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Echoes of the Mirror 1.5 “Ramifications”

*Authors Note*

In this particular series, it should be noted that there is a heavy focus on sexual themes, violence, and traumatic events.

These are meant to challenge the main character's views on the world and his relationships. 

That being said, If your someone who's okay with that, I'd really appreciate it if you want to check it out and leave some feedback.

Thanks! =^.^=


I felt prodding on my cheek as I heard a girl’s voice I didn’t recognize...


The prodding continued as I heard another voice that sounded a lot like Kira’s.

“Is... he okay?”

The unknown voice chuckled.

“Yeah... He’s fine.”

Hearing shuffling in the background, a voice that sounded like Alex’s pitched in.

“He coughed up blood…”

“That’s normal. He used too much of my power, pushing himself too far before he got prana.”

A hand slid underneath my shirt as a voice that sounded like Himari’s began to panic.

“H-hey! W-what are you d-doing to him?!”

“Hmm? Oh, just a little motivation…”

I felt a warmth against my chest as the hand continued up my side. In response, Alex’s voice shouted out.

“T-that's indecent!”

“Ha! Says you…”

“Alex… Why is your face so red?”

Suddenly feeling something warm and wet against my neck, I heard Kira’s voice stammer out something along the lines of ‘s-s-s-stop!’. The warm wetness continued up to my earlobe and ended with a sharp pinch.

I could feel the warmth of someone’s breath against my neck as the unknown voice began to whisper in my ear.

“Oh come on, Haku… I know you're conscious…”

I suddenly felt a hand move down my stomach as I felt fingertips in my waistline, making the girls in the room stammer uncontrollably. Opening my eyes, I saw an unknown girl who looked about my age sitting on my legs. She had long silver hair with fierce grey eyes that looked a lot like a cat’s. She was wearing one of my tracksuits and had a giant metal collar around her neck that looked like an oversized shackle.

Smiling mischievously, she revealed two sharp fangs.

If I had to guess she was probably 5’5 with an--

“They’re a bit under a C if that’s what you wanted to know, Haku.”

The girl smirked as she laid down on top of me.

It was like she was reading my mind…

She laughed as she propped her head up on her hand on my chest.

“So Haku...are you trembling in fear yet?”

Still feeling lethargic and in a daze, I looked at her in confusion.

“Who are you?”


“You really are a bit slow on the uptake, aren’t you?”

I stared at her with the same amount of confusion as before. Putting her hands on each side of my face, she furrowed her eyebrows.

“How about...this?”

Is this any better?



She rolled her eyes as she twirled a finger in the air.

“Congratulations, you win prize for probably the second densest guy in the world...”

“Who’s the fir--”

“Anyhow, welcome back to the land of the living, Haku. So... what was it like?”

“Please be more specific.”

“The power.”

I thought back to the field… I could vividly remember the bloodlust sweeping through my body. It was as if my body wasn’t my own. I felt unstoppable.


Lilith seemed satisfied by this.

“Good! Aaaannnnd?”

“And what?”

Lilith looked at me obviously annoyed.

“You just met me for the first time… And this is the response I get?”


I had no idea what she wanted me to say…

My silence made her scowl.

“At least call me pretty, or breath-taking or something!”

I looked at her and tilted my head a bit.

“Yeah… I guess your kind of cute.”

Lilith made a pouty face.

“It’s the name that throws it all off though… How about Lilly?”


Drawing some sort of satisfaction from my suggestion, the now-named Lilly smiled fiendishly.

“A nickname already~?”

Before I could respond, Alex grabbed the small length of chain connected to the back of Lilly’s collar and yanked it, removing the body that sat on me.

“Enough of that! You.”

Dressed in nothing but one of my dress shirts was Alex, who pointed her gaze towards me.

“What was that?”

I had a hard time distinguishing Alex’s tone of voice from furious or concerned. I wanted to answer, but my mind was still pretty foggy and I found it difficult to decipher what it was exactly that she wanted me to explain.


Lilly picked herself off the ground and proceeded to answer for me.

“He just regained consciousness, why don’t you tone down your arrogance and be a little more descriptive of what exactly it is you want to know, hmm?”

Lilly’s arms were folded across her chest, whether she was trying to be conscientious of my current state or was just angry at Alex’s forceful removal of her from my person, I didn’t know.

“The field obviously! I know you're his familiar, you mentioned that… What I want to know is how he managed to use a high-level manifestation technique and slaughter a greater demon in a matter of moments!-”

Alex was clearly unable to wrap her head around the events that unfolded in front of her eyes.

