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Chapter 1 – Mysterious Girl


Discussion (4)

  1. The A.C.

    This is written more like play script than a book. This makes it weird to read since there are no real indications for when someone is speaking and when something else happened. It also jumps right to a conversation with nothing to ground the reader in the beginning.

    Maybe is just an outline or quick glimpse of the chapter? There is just not much here for me to get anything real from it.

    1. Jay Johnson Post author

      Thank You for the feedback! Yes I understand as Ive been getting comments about this all the time! Im currently on chapter four as chater 2 and 3 are being uploaded now. Hopefully these next 2 chapters are way better than this one the way I write things are different and i would like to keep my style of writing chapter 4 is the first one with images and I like this style of writing as I see it outlines who is speaking to what and who and if they are thinking or im narrating I dont have a name.

      1. The A.C.

        Cool, I respect authors that make stylistic choices and stick with them to try to improve them. Especially when it seems against the “norm,” because I do not think ever writer need to conform to the same writing “rules.”

        I like to do experimental writing, so that is where this is all coming from for me.
        I am looking forward to seeing where you go with your writing.

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