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Echoes of the Mirror 1.9 ‘Bloodlust’

*Authors Note*

In this particular series, it should be noted that there is a heavy focus on sexual themes, violence, and traumatic events.

These are meant to challenge the main character's views on the world and his relationships. 

That being said, If your someone who's okay with that, I'd really appreciate it if you want to check it out and leave some feedback.

Thanks! =^.^=


The students that once stood on the sidewalk were now fleeing the scene with horrific screams. While they were very familiar with the terror that ensued from demons, there was nothing that could have prepared them for the slaughter that took place in front of their eyes. With everything that happened over the course of two weeks, I thought that I would have been different and handled the given scenario better than them. I thought that I may have become immune to bloodshed… I was wrong.

I began to tremble in the backseat of the cruiser as I saw the remains of the policemen rain down from the sky like hail. The sound of the gore hitting the pavement echoed in my ears, reminding me of the man in glasses digging through bowels.

Hira High and the street in front of it were once a place of mingling, jokes, and the occasional disappointed sigh or two… That ambiance existed no more. A heavy feeling of bloodlust and fear hung in the air.

Lilly continued forward, unfazed by her actions, with a countenance of rage and conviction. Blood dripped off the tip of her katana as she narrowed her gaze to the car. As I watched her approach, I felt my breath quake... I could feel the intent to kill emanate from her being.

-Is she coming for me next?

Soon Lilly neared the cruiser. Setting the katana gently against the side of the car, she laid a single hand on the handle of the door. Pointing her eyes away from me, it looked like she was ashamed. I was waiting for her to open the door and drag me out so she could kill me next.

Her mouth turned into the shape of a frown.


Slowly opening the back door, she kept looking away from me.

Are you okay… Haku?

I didn’t answer. My stomach was in complete disarray along with my thoughts. I felt fear towards her.

She finally glanced inside, the red hue in her eyes gone.

It’s okay, Haku... I promise.

Reaching out a single hand towards me, she gave me a weak smile. All the synapses in my brain were firing off, telling me to run and hide from this girl… But there was nowhere for me to go. I could only lay in the back of the cruiser, shaking.

Leaning into the car, she ran her hand down my quaking forearm before gently taking my hand.

“Come on, Haku. You’re safe… I’m not going to hurt you.”

As she pulled me out of the backseat, I saw her try to place something in my hand… a coffee cup.

“I finished mine… So I got you one…”

I let out a wry chuckle as I felt the delirium set in. I couldn’t think of any decisive action that would have fit the situation… So I took the coffee cup, trying to avoid looking at the copious amounts of gore that surrounded me.


Images of me being drugged on the operating table flashed through my mind... Sanity was leaving me quickly. I sipped my coffee nonchalantly as my mind tried desperately to block out the horror surrounding me.

I felt a warmth as Lilly took my free hand and intertwined her fingers with mine.

“I’m sorry… I’ve caused you quite a bit of trouble, haven’t I?”

It was true. My chances of avoiding execution were probably low before… but now?

-Haha. Hahahaha!

Well… Let’s just say that if I got caught now, there definitely wasn’t going to be a bail or a welcome home party in my future. Despite this, I didn’t feel angry at her… Maybe it was just my morbid curiosity or delirium, but I could only wonder why she did what she did. What made the feisty yet docile familiar I made a pact with so angry?

“Do I need a reason?”

Still holding onto my hand, she put her back up to the cruiser and looked at the sky.

“I’m a demon and I do quite enjoy bloodshed.”

I thought that may have been the case… If that’s true then that means-

“But I’d be lying if I said that’s why…”

As I looked at her in confusion, she closed her eyes and smiled weakly.

“I could also say it’s probably because you didn’t deserve what they wanted to do to you. After all, even a demon could plainly see that you’re innocent…”

Furrowing her eyebrows, she scowled a bit.

“That man also hit you… Though, that actually did anger me quite a bit...”

Her eyes looked honest... But why would a demon think that way?

She laughed.

