Master of Horror Junji Ito Thrills Fans at Gallery Meet-up!


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This past weekend, fans were able to tour through a gallery of the works of Junji Ito, and even meet up with the master of horror himself! This event took place in a small venue, but fans absolutely packed it to the gills, with people coming from not only Japan, but also Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Norway, France, and Dubai to get a chance to meet one on one with Ito himself and walk away with a one of a kind sketch! Guests were able to tour through a showing of Ito's works, and finally meet up with Ito, getting either a character of their choice, or a sketch of Ito's favorites, Tomie or Souichi.

It was a pretty amazing event in which fans united in their love for Junji Ito's unique take on the horror genre, and fan clubs from around the world met together to attend the event, running over 3 hours long of people jam packed in to meet up with the horror master. We've got some pictures of the event below if you were curious and couldn't attend yourself!

The gallery entrance beckons you to go inside...!

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Via:: Crunchyroll