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Echoes of the Mirror 1.6 ‘Abyss’

*Authors Note*

In this particular series, it should be noted that there is a heavy focus on sexual themes, violence, and traumatic events.

These are meant to challenge the main character's views on the world and his relationships. 

That being said, If your someone who's okay with that, I'd really appreciate it if you want to check it out and leave some feedback.

Thanks! =^.^=


I stood in the middle of my room in the nude, looking at Kira with horror in my eyes.

I saw her eyes dart to the floor, looking over to the lollita dress, the bra…

She finally glanced over to the bed, obviously recognizing the fact there was someone in it.

The look on her face was not one of humor… It was scary.


She pushed by me and swung the covers to the side, revealing Himari underneath.

She stood there shaking.

Without even turning she asked the question.

“Did you?”

There was no way to lightly walk around this subject.

I had the valuable excuse that I was drunk as ammunition, but at this point there was no guarantee that she would accept this as an answer.

I could only hope that my answer will somewhat justify my actions…

“Yeah...I did bu--”


A powerful force struck the side of my face.

As my head turned in the impact, I could see Kira’s angry face with tears in her eyes.

Without saying a word she walked towards the door.


I ran towards her and grabbed her shoulder.

“Kira! Let me explain…”

She looked towards me.

Her teeth were clenched and there were tears rolling down her face.

She forcefully brushed off my hand and swung open the door.

She stormed out the threshold and slammed the door with force.

-...This isn’t good…

I felt a pair of arms hug me from behind.

“Wow. What’s her problem?”

Looking behind me I saw Himari with a single eyebrow raised.

“At least she got the hint right Haku?”

She looked towards me with a smile.

“Himari...Whatever happened between--”

“Well, this saves the issue of explaining things to her. Ooh! She brought food!”

Making her way to the kitchen, Himari opened the container that Kira brought and helped herself to the contents.

“You know Haku, I’m really glad you accepted my feelings. I was really afraid that you would reject me since we’ve only known each other for a short while… But after we finished and I told you I loved you, I was really really happy you said you loved me back...”

-This...Isn’t it?


“You were also my first. Just so you know. So take responsibility ok?”

Himari tilted her head with a cute smile.

-Lilly… Please tell me what to do.

There was silence.

“You look sad Haku… Is it because I’m standing here naked and you want me again? Don’t worry. I have enough energy to go at it again.”

Himari smiled fiendishly.

-I need to leave. Now.

I walked over to the couch, picked my clothes up and put them on.

“Hmm? You don’t want to Haku?”

My face was blank and expressionless.

“Too hungover...Gonna go for a walk and get fresh air…”

Himari tilted her head.

“Want me to come with you?”

-No. Absolutely not.

“No. I’m fine. Why don’t you go home and get rest, I don’t think your parents would appreciate you spending the night, plus you don’t have a uniform for tomorrow.”

Himari giggled.

“Silly Haku! I live alone! Besides, I’ll just leave early tomorrow to get clothes.”

I put on my shoes and walked out the door, went around the bookshop, and walked the late evening streets of Hira.

This situation was beyond terrible.

I couldn’t imagine any way how I could patch things up with Kira…Though the more pressing issue is Himari…

I’ve only known her for two days now! And now she thinks we’re a couple!?

I went into a nearby ally and brought up my right hand.

-Obey my will. Take me to where I desire.

My mark shone a red hue as a black smoke wrapped around me.

Before me was the field.

I flopped onto my back and looked at the stars.

This wasn’t the most pleasant place for me to be, but it was secluded.

I closed my eyes and tried to gather my thoughts.

Was this for the best?

Kira was a sweet girl and didn’t deserve to be wrapped up in this mess.

If she hated me now, this would force her to stay away…This was my exact wish from the beginning.

I grimaced.

Himari however…I didn’t know anything about her. She seemed sweet and shy when I first met her, but now she seems completely different…

-Lilly was right… There is something extremely off about Himari.

I wanted nothing more than to listen to Lilly’s take on things, but for some reason she’s refusing to talk to me.


My only option at this point was to ride things out and see where things go…

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better luck.


I found myself walking the sidewalk to school alone for the time being.

Himari went home to grab clothes which was fortunate…

This meant I didn’t have to deal with her until after school if I was lucky.

“Hey Haku!”

Looking at the person crossing the street from the sidewalk perpendicular to mine, I saw Alex.

For once I was actually glad to have her company.

“Hey Alex.” I said as I gave her a small wave.

She stopped next to me and tried to catch her breath.

She looked up, face exhausted.

“Have you seen Kira?”

“Not this morning no…”

Alex’s gaze pierced my eyes. She could see through me.