“...But neither of those are quite right either… No…”

Her face softened.

“If I had to guess and be honest with myself? I’d have to say it’s because I like you quite a bit… More so than before…”

I could only follow her with my eyes as she slowly let go of my hand and began to walk off.

“Take that as you will… I’m sure it’ll come up again eventually.”

There’s more of them coming… I’ll hold them off. You should go.

She glanced at me from behind her shoulder.

Oh… Before I forget... Take the blade… You’ll need it before night falls.”

-I’ll need it…?

The thought of needing such a thing in my near future only further amplified my anxiety… Regardless, I took the blade. As I turned to leave, I realized I forgot something important. I looked back into the backseat of the cruiser and grabbed the rabbit. Turning it over in my hand, my heart ached…

-Tell me, Kira… What should I do…? What would you think of this…?




A few hours later, I found myself hiding behind a dumpster in an alley near the west side of town.

-What am I supposed to do from here?

Returning to my apartment was no longer a possibility and it wasn’t like I had an array of options when it came to ‘safehouses’.


-I miss Kira. I wish I could talk to her again…

I would have hated myself a thousand times over for bringing her into this mess, but if anybody was going to lend me a hand in a situation as far gone as this, it would have been her.

Feeling a tear running down my face, I wiped it away… This wasn’t the time to cry. I needed a plan. Putting my face into my lap, I tried to go over any available options I had left.

Alex wouldn’t be able to help me… Her estate may be large, but showing up on her front doorstep would be one of the stupidest ways for me to get caught. I grimaced at the thought of asking Himari for help, but it wasn’t like that was an option either. I had no idea where she lived and my phone went MIA so it wasn’t like I could just shoot her a text saying “Hey, crazy girl, your make-believe boyfriend is in trouble. Hide me from the police. XOXOXO.”.

I groaned and let my head hit the brick wall.

Those were essentially my only two options and both of them were either terrible or downright impossible. I decided to put it out of my mind for the time being… It wasn’t like I had time, but what else could I do? Instead, I thought back to the man who punched me.

-Magecraft? It’s true that I’m a sorcerer, even if it wasn’t by choice… But a mage? And what was that NES nonsense? I never heard the term before now, yet everybody seems to be dropping the name like crazy!

The man’s voice ran through my head...

I don’t know what the hell the NES thinks they’re doing taking a local from Hira into their midsts... But you should know that Nashta doesn’t have any authority here.

My eyes widened in realization.


I put a hand on my face, amazed by how dumb I was. It’s true that Hira is an independent town. It doesn’t have to follow the rules of Nashta, whether it’s the capital or not. However, the same could be said vice verse… Hira has no jurisdiction there. Escaping would be as easy as leaving Hira, avoid being spotted by anyone in the surrounding towns we’re friendly with, and beelining it to Nashta!

I smiled to myself, confident that this was the best plan. This left a new problem, however… It wasn’t like Nashta was a skip and jump away.

-Even by car, the trip would take me 5 hours...

I bit the tip of my thumb.

-I need transportation…

I thought back to the motorbike behind my apartment. Having it would make my life a lot easier… It was fast and gas efficient with high maneuverability. If by some circumstance I needed to dart off into the woods, the bike would allow me to do so...


I clicked my tongue as my mouth contorted into a scowl.

...But that meant going back home... If the police were going to look for me anywhere after this little incident, that would probably be the first place they would look. It would be ideal for Lilly to get it for me, but I highly doubt she would even know how to operate it.


-I guess it can’t be helped… I have no choice but to go back.




Stealthily trying to maneuver around back of the buildings, I thought about how convenient it’d be to make myself invisible like Himari could.


I stopped and pondered this...

-Could I?

I remembered Lilly telling me that I could access all the elements, including darkness. But with the way how things worked last time...

-I mean… I can… But could I?

I felt a voice tune into my head.

You more than likely can. But if that’s truly what you wish to do, you should be aware of a few things.

-Such as?

