bakuman Light Novel Edition hype!

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    • Good job, @weebmetalorange! I hope Vic accepts your novel proposal. Your novel will probably sell well. Which reminds me, I should read so that I can give you my opinion! What is it called?

      • Square One πŸ™‚ Its already accepted. When Vic accepts a novel, he emails you asking for the book files after you sign a contract. I just sent in those book files so now I just have to wait for a preorder window

        • Oh, nevermind, then that’s great! So, that’s how the process works 😕 Okay, I’ll read Square One and give you my review 👍

    • Nice. I’m still not confident of how I market my novel though… got any ideas? Marketing was the hardest part in terms of self publishing πŸ˜€

      • Well, the first thing that came into mind would be having a ton of books to follow-up. I mean this through two ways. First, having a book series will keep people hooked into your story. The more volumes you have, the higher the chance of consumers not dismissing your story at first glance. This applies greatly when there are positive reviews over…[Read more]

        • Thanks for the words of wisdom! I know that wasn’t directed towards me 😅 but what you said was very useful. To show you my appreciation, I’ll read Triple Orb Academy and tell you my thoughts on it 😉

          • Thanks, like wise with you. Boy you sure are getting busy, 7 chapters? I need to reserve some time for some solid reading lol

            • Actually, only the 1st chapter is legit. I’m scrapping the others 😅 That’s what happens when you rush plot and don’t have much knowledge. I’m currently working on the second chapter. I would still appreciate it if you could read it when you get the chance. I’m still an amateur so it would nice to get tips from an expert like how to express emotions

        • Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I honestly have the same idea. Right now, I’m planning to release a double series. Infinite Days will be the published while X Days will be a webnovel. Since the story is related, I just hope that once my readers liked the webnovel, they’ll also have the urge to purchase the published novel. Nevertheless, the…[Read more]

    • All the best! Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy:)

  • Wow, @weebmetalorange, you have a cousin who works Studio Bones! That’s awesome!😆 You really think they would adapt an English light novel?

  • Great, that’s perfect! Hopefully, that happens to me some day! Thanks @WeebmetalOrange and @Vic

  • Javon Sankoh replied to the topic Advice on Portfolios in the forum Announcements 4 months ago

    No, it’s okay, @WeebmetalOrange. In fact, I’m glad you ranted on about the topic. So basically, I write different types of stories to show how much of a diverse and skilled writer I am. That sounds like a great idea! And, I can improve my writing speed plus my writing knowledge as a whole. But if I solely like a certain genre, would I write more…[Read more]

  • Hey, everybody! I need advice on making a portfolio. In the future, I (and probably many of you here) would like to get hired to write novels for a company (Ex: Vic’s Lab). However, I don’t have anything to put on my portfolio besides a snippet of my first chapter of my light novel, a poem, and maybe other essays. I read that a portfolio should…[Read more]

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