“Did you do something to her Haku?” Alex asked she placed her hands on her hips, studying me closely.


“Well...I did see her last night…”

Alex raised an eyebrow.


I had no way of avoiding this, I opened my mouth to speak and--


Hamari jumped onto my back nearly knocking me over.

The look Alex had on her face now was one of deep confusion.

“Uh...Why are you and Himari suddenly so...Close?”

-Crap. I didn’t expect this.

“No reason in particular…”

Himari looked into my eyes with anger.

“What? Is there a problem telling her I’m your girlfriend?”

With this, Alex’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“You two…”

Himari’s face brightened up as she nodded violently.

Alex looked at me with a strange face I couldn’t make out the feelings of.

“You can’t possibly mean that you two are an ‘item’...”

“No! Of course no--”

Himari looked angered by this and stopped us short.

“Why not? Kira accepted it rather quickly last night.”

Alex’s face suddenly flashed an expression of pure fury.

“Haku… What happened last night?”

Sweat started visibly pouring out of my pores.

Himari took this opportunity to elaborate further.

“Kira came in last night without even knocking! Walked straight into Haku’s bedroom, spotted us naked after a passionate afternoon of us making love, freaked out, and left!”

-’Making love’!? What kind of delusional trip are you on!?

My heart yearned for Himari’s shyness back…

Why she had to give so much description, I don’t know, but whatever follows will surely be terrible.

“Waitwaitwaitwait! Alex! Let me explain--”


Alex delivered a punch straight to my face and broke my nose.

I fell to the ground with a *thud*


“You know Haku! there is no way you can’t know! You know Kira is madly in love you! A girl far beyond what you deserve, and you do this!? You do this to the girl that would literally do anything for you!?”

I looked to the concrete, blood pouring down my face.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you saved my life, I would break your arms and legs and make you crawl to Kira to apologize!”

Alex stared at me.

“Fix this…End it...make amends with Kira or I swear to god I’ll kill you.”

With this Alex walked off.

-Can this possibly get any worse?

I lifted my right hand.


A black smoke crawled up my arm and across my face, snapping my nose back into place and stopping the bleeding.

“That girl too? Just who does she thin--”

I looked to Himari with a sharp glare.


I was not in the mood today.

Picking myself of the sidewalk, I dusted off my pants and continued walking to school.

Himari looked to me with a sad look.

I avoided her gaze.

She stepped in front of me, blocking my path.

“How about this Haku… To make you feel better I’ll give you a present!”

I looked to her without any enthusiasm.

“Don’t be like that Haku! You’ll enjoy it! I’ll give it to you later ok?”

She tilted her head with a smile.

“Whatever.” I said bluntly.

She scowled but continued walking by my side.

We made way to the school and through the double doors.

Himari looked to me.

“I’ll see you later ok Haku?”

I didn’t even look towards her.

“Yeah. Bye.”

Himari’s eyebrows furrowed but she left.

I headed to my class and sat down in my seat.

The bell rang and professor Reid began his lesson.

I looked over to Kira’s seat and found it empty.

-She didn’t come to school…

I took out my phone to check for any new messages and there were none.

I contemplated texting Kira.. But I can only imagine how she’d take that. I needed to be upfront and personal if I was going to tackle this situation. If I was to confront her and apologize I’d need to do it in person.

There was nothing I could do at this time, so I put my head on the desk and fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of the bell ringing.

I grabbed my bag and proceeded to leave the classroom--

“Haku! Don’t leave just yet.”

I turned to see professor Reid standing at his podium.

Confused, I walked over to him.

“Yes professor?”

He looked at me with a certain dull glare.

“I was told to inform you that you need to clean up the paint you accidently spilled in hallway.”

-Huh? I didn’t spill any paint…


Profesor Reid’s stature stiffened.

“This is non-negotiable Haku. Do as you’re told.”

-I guess it can’t be helped.

“Yes professor.”

I gave a bow and left to clean the hallway.

Reaching my destination, I noticed that there was paint quite literally everywhere.

The mess stretched across the ceiling, floors, and walls.

-’Accidently’?! It’s everywhere!


I went off into one of the supply closets and grabbed everything that I needed.

Luckily, it didn’t seem that the paint had dried completely, so the cleaning took by far less time than I expected.

Putting back the cleaning supplies I took out my phone to look at the time.

It was dead.

-That’s strange…

Putting it away I let out a *sigh*.

At least I didn’t have to worry about Himari for the time being… Though I did need to break things off with her…

I started walking down the hallway and heard steps from behind me.

“Excuse me…”

Hearing a voice, I turned around to see a tall man with long black hair and glasses.

“Can I help you?” I asked with a very concerned look on my face.

