The deadline to submit to this contest has been extended to June 30, 2018. We want at least 10 submissions to give voters a variety of stories to choose from.

This is a contest where the community selects the next book to publish. Authors can submit a book by June 30, 2018, then users will have the opportunity to choose one.

To be considered, you must submit your book to this group and make sure the book’s privacy settings are set so any website member can read it. If you have a book in the Submissions group that you want to include here, you can change the settings of what group you want it associated with to this one or create a new document. It must be a light novel, superhero book, or LitRPG suitable for either ages 13+ or 16+. No 18+ content like sex scenes are allowed. We are looking for a book that is well-written and engages the audience within the first few pages. The book must not have been previously published as an ebook or print book. If the book has been posted online, the author must be willing to remove the free online version if selected.

We also want an author who can promote themselves, so we will look at their website activity and their social media presence elsewhere. You must be at least 18 years old for consideration.

Any member of can vote. Voting will take place after the deadline for submission. We will notify members on how to vote at a later time. You cannot vote for your own book but you can encourage others to do so. You are welcome to ask anyone interested in your book to join and vote.

If selected, we will invest in editing, creating a book cover, formatting, publishing, marketing, etc. You pay nothing unless you have a special request that will cost more money. You receive 50% net profit and grants us exclusive print and ebook publishing rights.

We reserve the right not to select a book if the number of entries or recommendations are low.