Archers In the Fate Universe Who ACTUALLY Use Bows



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Happy Archery Day, everybody! The second Saturday of May is reserved for one of the oldest sports in existence. Bows have been used as weapons since as early as the Paleolithic era, replacing supplementing and eventually replacing spear-throwing entirely. Large parts of armies were often dedicated to archers, and the development of skilled archers on horeseback helped armies successfully conquer much of Europe. Eventually, archery fell by the wayside as the creation of firearms left the practice largely outdated. However, it's still practiced mainly as a sport to this day. It's also the only sport recognized as its own class in the Fate franchise: Archer! But why do we lambast this as the class that is so often not about its namesake?

That's exactly what I'm here for. Here's every single Archer-class servant that prominently uses a bow, and why exactly they use it, because no one asked!


Snarky Archer

The original, who can forget, Unless, of course, you haven't seen Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, which I won't spoil for you here (but you should totally watch it). Although his main weapons more

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