“-Mantle manifestation takes years to master! Even then, Haku never studied summoning! Though, what I want to know the most, is how he managed to take down a powerful Dominica single-handedly that would have taken the entire town to take down! The only way a person could ever do such a thing is if they made a pact with a--”


Lilly flashed her fangs as she said this, her eyes glowing a slight red hue for a moment.

“You mean…”

Alex’s face switched from one of confusion to one of horror as she looked down to me.

“No… Haku… please tell me you didn’t!”

I averted her gaze. Kira, dressed in the pajamas that she left here, spoke up.

“That night… the fork in the road... “

Her eyes widened in horror.

“Haku… did you go beneath the shrine?”


I tried to speak up but couldn’t find the proper words to condone my past actions.

“You did…”

Alex confirmed my actions as her arms went limp at her sides.

“My grandmother vaguely mentioned it… the demon sealed in this town…”

Alex then directed her eyes, now widened in realization, towards Lilly.

“That makes you…”

Lilly smirked.

“It seems I haven’t properly introduced myself…”

At this everyone, myself included looked towards the Demonica.

“I am the first wife of Adam, father of man… Queen of all Demonica who serves as the god to the land of hollows. My name is Lilith. If you have doubts, bear witness to the chained collar around my neck, for that is my crown.”

Lilly lightened her stature and turned towards me with a smile and a wink.


The room went silent. The faces on Alex and Kira were expressionless. I could see them trying to parse through all the information given to them… It only seems realistic that they were given a pill that was hard to swallow. I was their friend for years, and to know that I made a pact with a Demonica must have weighed heavy on their conscience.

Finally, Alex spoke up.

“I need more time to think about this… Until then we can’t let anyone know about this…”

Her voice had a certain level of determination in it.

“Even though Haku made a pact with a divine Demonica, it still doesn’t change the fact that Haku is a dear friend. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that Haku’s intervention saved us all from death.”

Kira who had a look of worry on her face voiced her agreement.

“I agree.”

Hamari, clothed in nothing but the largest sweatshirt I owned, finally spoke.

“Haku saved my life… His pact-spirit doesn’t change my view on that...”

The fact that she spoke without her stutter stunned everyone in the room.

“... Though… It’s already late… we need to get home before the townspeople start investigating what happened at the field, otherwise, they’ll be suspicious.”

Acknowledging Himari’s outstanding foresight, Alex bit the tip of her thumb and thought it over.

“That’s true. Trying to get home dressed the way we are though will definitely raise questions…”

Kira nodded solemnly in approval.

“I’ll just spend the night here. I already have a change of day clothes, and my parents already knew I was probably going to end up sleeping over.”

-That leaves the rest of the girls…

Looking over to my familiar, I grabbed her attention.



“Do you have enough power to send the girls home?”

Lilly smirked at this.

“That demon you devoured left me with enough power that I should be able to use my magic without restrictions for a while.”

“Excellent… Think you can transport them to their rooms without catching anyone’s attention?”

“If you order it.”

“I do.”

“So be it.”

With that, a black cloud of smoke swept past Alex, Himari, and Lilly leaving empty spots where they once stood. This left Kira and me alone in the living room. An awkward silence ensued before Kira turned to me.

“I have a lot on my mind, Haku…”

I stared at the floor.

“I know.”

“That night… Was the night you made the pact?”

I nodded.


Kira’s face looked distraught.

“....Why didn’t you just go to the clinic?”

“I didn’t go because I felt bitter… bitter that I’m not like everyone else. At that point… I didn’t care if I died.”

Kira was taken back by this. She held her hands to her chest and looked off to the side.

“Why did you hide all this from me?”

I felt guilty… But I stayed resolute in my mentality.

“Because these are my problems and mine alone.”

Kira took this answer as well as someone would take a kick to their chest.

“They were never only your problems, Haku…”

Kira laid down on the couch, facing away from me.

“When will you ever see what’s right in front of you?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but I couldn’t find the words. Unable to cope with the situation at hand, I walked into my bedroom and shut the door. Leaning up against the threshold I slid down the door and hid my face between my knees. Tears rolled down my face.

-I can only imagine how terrible of a person she thinks I am... Even after I dragged her into my bullshit, I still can’t find the power within me to admit my actual feelings. Why? Why is it that even now I can’t just tell her how I feel?

I hugged my knees tighter.

I don’t think that’s the way to look at it Haku…

I buried my head deeper into my knees and tried to ignore Lilly’s voice.