“Yes, are you Haku Maeda per chance?” He asked with a humble smile.

“...I am… What do you need from me?”

He put a hand to his chest and let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness! We thought you might have left by now and finding you then would have taken forever!”

This was extremely odd and unnerving…

What on earth could this guy possibly want from me?

Realizing that I was giving him the death stare, he looked back at me with a smile.

“Oh! Sorry, I know this must be extremely confusing to you, but just bear with me. This part only takes a moment.”

“What do you--”


I fell to the ground.

I could feel blood pour from my chest.

My vision getting blurry, the man walked over to me with a pistol in his hand and slumped over.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t think that you’d come with us any other way… Don’t worry though, that demon inside of you won’t let you die.”

For the thousandth time this week, I slowly began to lose consciousness.


I woke up and found myself unable to move.

“How’s his vitals?”


I heard two male voices communicating back and forth.

“Is the seal ready?”

“Yep. Drew the magic circle and everything. I also hooked him up with an IV drip of sedatives and mana powder.”

“So we are 100% sure he can’t summon?”

“In his current state? No. Absolutely not.”


I heard the snapping of latex gloves.

“Chances of success this time around are extremely high. This will be our first transfusion on a summoner. If all goes well, this will be the most successful transfusion yet.”

I opened my eyes and saw the man from before with a medical mask and scrubs standing in front of the table I was strapped into.

-Where the hell am I!?

“Ah, you’ve woken up I see?”

I tried to speak but found myself unable to.

The man laughed.

“Yes… Unfortunately those sedatives aren’t really good at keeping people unconscious, though they are quite effective at keeping them incapacitated.”

I watched as he moved a tray of medical tools over to the side of me.

All I could feel was a crippling fear inside of me.


-Excited!? What the fuck do you plan on doing with those tools!?

“Ah, yes. I can imagine your very confused! Why are you here? Who are we? What are we doing?”

As the man was saying this he was waving a hand around in broad motions.

“Irrelevant unfortunately… You see Haku, we have a job we need to carry out, and you have the job of being the 36th specimen so far…”

He picked up a scalpel and placed a single hand on my bear chest.

“Now then Haku… Try to survive, hmm?”


With this he began to cut a V from my shoulders to my chest.

The amount of blood being spilt along with the pain was immense beyond all comprehension.

I clenched my teeth together and tried to scream.

“Very good Haku!”

Looking over to the corner where I assume his assistant was, he spoke.

“Will you begin the chant? I’d like to get the Gate installed as soon as possible.”


I had no idea what the man meant, but It was obvious that I had no say in whether I got it installed or not.


I began to hear chanting from the otherside of the room and the magic circle drawn around the table began to glow.

The man began to hum a joyful tune as he pulled the scalpel down from the V and made a linear motion down to the point just above my groin.

I could feel tears run down my face with the movement of his blade.

-Why are you doing this!?

“Ah! Perfect!”

I watched as he pulled back my skin, revealing the innards of my body.

My eyes widened as I wet myself… I was no longer able to control my bodily functions; I was in too much pain.

I was terrified beyond all comprehension.

“Now let's make more room to work shall we?”

I tried to wiggle with no success as the man took what looked like a pair of bolt cutters off the medical tray.


I watched as he took the cutters and slowly began to snip out the ribs from my chest.

The pain at this point was so immense that I yearned to go into shock, but I couldn’t.

My familiar wouldn’t let me.

-Lilly! Please! Help me! Talk to me! Why are you letting them do this!?

The man took each of the ribs and laid them out on the medical tray.

“Can you hand me the actuators please?”

He looked over and held his hand out.

With his assistant still chanting out of view, he took and placed what looked like several multi colored crystals into the man’s hand.

“Thank you~”

I could feel him push several of my organs to the side and insert the crystals individually.

Each one of the thrusts of the crystals deep into my innards felt like I was getting torn apart.

Suddenly a strong stench hit my nostrils.

“Ugh… Nicked the intestines again… Ah well...No matter. Let’s continue.”

Blood began to pour out of my chest as I could feel him nick several more organs with the remaining crystals.

“Good! Now the fun part!”

He folded my skin back into place and began making several incisions all over my body.

It looked like he was carving characters.

The characters began to glow as the circle around me glowed brighter…

I had no idea what was going on but I just wanted it to stop…

I closed my eyes and cried on the inside.

I could feel myself drifting off from my body…

Consumed in immense pain, the world around me began to melt and I found myself somewhere else.


I opened my eyes and saw a black abyss with chains swirling around me.

I stood naked in a realm of pitch black.

-Where am I?

I heard footsteps behind me.

Turning around I saw Lilly with her arms behind her back turned away from me.


