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  • Strovist posted an update 3 days, 6 hours ago

    @byakugan-amr Hi, Byakugan, here’s my long awaited constructive feedback for Everlasting volume 4

    Before I start, just want to give a heads up again. I have a lot to say in regards to this volume, and this review is biased to my own personal views. If you feel that what I say is unjustified, please don’t take it personally.

    First off, a lot o…[Read more]

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    • Every single one of your questions will be answered in the following volumes, the source of yuna’s change of heart. the origin of Asura the secret behind the world, i know it is a huge info dump but after reading the next part you will understand. one last thing the dark aspect of the story was prepland a long time ago. it should be the most…[Read more]

      • Ah, I see. Well that explains a lot:) I’ll read the next volume and let you know what I think, but good job on this volume. A lot of good stuff and story development. Keep up the good work:)

  • Strovist posted an update 3 days, 11 hours ago

    @byakugan-amr Congrats on the review from Reid Byakugan:) I hope you get more readers soon:)

  • Strovist posted an update 3 days, 11 hours ago

    @weebmetalorange Hi, sorry for the long overdue, but here’s my constructive feedback for Square One chapter 2

    Story plot so far:

    My first comment would be that it is very powerful chapter. It’s a straight 10/10. The intense atmosphere you have built throughout the sections of your story is great. It really draws me in and puts me in an u…[Read more]

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    • Thank you so much! Unfortanately I won’t be posting anymore chapters in the stories area because I’ve submitted my entire story to Submissions and pretty confident that it will get published. I hope you buy a copy when it releases :). Also thanks, the Drunk Mai scene was one of my favorites in the book.

  • Strovist posted an update 3 days, 11 hours ago

    @marisahanamura Hi, finally got most of my assignments done, so I went and read chapter 5 & 6. So here’s my feedback.

    Very smooth paced plot progression. Nice to see that you involved some philosophy with the robots rights, it’s a significant point in the story I hope you’ll explore further in detail. It’s a good material for story expan…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the feedback! That was my friend’s idea, she wrote chapter 5 and the chapter 2 part with Nanaka Matsurida. I thought it was an interesting idea, too. I’m thinking of involving a robot, actually. But thanks for the idea, it’s really interesting.

      Ahh, I see. I’ll have to get rid of that, I totally missed that… Thanks! And it’s okay,…[Read more]

  • @locomotive and @thaddeus, what do you think so far? I got a strange affinity for drawing detail-intense hair Poon

    @locomotive and @thaddeus, what do you think so far? I got a strange affinity for drawing detail-int
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    • I personally like the paint job on the skin

      • Thanks! It’s not as dark as I want it to be, but I’m just gonna keep it for now until I finish everybody elses skin on the cover. It acts a swatch library for all the gradiants I set up so color dropper can do it’s job. After that, I’m just gonna add a 40% opacity overlay to the skin to make it as dark as I want.

    • I really like the blending shade on the hair. It reminds me of oil painting or those kiddish water colour pencils. It’s really unique even for a digital art piece. I hope you keep this consistency if you ever go black and white:)

  • Strovist posted an update 1 month ago

    @weebmetalorange Hi, here’s my constructive feedback for Square One chapter 1

    It’s nice to see someone trying to write a mangaka story. It really brought back memories when Bakuman first came out those years ago. I must commend you for writing a story of that genre when it is not as well explored as compared to more popular genres like Sci-fic o…[Read more]

    • Thank you so much! That feedback was actually really good compared to most of it. As for the concerns, I have actually planned out a lot in the future for this series already (5 Volumes ahead in-fact). Funny enough, All 4 of your pointers that you left are already planned for the story and more. Lastly, the reason I “give you a manga chapter feel”…[Read more]

      • Wow! You are a Mangaka for Dark Horse comics?! Awesome! That’s a huge rarity! No wonder your drawings appear to be very seasoned:) If you pour all your working experience into Square-One I’m sure it’ll turn out extremely well. Thanks for the second chapter. Will give another constructive feedback the next time I’m free!