You don’t have to answer… Just listen… From someone else's point of view.

I tried to tune out her voice but found myself unable to.

I think the real question here, Haku, is why you can’t accept her feelings?

Adam was a lot like you. Never listened… Always thought from his perspective.


I think that girl understands you better than you do. If I had to guess, I’d even say she always knew your feelings.

This is the second time I believe, that she has fully offered herself to you since you’ve become my master… The problem here is that you won’t accept her. No matter how many times you reject her, she will always come and try to bear your pain with you… She doesn’t want to hear your ‘feelings’ for pushing her away… She wants to know when you’ll stop pushing her away.

But what do I know? After all… I am a demon.

With this, the voice in my head went silent.


Lilly’s voice didn’t respond.

-I’ll talk to her tomorrow.




I opened my eyes and caught glimpse of the morning sunlight through my window. I went to move my legs but felt a heavy weight on my body. Glancing down I noticed a rather human-shaped lump under my covers.


What would Kira be doing in my bed? Was this her trying to convey her feelings more aggressively?

As I took a deep breath and grasped the top of my covers with a single hand, I noticed the lump beginning to move... I was frozen in fear. The covers peeled back and before me was...


Stretching her arms over her head, comfortably seated on top of my body was my completely naked familiar.


Her mouth opened wide and revealed her glistening sharp canines. Putting a single hand on my chest, she used the other to wipe the sleep from her eyes.

“Oh…Morning, Haku…”

All words escaped me… Lilly tilted her head to the side, her eyes still half closed.

“Is something wrong…?”

-Yes. Yes indeed. Something was very wrong.

Lilly looked around confused.


Lilly looked down.

She looked back up.

“Oh… What about it?”

“What do you mean ‘what about it’!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”

She giggled.

“Waking up, obviously.”

Full heartedly deciding that getting into a verbal debate first thing in the morning was a terrible idea, I pushed Lilly off to the side and proceeded to the far side of my bedroom and put on underwear.

“You don’t have to do that you know… It’s not like you have school today. You could have just laid in bed and slept in if you wanted to… I wasn’t going to wake you.”

I glanced behind me to spot Lilly laying on her side on my bed making absolutely no attempt at covering herself.

“That’s not the issue here and you know it!”

Lilly tilted her head slightly.

“Please... Put. On. CLOTHES!”

She stuck out her tongue and hid under my covers.

Just because you don’t want to sleep in doesn’t mean I don’t want to… do whatever you want.


I proceeded to get dressed.

Actually, wait... no... it was warmer when you were in here with me. Come back to bed.

-Like hell, I will! Why are you manifested anyways? I never summoned you!

I saw part of her face poke out from underneath the covers.

The queen of demons is powerful enough to do this amongst other things…

-Queen of demons my ass… You’re more like a puppy!

I could hear her giggle from underneath the covers.

Tremble before me mortal.

I put on the comfiest sweatshirt and jeans I owned and left the room with a sigh. Looking to the couch in the living room, I saw it vacant.

Kira must have left.

I pulled out my phone and glanced at the time… It was already noon.

-Sleep in!? The day is already almost over!

Stop exaggerating. It’s a Sunday, what could you possibly need to do?

Banter set aside, I was concerned were Kira went off to. It was my full intention to talk to her today and she was nowhere to be found.Thinking about it a little harder, however, I realized she must be helping her parents. After all, Sundays were busy times at the market.

I plopped myself down on the couch and leaned my head back.

-Why do things always have to be this difficult?

You’ve put off Kira for how many years and you’re wallowing in self-pity now?

-Shut up. You said you were going back to sleep.

It’s cold and you won’t stop thinking. It’s very distracting.

-Like I can help it!

I thought about hanging out with Alex or making lunch, but I had completely lost my drive to do anything today. Instead, I settled on watching TV to kill time.

This was the hardest, most complicated week of my life and I barely had any time to enjoy time to myself… Not that ‘by myself’ was a term I could use anymore.

I waited for a minute to see if Lilly would have a snappy comeback for me… She didn’t. Taking this as a good omen, I relaxed a bit and blazed through several episodes of some drama marathon they had on TV.


Just as I decided I’d change the channel to something more entertaining, I heard a knock at my door. Walking over to it, I opened it to see who was there...

In front of me was Himari wearing a black and blue elegant lolita dress.

“Umm… Hi Haku.”

I was confused as to why she was here, but I decided that hanging out with Himari and getting to know her better was a much better option than whatever it was that I was currently doing.