I ran forward, but as I did she evaporated in a cloud of smoke.

I stood there, confused.

The chains swirled faster and faster around me.

The realm around me started to contort, and I found myself in a barren desert that had black ash as sand.

I looked above me to find a blood red sky with no sun.

The chains that were around me before now slithered around me in the air like snakes.

My mind couldn’t comprehend what was around me.

I was almost certain that I was dead.

I began to walk forward in the nothingness, hoping to find some answer as to what was happening.

There was no breeze here... No heat... No cold… With each step I took, I grew closer to nothing.


I dropped to my knees and grasped my chest as it suddenly erupted in pain.

It felt like there was something moving inside of me.

A circle of light began to draw itself in the ash around me.

The light grew brighter as my pain grew more immense.

-What the fuck is happening!?

The circle began pulsate a yellow light.

With each pulse I could feel it tug at my chest.


The circle flashed and I could see glimpses of someone else's memories in my head…

A knife…


It was a little girl’s last moments before death.


A shockwave blew back the dust around me.

The circle now crackled as it began to flash multiple colors.

The pain in my chest now grew into an insurmountable pain.

Memories flooded my head and the light changed around me.










As the light circled through the colors, I saw the final moments of several people.

The light began to fade as did the pain in my chest.


I had absolutely no idea what was happening…


Why was I seeing these things?

Where am I?

What was that light?

Am I dead?

“No. You’re not dead.”

I looked around me to find the voice that was speaking to me.

As I looked around, I noticed a woman standing in front of me, dressed in white.

I looked up and tried to make out her face, but found myself unable to…

“You can only see me if I will it so.”


“You were given the gates of several sorcerers souls… a soul for each element.”

“What do you mean?”

Her voice turned stern.

“I did not will this... You were not born with a gate… You should not have one…”

-I was given… a gate?

I could make out the woman thinking with a smirk.

“However… This might be… Interesting…”

The woman crouched down in front of me.

“Haku Maeda… Do you desire power?”

-What does she mean ‘power’? Who is she? What’s going on!?

I could feel her place a hand underneath my chin.


-Considering my situation, I was in no position to refuse. If I answered her, perhaps I’d be free…


As I opened my mouth to answer, a single chain flew past my face and struck the woman in front of me.

Leave him alone…

I could hear Lilly’s voice echo around me.

“Oh~?” The woman said, now stood several meters away from me.

I won’t let you play your games with him.

I saw a flash of silver as Lilly landed in front of me.

“Even now, you still try to disobey my will? Will fate not even bind you?” The woman in white said with aggravation in her voice.

Lilly spun around and grabbed me by the waist.

I could see panic in her pale grey eyes.

We need to leave...NOW.

Lilly darted forward through the black ash, gripping me underneath her arm.

The scenery around us began to fade as I heard the woman’s voice speak off in the distance.

“I’m sure we will meet again...Haku…”

The desert around us began to fade, and once again I found myself in the black abyss.

Lilly stopped and gently set me down.

Are you alright Haku?

She looked directly into my eyes with a sad stare.

-I don’t even know what alright means anymore!!! Where am I?! Why did you abandon me!?

Lilly looked down towards the area below us, guilt written across her face.

We are in a place between the realm of the gods and your soul…

-My soul?

Indeed… I took you here. Pulled you out of reality for the time being… There was nothing else I could do.

-Please Lilly… What's going on?

She looked back up into my eyes.

It seems you were kidnapped… And whoever stole you added a gate to your soul.

-How is that even possible?

Those crystals...Those were souls...Transmuted sorcerers… Stripped of their body and forced into a tangible form along with their gates. The ritual they were performing… It forcibly fixed their gates to your soul, disposing of the souls the gates were attached to.

-But why…? Why me!?

I do not know…

I looked to the ground and tried to process the information given to me…

This was all too much for me to comprehend.

Between becoming a Summoner, the demon, Himari, Kira, the woman in white, the man who kidnapped me… This was all too much for me to bear.

I felt Lilly wrap her arms around me.

-Why did you leave?

I didn’t… I just left you alone… as you ordered…

I could feel tears stream down my face.

-Please don’t do that again.

Only if you order it.

-I do.

So be it.

With that, the world around me began to fade again, and I felt myself drift back into reality.

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  1. Justice

    Haku’s life sucks. You made me care for the character a bunch. Good build there. Gross what happened to him.

    1. Virgo Silver Post author

      Haku is definitely a tragic character. Everything is his own fault in a way, but you can’t help but feel for him. I’m super glad that I was able to draw emotional response, my main goal is to have people really get a feel for the characters and who they are and be taken on an emotional trip with them. I tried my best to really let people inside Haku’s mind and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in his situation.

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