“Love Live! Sunshine!!” 2nd Season 2nd Volume Tops Japan's Weekly Anime Blu-ray Charts

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While indicating a gradual decline, the Love Live! Sunshine!! TV anime's second season still continues to be on the top of Japan's weekly anime Blu-ray sales charts with its second volume released on January 26. The special limited edition of the second disc including the sequel's second and third episodes sold about 35,000 units in its first week, which was about 6,700 units less than its first disc released in December 2017. The first season's second Blu-ray released in October 2016 sold 45,815 units in its debut week in Japan and 60,608 units in total.

"Love Live! Sunshine!!" Blu-ray first week sales:

1st season:

  • 1st disc - 66,745
  • 2nd disc - 45,815
  • 3rd disc - 23,249
  • 4th disc - 25,788
  • 5th disc - 25,835
  • 6th disc - 23,884
  • 7th disc - 46,156

2nd season:

  • 1st disc - 41,768
  • 2nd disc - 35,000

Blu-ray 2nd volume

Special limited edition set

3rd volume jacket (February 23 release)

Source: Oricon News

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