Cooking With Anime: Dimple Jello Dessert from Mob Psycho 100


Dimple from Mob Psycho 100 claims he doesn't taste very good, but I beg to differ. Following up on my gluten-free Mob-themed curry from a few weeks ago, I wanted to hit hard with a Dimple dessert. The best thing I could think to represent his gelatinous, goopy form of spiritual energy was Jello.

As unimpressive as most people think Jello is, I actually think it's got a lot of fun texture and wibbly-wobbly potential that we can capitalize on. Dimple most often represents himself as just a ball of ectoplasmic energy, but he's kind of chunky looking, and VIBRANTLY green. I thought that I could get Jello to mimic this kind of texture, and could then use other candy to decorate his little face to make him look absolutely stunning.

The iconic red cheeks were easythose bright red maraschino cherries that are slightly terrifying were the perfect color. Candy eyes from my local craft store did the trick nicely for his eyes, and some nori worked well for his (admittedly) heavy-handed eyebrows. The lips were the trick partafter much searching, I eventually found a candy lollipop more

Via:: Crunchyroll