“Oh. Hey Himari, come on in.”

She walked in and proceeded to take off her shoes.

“I thought you might be hungry so I brought over some food…”

Looking to her arms, I saw her carrying a fairly large pot and a few large fancy bottles of something I couldn’t make out the name of. Noticing my curiosity, she gave me a nervous smile.

“Do you like curry?”

“Oh yeah. Thank you.”

Walking into the kitchen, she set the contents of what was in her arms on the counter. As I looked her over, I noticed that she seemed to be in a fairly good mood.

“You okay, Himari? You had a rough day yesterday.”

She looked towards me with a smile.

“Mhm. Much better now, thanks to you.”

I slightly tilted my head to the side a little confused. Deciding not to prod the thoughts in her head, I just accepted this. Instead, I took this opportunity to find out a bit more about the situation in town.

“Oh. Any news on what’s going on in the town due to the events yesterday?”

She shook her head.

“Nothing really eventful is going on. The ordinary townspeople are confused, but the main families are still investigating the matter, so I don’t know much.”

While what I really wanted to hear was ‘Oh, they just dropped it all together’, I accepted this particular news with a certain enthusiasm. No one was going on a witch hunt to see who’d slain the demon, so altogether this must mean that while people are indeed confused, the matter wasn’t important enough to cause a mass inquiry.

Himari giggled.

“You seem relieved, Haku!”

“A bit… I mean, This isn’t the ideal news... but as long as people aren’t trying to track me down, I’ll take anything as a good omen.”

Himari nodded her head.

“Well you’re safe for now, so why don’t you sit down, relax, and eat?”

I was a little taken back by Himari’s somewhat forcefulness, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I was starving… Relaxing and enjoying her company didn’t seem that bad of an idea either.

I sat down on the couch and watched as Himari took dishes out of my cabinets with surprising accuracy.

I found it odd that she knew the locations of almost all my dishes, but with how long I was out yesterday, it wouldn’t surprise me if the girls went into the kitchen and made themselves food while they waited for me to regain consciousness… After all, they did shower and help themselves to my clothes… So why would they draw the line at the fridge?

Himari returned to the living room with plates of food, 2 glasses, and a bottle of the liquid she brought. Putting a plate in front of me, she poured me a glass of the liquid. After sitting down in front of her own plate we clasped our hands together.

“Thank you for the food!”

Helping myself to the food, I realized how delicious it actually was.

“Wow! This is really good Himari!”

She giggled.

“Thank you! This is the first time I made this dish, I also tried adding oysters as well.”

It seemed like a really weird combination, but I couldn’t deny that the taste was wonderful. Feeling the need to wash down the food I ate, I took a glug from the glass in front of me. It had a strong taste and bitterness to it, but it was sweet.


The food was so good I couldn’t help but to have more... Throughout that time, I had several more glasses of the liquid she brought.


Coming to the conclusion that I had enough to eat and drink, I looked over to Himari’s glass and saw that she only had a few sips. Realizing I noticed this, she looked over at me with a smile.

“Oh, don’t worry Haku. You can have as much as you’d like, I’m a lightweight, so I have to pace myself slowly.”

I opened my mouth to question what she meant by that, but all that came out was a garbled mess, making her giggle.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a strong sake... Took some difficulty acquiring it too, but I figured you’d probably appreciate it considering how eventful yesterday was.”

Slowly piecing together what happened in my mind, I realized it definitely wasn’t a fancy juice I just had.

“Feel a little more at ease, Haku?”

I nodded my head with a strange and spastic bobble. Laying down her eating utensils, she slowly approached me on all fours on the couch.

“That’s good…”

Before I knew it, she was pressed against me, her body weighing me down.

“You know, I never got a chance to thank you for saving my life… No one’s ever done that much for me.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but she put a finger to my mouth as she took a small sip from my glass.

“You don’t need to say anything, why not forget things for a little while and have some fun with me? You like fun, right?”

As she said this, she pressed her body against mine and swept her bangs behind her ear.

“Himari… What are you-”

As I opened my mouth, Himari pressed her lips against mine, letting her tongue trace the contour of my mouth. As she pulled away, I could feel the sharp pinch of her teeth against my bottom lip.

I was still for a moment. My brain had a hard time trying to comprehend what was going on here… One minute I was eating and talking… but now-

“Oh~? Weren’t you going to say something~? Haku~?”

Opening my mouth once again, I could only voice an incoherent jumble of words... Himari’s tongue was now slowly working it’s way up my neck, making it impossible for me to piece together a cohesive sentence. Noticing this, she gave a fiendish grin and giggled as she stroked my face and whispered in my ear.

