Cooking With Anime: Leek Onigiri from Fruits Basket


Is there a food you particularly hate? Something you really can't abide eating? For me it's eggs and bananas, but when I cook for myself, it's no big deal because I can easily avoid those foods. When it comes to making food, though, you always want people to eat and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Nothing is more disheartening than when you offer up something you've been slaving away on only to have the person go, "Oh, no thanks. I don't like [insert food ingredient here]." This very thing happened to me today!

Of course, it's understandablenot everyone likes everything. Yuki, from Fruits Basket, grows many fruits and vegetables and shares them with Tohru to cook with. To show her appreciation, she makes some leek onigiri to share with the family! Imagine how surprising it must have been for her when Kyo spit out her food and complained about the leeks. Tohru worked so hard to take Yuki's leeks and turn them into something really tasty!

As much as I understand Kyo's dislike for leeks, but Tohru's onigiri probably weren't that bad! Leeks have a nice mild onion flavor, and I've more

Via:: Crunchyroll