Gintama Stars Become Fashion Icons in New SuperGroupies Line


Never let anyone tell you Gintoki Sakata isn't classy or fashionable — because SuperGroupies are using him and his cohorts as the inspiration for a new line of coordinates!

The new sets include a stole, pin, wallet, and smartphone case modeled after three characters' costumes and personalities. As with SuperGroupies designs in general, the coordinates are fun and subtle enough to look good on their own, but eye-catching enough that other fans will likely recognize what you're wearing.

Check out the designs below:

Gintoki Sakata:

Toushirou Hijikata:

Shinsuke Takasugi:

As an added bonus, Kamui gets a wallet and smartphone case, too:

Preorders are open until July 29, with items expected to ship out in October.

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