Your Gate is controlled by emotions… feelings… thoughts… memories… Adept sorcerers could probably do such a thing easily like second nature, but it’d do you well to come up with something like a verbal command to help you visualize exactly what it is you want to do.


My mind darted to technology.

-So… Like a command prompt?

I don’t quite understand what you mean, but if that’s what you feel makes sense, why not?

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Be wary though, Haku. Using Magicka like that isn’t something that can just be turned on and off… It’s not like summoning. All Himari has to do is command her familiar to hide her presence… You, on the other hand, would need to maintain a clear uninterrupted train of thought.

-That… Seems difficult.

It can be. That shouldn’t stop you from trying though.

But remember, Sorcery limits the Magicka you can use to a finite amount. If you use more mana than your gate will allow, your body will likely suffer.

If you plan on trying anyhow, it’d be wise of you to avoid any fights. There’s still mana powder in your bloodstream and I’m on the brink of reaching my threshold just trying to hold off any reinforcements for you. If you fight, you’ll be limited to using Sorcery and your wits. I can’t help you.

Her voice went silent.

-Why does all of this have to be so difficult?

I scratched my head as I parsed through the information given to me.

-Verbal command…

It’s true that having something like that would be invaluable. The last few times I tried to use sorcery were by either sheer dumb luck or accident. Being able to use it on command without relying on my vague understanding of how things worked seemed like an excellent idea.

-Hmmm. Command…

I closed my eyes again.

-So maybe if I think of a Gate like a command line...


-And the element like a ‘Library’...


I opened my eyes as the ground around me crackled with energy... A purple magic circle appeared around me.

-And next, the command…

I thought back to when Himari first showed me her ability.



What I could only describe as a shadow began to creep up my legs, wrapping around my body. I lifted my hands up to my face as I watched them disappear before my eyes. I could feel a smile creep across my face as excitement overwhelmed me.


My mind drifted to the possibilities that presented themselves to me.

-All the elements…

Suddenly, I noticed that my body began to reappear.

I told you. Concentrate!

I closed my eyes again, asserting my train of thought back to becoming invisible, and let out a deep breath.


Opening my eyes again, I noticed my body was translucent once again.

-This is definitely harder than I originally thought.

I decided it would still behoove me to try and stick to the shadows; If I slip up again and reveal myself out in the open, it very well could be my downfall. Still, it was a surreal experience… and kind of scary. I could only imagine how much chaos one could wreak by using this ability.


Taking my time, I eventually made it to the end of the street by the bookstore.

-Okay… Easy now…

I was able to walk behind buildings up to this point, but I’d have to take the sidewalk from here. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem by any means. After all, the bookstore was only around the corner. As I looked around, however, I noticed there was a surprising amount of people out and about.

-I just need to take this real easy…

I took a breath as I walked out from behind the building onto the sidewalk.

Don’t be nervous. It’ll distract you. Confidence is key here.

-Okay… Confidence… Yeah, I can do that…

I furrowed my eyebrows and walked as calmly as I could while maintaining my concentration. As I turned the corner, something strange caught my eye.


There were several black SUVs parked on the side of the street in front of the bookstore.

-Unmarked police vehicles…

I knew that they’d probably be here, but I hoped otherwise. Getting my motorbike was a hard enough task as-is, but trying to escape with it was going to be an absolute nightmare…

-Just how many officers does Hira have?!

I thought over this for a second and realized how stupid of a question that was. The law enforcement here is private, with its funding coming almost exclusively from the Matsumoto family. Almost everyone who didn’t own their own store worked for the department. After all, nothing really eventful happened here and it was good and easy money. It wouldn’t surprise me if over an eighth of the populace here had some type of tie to the police department.

I took my time making my way towards the bookstore, walking slow enough that even my footsteps were inaudible. As I made my way past one of the SUVs, I could hear a transmission over the radio.

“Yeah, doesn’t seem like he’s showing up. We have about 5 cruisers by his place of residence and all of them are reporting zero contact.”

