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  • Strovist posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    @marisahanamura Hi, finally got most of my assignments done, so I went and read chapter 5 & 6. So here’s my feedback.

    Very smooth paced plot progression. Nice to see that you involved some philosophy with the robots rights, it’s a significant point in the story I hope you’ll explore further in detail. It’s a good material for story expan…[Read more]

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    • Thanks for the feedback! That was my friend’s idea, she wrote chapter 5 and the chapter 2 part with Nanaka Matsurida. I thought it was an interesting idea, too. I’m thinking of involving a robot, actually. But thanks for the idea, it’s really interesting.

      Ahh, I see. I’ll have to get rid of that, I totally missed that… Thanks! And it’s okay,…[Read more]

  • Strovist posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    @marisahanamura Hi, here’s my constructive feedback for Caladria Chronicles Chapter 3 & 4

    Honestly, there’s really nothing much to criticise for improvement. So this is the most I can do:

    Overall, I liked it. I like how you bridge in the otaku elements of the real world into your splice of life genre. There are many parts where I can really fit…[Read more]

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    • Thanks! I’ll actually be including some more stuff on the lore in later chapters, I’ll have to think up more things for it. But thank you very much for telling me that, I appreciate it. Honestly, the setting might change soon but I wanted to always keep it lighthearted. I just gotta think of more ideas, first

      • Don’t worry. You’ll get there in no time:) Honestly, don’t feel rushed. There’s nothing worst than rushing a work. Just keep a steady writing pace and let your imagination run wild. I’m sure you’ll cook up something great in the long run:)

        • Thanks a bunch, Strovist! To be honest, I wish I could befriend you and get to know you better as a friend, too! Hahaha, I hope you don’t mind that

  • @byakugan-amr Not sure if you know about this, I found your Patreon but there’s an option to give rewards when people donate to a certain tier or so. Since you mentioned writing characters for people if they donate or something, I figure you should add that so that people have more of an incentive to donate if they look at your Patreon

  • @byakugan-amr Hi, I think that if you want more people to comment on your novel on a different site, you should try out Honeyfeed. It’s a recently made site for hosting light novels, and there’s quite the fanbase on there already. It looks like most people on there comment on the novels too, so I think you should try that.

    Anyways, I’ve read a…[Read more]

    • Thank you very much for the advice, I am Honestly very bad at punctuation as you have noticed. i am trying. about the other websites i will look into it after i contact Vic. i don’t want to post anything without his consent first so thank you.

      • No problem. I understand that you’re trying, it’s good that you are. And alright, I get that too. Looking forward to seeing it on sale!

  • Strovist posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    @marisahanamura Hi, here’s my constructive feedback for Caladria Chronicles Chapter 1 & 2

    As usual in all my feedbacks, there will be good stuff and bad stuff. Just a heads up that I can be specific on the bad stuff so please don’t feel bad☺

    Now for a generic overview, I will say that this is a good story. It’s not the type of story I usually…[Read more]

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    • Thanks for this, I’ll have to finish chapter 2 sometime. I also have chapter 3 done, if you want me to send you that sometime too. But thank you very much, I appreciate hearing feedback like that. I understand your rewriting of the sentences, and it makes sense especially for the second one. I have no idea why I wrote it like that. I do understand…[Read more]

      • Don’t worry, your story is already in very good shape. Remember, I can be specific on the bad stuff so don’t feel bad. No story is perfect (unless you get a very good editor to proof read your story) 🙂 Even my own story has problems of its own. If you were to read it, you can easily point out some problems. Also, there are some people who had…[Read more]

        • I’m really glad! I forgot to mention the thank you for commenting on my writing, since I don’t actually think I’m a very good writer. I don’t really like my writing style, I often wish I could describe things more and basically add more filler… It’s something I developed during my times as a roleplayer. But anyways, I’ve read a bit of your…[Read more]

  • This seems like a fun series, I like your writing style a lot, it’s pleasant to read. Also, the panties joke was pretty funny too. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this series

  • The A.C. posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    @marisahanamura Hello thanks for accepting my friend request! I hope you get a chance to read some of the stuff I have written, and give me any feedback you have.

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