“Come on… I really want to know what you have to say...”

Lifting up my shirt, she began to kiss and run her tongue across my chest as her hand caressed my thigh. Putting out a hand to stop her, my fingertips were instead greeted by a warm wetness.

My eyes widened and my breathing became heavy as I saw what was going on... Himari’s hand was now buried underneath her dress, stroking herself as the tip of her tongue ran across fingers.

The face Himari had on now was the lewdest I ever saw on a woman… Completely flushed, her eyes were half closed and she was panting heavily as she wrapped her lips around my index finger, pushing it deep into her mouth.

This isn’t what I wanted. I desperately wanted to tell her ‘no’, but I couldn’t find the will to do so... With the alcohol running heavily through my body and my manhood nearly bursting out of my pants, I found myself entranced and curious by Himari’s actions.

She giggled as she looked into my eyes.

“You seem to be enjoying this, Haku…”

As she said this, she pulled her head away from my hand, leaving a trail of saliva leading from her mouth.

“But, how about… This?”

The hand that was once lost in Himari’s panties now found itself undoing my zipper… I could only watch with a weird sort of masochism as she wet her palm with her tongue, reached in and began stroking me.

Smiling wide, Himari lowered her head onto my lap and began running her tongue across the length of my shaft.

“H-himari… W-we shouldn’t b-be-”

Displeased with my words, Himari’s eyes furrowed as she took the entire length of my member down her throat.


-What… was I saying…?

I let my mouth hang open as she slid her tongue across the tip… Whatever doubts were threaded in my mind before now faded into oblivion. I was completely entranced by Himari’s skill.

“Hmm~? Am I doing okay?”

I could only nod my head in reply to her words.

“That’s good… I’m glad…”

Himari’s eyes closed as she quickened her pace, using a single hand to hold back her hair as the other found itself back under her dress. No longer afraid of letting me enjoy myself, I let my hips move with her rhythm… As her head bobbed up and down, my hips moved in tandem.

Suddenly, I could feel myself coming to a climax.

“H-himari! W-wait! I’m going to-!”

Briefly nodding her head, she continued, but faster.

“Let yourself feel good… It’s okay… I’ll take care of it...”

Nearing the point of no return, I tried to move my hips away, pushing her shoulder. In response, as I lifted my hips, Himari wrapped her arms around my legs and forced me as deep as she could down her throat.


My eyes widened as I finished.

-Did… I just…?

Letting her head linger for a while longer, Himari eventually pulled her head up and opened her mouth, showing me the contents… before swallowing.

She smiled as her fingertips caressed the tip of my manhood.

“Looks like you’re still ready for more… You don’t mind if I borrow this… do you?”

Before I could answer, Himari reached underneath her dress and removed her panties, tossing them to the side.

I tried opening my mouth to tell her that I couldn’t go any farther, but her lips were already pressed against mine with her hips straddling my body. Lifting up my chin, she let the saliva drip off her tongue as she looked into my eyes.

“Make me feel good too, okay?”

Finishing this, she took me into her hand and placed the tip inside her.


Himari let out a moan as she pressed herself down as hard as she could.

Haku, what are you doing!?

As Himari’s arms wrapped around my torso, I could hear a voice tune into my head.

Are you inebriated?

-Ine… Wha-?

I couldn’t understand what the voice meant through the fogginess of my mind and the girl in front of me obviously didn’t want me distracted.

Taking my hand, she placed it underneath her dress, setting it on her breast.

“Come on, Haku… Don’t make me do all the work… have fun with me…”

Nodding my head, I began to knead her breast in a circular motion as I used my other hand to grab her hips.

Don’t do this… You aren’t in the right state of mind… What about Kira?

My eyes widened as I thought this over.


Himari’s eyes widened in anger as she heard this. Forcing herself harder down, she pulled me closer and bit my neck with force as her rhythm intensified.


I winced as her teeth sunk deeper into me, but between the sweet vanilla scent of her hair and moist tightness of her lower half, my pleasure only heightened.

It wasn’t like me and Kira were together… So what did it matter what I did with other girls? Afterall… She never found out about Alex…

Please listen… Your actions will have ramifications if you proceed further… This isn’t your fault, but you’re the only one that can end it here.

Grasping the back of Himari’s head, intertwining my fingers in her hair, I took my other hand out from underneath her dress and put it on her back. As I began thrusting into her, the sounds coming from her intensified.