  • Hey there,

    For my personal preference, Illustrations portraying character image list is a huge must as they are a common find in almost every mainstream LN. Lots of LNs start off their books with an illustration page showcasing all known characters (either main characters or arc frequent characters). You can see plenty of this in To aru Majutsu…[Read more]

  • Strovist posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @byakugan-amr Hi Byakugan,

    How are things? Man I see that you are pretty active online for the past few weeks. Wish I were as free as you… but anyways, I managed to catch a break and I thought of giving your volume 3 a shot. Surprisingly it was shorter than what I expected, but in a way it’s good for me since I don’t really get much free time…[Read more]

    • Loving the details and work you make every time you read and give a review on my story thank you man a lot. once last thing i might disappoint you in the fourth arc as it will probably not be the way you expect, one of my friends actually began calling me a sadist after it was over…the thing is the handling of four schools is almost impossible…[Read more]

  • Strovist posted an update 2 months ago

    @marisahanamura Hi, here’s my constructive feedback for Caladria Chronicles Chapter 3 & 4

    Honestly, there’s really nothing much to criticise for improvement. So this is the most I can do:

    Overall, I liked it. I like how you bridge in the otaku elements of the real world into your splice of life genre. There are many parts where I can really fit…[Read more]

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    • Thanks! I’ll actually be including some more stuff on the lore in later chapters, I’ll have to think up more things for it. But thank you very much for telling me that, I appreciate it. Honestly, the setting might change soon but I wanted to always keep it lighthearted. I just gotta think of more ideas, first

      • Don’t worry. You’ll get there in no time:) Honestly, don’t feel rushed. There’s nothing worst than rushing a work. Just keep a steady writing pace and let your imagination run wild. I’m sure you’ll cook up something great in the long run:)

        • Thanks a bunch, Strovist! To be honest, I wish I could befriend you and get to know you better as a friend, too! Hahaha, I hope you don’t mind that

  • Byakugan Amr posted an update in the group Group logo of The Everlasting.The Everlasting. 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thank you all for joining the group it is growing fast ^^ i hope that you enjoy the story. and for those that had already finished the read of the story the Everlasting i should probably mention again that i only post Volume per volume here. back at royalroad i already posted few chapters of the sixth volume of the Everlasting . more so if you…[Read more]

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    • Thanks for the mention! I noticed your story has gotten more than 16,000 views already on Royal Road. You’re doing great!

      • Thank you very much! ^^

        • I noticed you are at more than 30,000 views on Royal Road already! And your story isn’t officially released yet! That’s amazing! I have about 35,000 views for my first Vecto book on Wattpad, which took me more than a year to get. I like that Royal Road lets fans rate the story. Maybe I should try it. Hmm. The main downfall is I haven’t been able…[Read more]

          • give it a shot back at royal road and i will make sure to put a mention to your story. I hope you could sort out the legal problems with it and be able to post it there i think you will get enormous amounts of feedback. thank you for following 🙂

  • Strovist posted an update in the group Group logo of StoriesStories 2 months, 2 weeks ago

  • Strovist posted an update in the group Group logo of StoriesStories 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Two more good websites for encouragement when it comes to dealing with negative comments:)

  • Strovist posted an update in the group Group logo of StoriesStories 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have been getting some negative comments from some writers in another website about my story. The comments are directed at areas of the story I am unaware off. But, I’m going to drop an encouraging tip for you writers who are feeling the…[Read more]

  • Strovist posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    @marisahanamura Hi, here’s my constructive feedback for Caladria Chronicles Chapter 1 & 2

    As usual in all my feedbacks, there will be good stuff and bad stuff. Just a heads up that I can be specific on the bad stuff so please don’t feel bad☺

    Now for a generic overview, I will say that this is a good story. It’s not the type of story I usually…[Read more]

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    • Thanks for this, I’ll have to finish chapter 2 sometime. I also have chapter 3 done, if you want me to send you that sometime too. But thank you very much, I appreciate hearing feedback like that. I understand your rewriting of the sentences, and it makes sense especially for the second one. I have no idea why I wrote it like that. I do understand…[Read more]

      • Don’t worry, your story is already in very good shape. Remember, I can be specific on the bad stuff so don’t feel bad. No story is perfect (unless you get a very good editor to proof read your story) 🙂 Even my own story has problems of its own. If you were to read it, you can easily point out some problems. Also, there are some people who had…[Read more]

        • I’m really glad! I forgot to mention the thank you for commenting on my writing, since I don’t actually think I’m a very good writer. I don’t really like my writing style, I often wish I could describe things more and basically add more filler… It’s something I developed during my times as a roleplayer. But anyways, I’ve read a bit of your…[Read more]

  • Strovist replied to the topic easier to upload in the forum Feedback 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Vic, I want to offer a suggestion for site improvement that has to do with uploading docs. I encountered a problem when it comes to editing uploads. After keying in the text, there will always be a section at the bottom stating group associations, tags, story parent and other details.

    I often find that having many words in the doc upload (if…[Read more]

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