“Copy that. Hang tight anyway. We’ve made contact with his accomplice on the west side of town. Chances are it’s a distraction. Contact with perpetrator should be inevitable.”


It wasn’t like they were just here in case if I was dumb... No, they knew I’d pop up eventually.

Making it to the side of the bookstore, I could see the barrel of a sniper rifle sticking out of my kitchen window.

-Yeah… They definitely don’t plan on taking me in alive…

This made me extremely nervous… I glanced around toward the back and found it unmanned by any police personnel.


Quickly darting around the corner, I took a moment to relax underneath the staircase.

This was going to be tricky… Jumping on the motorbike and just high-tailing it out of here wasn’t an option. I had no idea how good that sniper was at hitting moving targets, but I wasn’t too keen on finding out. I could probably turn the bike invisible along with myself, but it’d be a lot harder to not make any noise… Regardless, this didn’t change anything. I’d have to try.

I took another deep breath as my heart beat more erratically. Standing up, I walked over to the bike and removed the tarp off of it… The key was still in the ignition.

-Thank god.

I carefully began to move the bike, careful not to make any noise. Luckily, the back of the bookstore was paved, so I didn’t have to worry about leaving any tracks… This was a good sign.

I smiled.

-Okay… Piece of cake from here on, right?

Bringing my voice down to almost a whisper, I spoke.

“Gate connect… Fade…”

My relief was almost instantaneous as I watched the motorbike fade along with my person. Now all that was left for me to do was leave. I took as much time as I needed to slowly walk the bike out to the sidewalk.

-Okay. Smooth sailing.

As I moved the front and then the back tire onto the sidewalk, I felt a little more at ease. Glancing behind me, I noticed that the path I had to take was going to be in full view of the sniper. While I wasn’t necessarily alarmed, I was indeed worried. All it would take is one slip up and I’d be dead.

-Nothing to worry about right?

As I continued walking ever so slowly forward, I kept my gaze on the sniper. If it came to the point where I needed to run, I figured it’d be best for me to know before he fired.

It seemed that all my anxiety was for nothing… I was close to being out of the sniper’s view and the corner I needed to take only seemed to be a little ways away.

Aaaannnnnddd… Homerun! Now all that’s left to do is-


I felt myself run into something hard as I fell backward.


My bike tumbled onto its side as it faded back into existence along with my person.


I began to scratch my head-

“Haku!? Haku Maeda!?”

My eyes widened in horror as I realized that the object I collided with was, in fact, another human being. The older woman’s face contorted into one of pure horror.



As I tried to get on my feet, I saw the concrete beside me explode into dust.


I threw the lady onto the ground as I yanked to motorbike onto its wheels.


This time it tore past my pant leg, nearly hitting me.


I quickly jumped onto the bike, started it, and dumped the throttle.


The engine roared from underneath me as the bike threw me forward onto the streets with sudden speed.




I could hear the gunshots off in the distance as the bullets whistled past me. Leaning my body to the side, I zipped around the corner, taking myself out of the sniper’s view.


I could hear sirens behind me. This bike was fast, but with all the turns left before I could make it out of town, I just couldn’t see me out running the police cars. As I roared down the straight road ahead of me, I could hear the sirens growing louder.


Leaning my body to the left, I began to turn down another corner. Out of my peripherals, I could see a line of black SUVs making their way towards me.


I threw a hand behind me towards the SUVs. The ground beneath me suddenly shone a bright amber light as the road behind me burst into a cloud of dust.



I could hear the airbags in the SUV’s go off as their sirens died out. The dust cleared behind me, revealing a giant hole that contained several of the cruisers that were in pursuit.


I pumped my fist as I sped down the road... I managed to pull off the attack that Itsuki used during his duel with Alex.

Leaning my body right, I flew around another corner. The town exit was so close that I could feel it! I was so close to being free!


I could hear more sirens off in the distance but I couldn’t find the will to care. The little trick I pulled off only moments before would ensure at least some distance between me and my pursuers. There was only one last corner for me to take. One last corner and I could leave Hira. I leaned my body left, going around the last turn.

