AR Idol Girls: Downloads and Casting Calls


Well, it's not long 'til Sharon Apple, guys.

AR-augmented virtual idols are taking YouTube and Anitwitter by storm, from Ai Kizuna's Resident Evil videos to snowy idol singer Shiro. The latest, Sora Tokino, is now becoming even more interactive, thanks to Cover Co.'s new hololive app featuring the virtual girl as a downloadable AR asset.

The new app, available on Japan's Apple store, allows for AR and VR interaction with Sora. Users can take photo and video of her in their environment, and see a live webcast featuring Sora directly through the app every week.

Sora won't be the company's only virtual vlogger, though... say hello to ROBOKO, their newest recruit:

She's not got a lot to say just yet -- because her actress hasn't been cast. Cover Co. is looking for Tokyo-based girls who can work from their offices once a week to take the role. Interested actresses, preferably with experience livestreaming and presenting on YouTube, can fill out the audition form.

Even if you can't grab Sora for your phone, you can still watch her on YouTube, where she's currently doing some festive song covers.

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