New Gashapon Line Brings You Kirby with a Chin


If you've ever looked at Kirby merch and thought, "Nice, but I need something with more of a chin," then we are about to blow your mind.

Bizarre toy manufacturer Panda's Ana -- who also sell figures of fat green army men, batter-dipped sharks, and the Statue of Liberty trying to live her best life -- have announced the new "Shakurel Kirby" line. Drawing a name from the Japanese word shakure ("concave" or, in reference to a chin, "jutting"), the toys feature Kirby and other franchise characters with a prominent chin and underbite.

Six figures will be available: Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Whispy Woods, Warp Star Kirby, and Sleeping Kirby.

The design is, surprisingly, not entirely without precedent. Panda's Ana also sells the Shakurel Planet line, which features extremely chinny wild animals.

Shakurel Kirby figures will premiere on December 8 at Tokyo's Ikebukuro PARCO. Figures are 300 yen each.

Source:, Japanese Nintendo


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