“Woohoo! HOMEFREE!!!”

As I sped towards the end of town my eyes widened in horror. By the time I noticed the obstacle in front of me, it was already far too late.



My body flew into the air as I observed the scene beneath me… I ran straight into a police blockade and hit a spike strip. My motorbike skidded off the road as I watched my body plummet to the earth.


I could feel my arm break as my body tumbled across the asphalt.


My body made contact with the side of a police cruiser, bringing my body to a halt. Letting out a groan, I heard a voice running toward me.

“Haku! Are you okay!?”

This scene seemed eerily familiar… I looked up and saw Alex running toward me, tears in her eyes.


She put my arm around her shoulder and picked me up onto my feet.

“Why did you do that!? Why didn’t you look where you were going!?”

Her face was filled with concern.

“I don’t know, Alex! I guess it just seemed like a fun thing to do! And I did see where I was going! I saw the spike strip and everything just as I hit it!”

Her face looked angry.

“You never stop, do you?! Even in a situation as serious as this?!”

As she said this, police began to surround us with their guns drawn. Alex pulled me closer to her, irritation written across her face. Turning towards me, she began to whisper in my ear.

“Just be quiet, Haku… I’ll try and get you medical attention.”

I looked over my road burned body and broken arm.


“...Just... give it a second…”

Black smoke started to pour out of my pact-mark and wrap around my body.


I grimaced as I felt my arm snap back into place. As the smoke disappeared, the officers surrounding me and Alex seemed awestruck by my sudden recovery.

“Okay… I should be fine now… Though, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that…”

I took my arm off Alex’s shoulder and stretched a bit.


As the officers began to move forward with caution, Alex let out a growl.

“Back off! He’s under the direct supervision the Matsumoto family! Lower your weapons!”

Her voice was fierce and commanding. I never saw her like this… It made my anxiety worsen.

“You heard her! Back down! Alex, get away from him… I’ll take care of this.”

Moving through the crowd of officers, I saw Alex’s grandmother.

“But granny-”


Alex gave me a pained look as she began to back away from me.

“I’m sorry, Haku…”

Akari’s wrinkled face was furrowed in what I could only describe as irritation. Each strike of her cane to the ground brought her closer to me.

Now standing only a short ways away, she began to speak.

“Hmph… Did you really think leaving would be that easy, child? Hmm? Did you really think we wouldn’t take measures to prevent that?”

Her tone seemed condescending… She didn’t even seem angry. If anything, It felt like I was a mouse in a trap and she was the one to dispose of me.

She took a few steps forward and jabbed her cane into my abdomen, sending me backward onto my rear.

“I will admit… You truly are a force to be reckoned with aren’t you, boy?”

She gave me a cruel smirk as she shook her cane at me.

“...Surrounded by summoners and police alike, and you still managed to get this far unscathed!”

She laughed.

“...I like it. You're just like your father… strong, with powerful genes. Able to slay demons in mere moments and take down an entire police squad without even lifting a finger.”

She planted her cane down in front her with force.

“Pity. You would have made an excellent husband to my granddaughter...”

The way she phrased things definitely implied that I wasn’t going to walk out of here unharmed.

“...Granny… Look… everything you think I-”


Akari took her cane and smacked me across the face with force. I could feel my jaw crack as I fell onto my side.

“Silence. I’m not here to hear your excuses.”

I brushed the blood from lips as I began to stand. A brief cloud of black rushed across my face, taking the wound away with it.

“Hmph. You really are something, aren’t you?”

She gave me a look of amusement.

“It’s been a while since I got to stretch these old bones of mine… So how about this, child? I challenge you to a duel. I want to see how that healing ability of your’s stands up to a real Matsumoto woman…”

I could hear Alex gasp from the sideline.

“Please, granny no! Please don’t hurt him!”

Akari turned around with a furious look.


She lifted her cane and put the end to my chest.


