Experiencing the Magic of Kingdom Hearts III at Disney Springs!

By news+feed@crunchyroll.com

KH3 Cover

It's been 14 years since Kingdom Hearts II, and the wait for Kingdom Hearts III is finally coming to a close. It hardly seems real that we're this close to the long-awaited conclusion to all of the Kingdom Hearts threads, and to make it seem even more real, Square-Enix and Disney opened a magical pop-up experience at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida! The event gave curious fans a chance to try the game out for themselves, surrounded by Kingdom Hearts murals, life-sized Keyblades, and the chance to pre-order the game and some Kingdom Hearts merch! We got a chance to go see what all the excitement was about and get our hands on the demo, so if you're curious about what we saw or what we thought of Kingdom Hearts III from what we played, read on. And don't worry; there's no spoilers here!

It was a rainy and cloudy Friday when the event opened, but that didn't stop us or a huge crowd of fans from waiting in line for the event to open! Before it started, Disney and Square representatives came out and did a ceremonial ...read more

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