Cooking With Anime: Chukadon from Cinderella Nine


Cinderella Nine tells the age-old story of a girl whose mission it is to bring something new to her school. In a way, it reminds me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, because Tsubasa, the main character, simply won't take no for an answer and charms and coerces her fellow classmates to join her baseball team. I like this show because of how sweet the characters arethey're friendly and caring, and the show I think is ultimately going to be about self-discovery and giving yourself second chances. All in all, some really nice positive messages for anyone!

What is also great about the show is that one of the main character's brothers has a gyoza and chukadon restaurant, where he specializes in those two dishes. As thanks for including his younger sister, he offers up some of the girls a sampling of each of his specialties. Gyoza I've seen before, but chukadon was brand new, and I wondered what was so good about it that someone would want to specialize in making it. I knew "don" mean some kind of rice bowl, or a dish served over rice, but I was unfamiliar with the "Chuka" part. more

Via:: Crunchyroll