A bright blue light erupted from her left eye as all the manholes and fire hydrants around us burst. Stumbling backward, I watched the water coalesce above us into the shape of a giant dragon.

“...Show Hira what you’re made of, boy.”


Tendrils of water shot down and threw my body back several meters.


As I hit the ground, I realized I was in a panic. I never dueled anyone before, let alone Akari… Back in the day, she was known as the ‘Tsunami’... a corny name, yet fitting. If I was going to survive this, I needed to give it all had.

Throwing myself onto my feet, I tried to jump behind a nearby car.


Akari swept her cane to the side, signaling a tendril of water to snake towards me. Whipping around, I put a hand in front of me.

“Gate Connect! Grou-!”

The tendril wrapped around my leg and flung me high into the air before batting me into the side of a nearby building.



This time, I felt my ribs shatter, making my body went limp as it fell to the ground. I couldn’t breathe.

My eyes widened as I watched another tendril shoot towards me. I tried to gather whatever breath I had left as I raised a hand.


The tendril exploded, drenching me in the process. I could see Akari smile from the middle of the road.

“Not bad. But we are still far from over.”

She snapped her fingers, causing the water in my clothes to impale body.


I could feel all my organs tear instantaneously as my blood poured out of my body onto the pavement… The world went dark for a moment as I could feel my ribs snap back into place.


I shot up, able to see once again… I could see Akari walk towards me.

“Survived, boy?”

I stood up and readied myself for another assault as she laughed.

“You’re making this boring… What about this?”

She tapped the end of her cane on the ground, making a tendril of water shoot towards me.

“Gate Connect! Burs-!”

As I lifted my left hand, the tendril tore past it and sunk itself into my arm. Tapping her cane again, I could feel the tendril pull my arm from its socket.



The tendril cut through my arm like butter, flinging the appendage across the road. I could hear Akari cackle as she began to yell towards me.

“Fight back! Are you really going to let an old woman beat you?!”

Several tendrils picked themselves off the road as she lifted her cane in front of her. I grit my teeth and put forward my other hand.


Akari swung her cane to the side as a tendril simultaneously crashed into the side of my body.

“Hmm? Cat got your tongue?”

She began to slowly swing her cane back and forth as tendrils began to thrash my body.

“Come on now! Fight back! Your father put up more of a fight than this!”

My eyes widened as I looked towards her, unsure if I heard her correctly.

-Did she say… my father?

“Oh? Does that interest you?”

She laughed as she continued swinging her cane.

“I guess there’s no harm in telling you now, is there?”

Her eyes lit up with excitement.

“The NES is definitely no pushover! It took a good couple of hours before we could try to pry him away from your side!”

-What is she telling me?! What does she mean “Pry him away from your side.”!? Does she mean… that night at the inn…?

“By the time we got him outside of the inn, he already killed about 10 of our men! Killed the innkeeper too! You should be grateful, child! We sacrificed a lot to keep you here! And now you treat us like this!?”

I could feel my blood begin to boil… I furrowed my eyebrows in rage as I stared into Akari’s eyes.

“Oh? Does that surprise you? Are you angry?”

She began to laugh more maniacally as she continued to thrash my body.

“What does it matter? He was a worthless mage and murderer! We didn’t do anything to him that he didn’t do to hundreds of others! The tradeoff was worth it! We would’ve died out otherwise!” father!?

“We made the world a better place by getting rid of that piece of garba-!”


Akari’s eyes widened in surprise as a bright blue light surrounded me. The tendrils that were once thrashing me now began to freeze over.

“...I see…So you're finally ready to fight back?”

I felt a familiar feeling rush over me. It was the same feeling that I felt when fighting the greater demon in the field...I felt pure bloodlust. Only this time, it wasn’t Lilly’s… But my own.

I began to stand as a black smoke took the place of my left arm. As it dissipated, it revealed a grotesque black appendage that slowly began to take the form of the one I lost. I looked up and met Akari’s eyes as I began to think about the field… The memory of the match played slowly in my head.

