Kuon Character Trailer Kicks off Seven Days of New GRANBELM PVs

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A new series full of magic and mecha is just a week away, and it's time to meet its characters!

To warm fans up for the premiere of GRANBELM, seven separate PVs—titled "Fragment of Emotion"—will be premiering once a day for seven days leading up to the first episode's airing. Things kicked off today with Kuon Tsuchimikado (CV Manaka Iwami), one of the seven girls capable of piloting the series's special robots:

The official site has also released social media icons of the seven protagonists, so you can get that GRANBELM look no matter where you post.

GRANBELM reunites Re:ZERO illustrator Shinichirou Otsuka and director Masaharu Watanabe. The series takes place in a world from which magic disappeared 1,000 years prior, only to reawaken on a moonlit night when two girls meet. Episode 1 kicks off on July 5.

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