-Leave me alone… It’s fine…

Removing her mouth from my neck, Himari escaped my grasp and threw herself onto her back.


Lifting the hem of her dress over her stomach, Himari lifted her legs to her chest and held them there as she looked at me with lustful eyes.

Do you really want me to leave you alone… Do you order it?

As I looked at the girl spread out before me, my decision made itself perfectly clear… Pushing Himari’s legs further back with my shoulders, I grabbed her waist and forced myself into her.

-I do.

The voice in my head went silent for a moment as Himari pulled my head down and pressed her lips to mine.

So be it...

As I thrust faster into the trembling body underneath me, the only thought that ran through my head was how great this felt…




My eyes were greeted by pitch black… I looked around through blurry eyes and could make out a brief depiction of my room. Standing up out of bed, I immediately dropped to the floor... My stomach was in complete disarray and my mind felt foggy.

Slowly getting up, I paced myself along the wall, trying to fight the overwhelming feeling of vertigo. Making my way from my bedroom, the living room, and eventually the restroom, I collapsed onto my knees and emptied my stomach into the toilet bowl in front of me.

I felt better by a small amount.

Finishing whatever business I had left in the bathroom, I headed into the living room and flicked on the lights. The couch was a complete mess and dishes were left on top of food trays. Glancing over at the kitchen, I noticed several empty bottles tipped over on their side. Picking up one, I glanced at the label and noticed it was sake. My mind was in complete confusion…

-Was this the liquid Himari brought over?

I thought back to when Himari came over and couldn’t remember anything past me eating. Looking back towards the bottle, I vaguely remembered having a couple glasses of its contents, though I didn’t remember it being alcohol… I generally tried to stay as far away from the stuff as much as possible. I was notorious for being a complete lightweight.

Noticing something across the living room, I went over to pick it up. In my hands were lacy black panties. My confusion at this point reached a climax.

-Lilly… What happened here?

I heard no response. Panties in hand, I decided to go into the bedroom and ask her directly. Flicking on the lights, I noticed an elegant lolita dress on the floor along with a bra.

-Oh no…

I walked over to my bed and peeked underneath the covers. Presented before me was a completely naked Himari laying on her side sleeping soundly.

While I couldn’t say for sure, I came to the conclusion it was highly probable that I slept with her… A terrible revelation indeed. I wasn’t a fan of having relations with someone I wasn’t intimate with, let alone someone I knew for a little over 24 hours.


I felt violated.


My mind flashed to Kira. She was the only one that I wanted to be with, and god help me if she ever found out what happened here.

-If it was the sake, then I do have a solid excuse at least…


-What time is it?


I picked my phone off the nightstand and unlocked it. It was only 6:37… noticing I had a couple messages in my inbox, I decided to look through them. Opening the first message from a number I didn’t recognize, I was presented with a picture of Himari and me laying in my bed with her head on my chest making a heart with her hands… Along with several other questionable photos...

-Oh no…

The second message was from Kira.

“Just got out of work. Sorry I left without warning today. I’ll bring you back some dinner from my house! Maybe we can watch a movie when I get back? Should be there in about 20. =^.^=”

-When was this sent!?

“Message Received: 6:13”

With that, I heard my front door open…

“Hakuuuuu~! Where are you~? I brought you dinner!”


At this point, there was nothing I could do. The evidence was clear as day and covering myself up wouldn’t have changed that... No… I didn’t even have enough time to do that… My bedroom door was wide open and Kira was only a short distance away.

“Oh! there you are, Hak--”

I turned around to see Kira with her mouth agape staring at me… There was absolutely no way I could avoid this.

Discussion (2)

  1. Justice

    The first half of the story gave me the impression of Trinity Seven by how the familiar was responding to its master. Also the characters responded with like ‘Ah! That thing everyone is suppose to avoid but nobody every talks about so no knows about it. How could you?’ The main character doesn’t respond to the situation the same way as the one in the anime did. Then the rape happened and I the story was going in a completely different direction. Interesting how Himari pulled a 180. Kira will never believe Haku no matter what. Like how the familiar tried and went: ‘Eh. Dig your own grave.’

    1. Virgo Silver Post author

      Never thought of Trinity Seven! But yeah! You’re right! Should’ve caught the similarities too since I absolutely loved that show.

      But yeah, EOTM is constantly ever-changing, I like to make most of what happens unexpected. Himari is an interesting character… I’m not going to go into details since I don’t want to spoil anything, but she’s extremely important to the plot.

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