I saw Alex stand confidently in the middle of the field. I recollected the power and speed she showed. I wanted to borrow that power.

“Gate Connect. Masaru.”

A green light lit up the road as the wind started to blow violently... Giant gashes began to form in the road as a howling filled the air... Cars began to slowly lift off the ground and ascend into the sky.

“...Take the blade. You’ll need it before night falls.”

I rested my hand on the grip of the blade that I had on my back.

“...Akari Matsumoto…”

She looked towards me with pale unfeeling eyes.

“I will devour you.”

I ripped the katana from its scabbard as I shot forward towards Akari with the speed of the wind.


She let out a groan as she blocked my attack with her cane.

“Do… You really… Think you can… Beat… Me… Boy!?”

As several tendrils of water began to shoot towards me, they exploded into the wind just as quickly. I switched the blade over to my left hand as I planted the right into Akari’s stomach, flinging her backward. Skidding across the road several meters, her body came to a halt. As I surveyed the scene, she began to laugh.

“I… Underestimated you…”

She turned her face towards me with a smile.

“Your face… looks the same as your father’s did… You really plan on killing me, don’t you?”

I began to walk towards her slowly, sweeping my arm to the side... As I did, all the cars that were once in my way now moved to the side. Looking over in the distance, I could see Alex run over to her grandmother’s side.

“Please, Haku! Don’t do this! This isn’t something you would do!”

“Move, Alex.”

I glared at her with intent as her eyes widened.

“No… Haku, don’t… You’re not a killer! What will this solve!? Your dad is dead, Haku! Killing granny won’t bring him back!”

I felt irritation.

-What does she stand up for that woman? This is what she deserved!

As I opened my mouth to respond, Akari spoke.

“Alex… go…”

She looked at me with a sullen face.

“I lived long enough… If that boy takes after his father… You aren’t going to stop him…”

Alex’s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at her grandmother.

“But granny-”


Alex seemed taken back by her grandmother’s words, but she stood back regardless.

“Come on, boy… finish it…”

My eyes began to trace the sidelines as I saw several officers draw their guns. This only made Akari laugh.

“Are you really worrying about that? I tore off your arm, yet here you are… I doubt that bullets will stop you now.”

I felt a wetness drip down from my right eye as I moved forward.

“Hahaha… Looks like you’ve reached your limit…”

Wiping it away, I looked at my hand, realizing it was blood.

“So, Haku… What will you do now?”

Despite this, I was resolute in my mentality. The wind around me began to grow harsher as I grew closer to Akari. As blood began to drip down both my eyes and nose, I soon stood over her. As I looked into the vile woman’s eyes, I could hear Alex from behind the line of officers.

“Please, Haku… Don’t do this…”

I raised my blade and put it to Akari’s throat.



My eyes widened as the Katana was thrown from my hand.


I looked down and noticed a single rusted chain lying on the asphalt.

“I think you’ve won here, Haku…”

I turned around to see Lilly standing off to the side with a scowl.

“Even if you killed her, I doubt those officers will just let you walk away…”

She pointed to the group of officers.

“You don’t have your Motorbike anymore and you’ve far exceeded your limit… There’s nothing else that can be done here.”

She began to walk towards me.

“Let’s go, Haku.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at her.


She frowned.


I grimaced.

“Let me do this, Lilly!”

Her stature turned stiff as her face hardened.

“Do you order it?”

I looked down at the old woman in front of me and then back to my familiar.

“I do.”

Lilly let out a sigh as she walked towards me, a red hue now in her eyes.

“Well then… That’s too bad…”

She leaped forward and shoved her hand through my chest. I gasped as blood greeted my throat. My head fell onto her shoulder as she pressed her cheek against mine.

“Sorry, Haku…”

She wrapped an arm around me as she removed her hand from the void in my chest.

“Just sleep for now… Okay?”

I looked up to see a mournful look on her face. The world around me went black as my breathing ceased.