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Echoes of the Mirror 1.8 “All-Powerful-Demon”

*Authors Note*

In this particular series, it should be noted that there is a heavy focus on sexual themes, violence, and traumatic events.

These are meant to challenge the main character's views on the world and his relationships. 

That being said, If your someone who's okay with that, I'd really appreciate it if you want to check it out and leave some feedback.

Thanks! =^.^=



I really had hoped that my return home would be peaceful… But no such luck. As I took the side streets through Hira, I could see several red and blue lights off in the distance.

It seems that you made your presence rather well known…

-It’s not like I tried! Kira’s neighbors must have called the police after hearing the gunshots.

Can you blame them?

I didn’t feel like getting into a debate with Lilly so I stealthily made my way back home, darting around several buildings.

-Almost...aaand… Here!

Reaching the stairs behind the bookstore, I finally made my way into my apartment. Shutting the door behind me, I pressed my back against the door and slid down into a sitting position.


I let my head hit the door with a thud. I was absolutely exhausted… Luckily enough, this kept me from thinking about anything too unpleasant. Taking the clipboard that was still in my hand, I tossed it into the kitchen.

Do you want to talk about it?

-Talk about it? You were there! In any case, no… I just want to go to bed…

Lilly didn’t say a word, but I could tell she was pitying me. Normally this would bother me, but I was already pitying myself…  The more the merrier.

Picking myself off the floor, I made my way to the bedroom and threw myself on top of the covers, not even bothering to get undressed.

Goodnight, Haku…


As I closed my eyes, I could feel myself drifting off into a deep sleep.




“Wakey wakey, Haku!”

Opening my eyes, I saw the man with glasses staring at me with a cruel smile.

-Wait… No! NO!

Looking down at my arms and legs, I found myself bound tightly down on a metal operating table by several rusted chains. I frantically tried to wiggle myself out of them to no avail.


“Did you really think it was over so soon~? We still have so much more fun in store!”

The man began to laugh maniacally as he picked up a large knife from the medical tray.


I began to scream in agony as the man plunged the knife deep into my chest. His eyes were frantic as he twisted and turned the blade.


Taking the knife, he tore it down, revealing the innards of my body. Looking me in the eyes, he began to reach in and tear out each of my organs individually.


I closed my eyes and began to bawl as I felt myself getting ripped apart… Once again, I was defenseless.

“What’s the matter, Haku?”

-Wait… What!?

The voice I heard was familiar… It sounded like… Kira?

Opening my eyes, I looked up to find a beautiful afternoon sky with Kira stooped over me. Crouching down, she began to stroke my face.

“It looks like you were having a really bad nightmare… Are you okay?”

Picking myself up, I found that I was dressed in my school uniform in the middle of the field. Looking around, nothing really seemed out of place.

-Was… It a dream?

“Yeah… I think so…”

Kira tilted her head with a cute smile as she walked up and hugged me. Placing her mouth to my ear, I could hear her whisper.

“Then why did you do this to me…?”

-Wait… What?

Turning my head, I saw that her eyes were grey and blood was pouring out of her mouth.


Struggling to get her arms off me, I shoved her as hard as I could, knocking her to the ground. As I began to hyperventilate, I saw her look up at me with cold lifeless eyes.

“Do you hate me, Haku…?”

I began to slowly walk backward as my heart raced, shaking my head in disbelief.

“No… No… This can’t be happening!”

My eyes widened in horror as I saw Kira’s corpse slowly contort and bend backward, standing up like a crab.



Whipping around, I began to run as fast as I could…

-Where!? WHERE CAN I GO!?

As I ran past the edge of the field, the world began to contort around me, transforming into a barren desert with black ash as sand.

-Oh god! OH GOD!

As I continued running through the desert, I could see Lilly standing off in the distance.

“Lilly! Lilly, save me!”

I began to sprint towards her as fast as I could, but the closer I drew, the more her form changed.


Stopping dead in my tracks, the person that I thought was Lilly turned out to be a man dressed entirely in black. My mind failed to comprehend the situation... What was this man doing here? What was going on?!

“Who… Are you?”

As I questioned him, he pointed to the area in front of him and spoke in a voice that sounded like my father’s


Nodding my head, I reluctantly walked towards the area he was pointing and looked down. In front of there was a woman flayed open, her innards hanging out.


Realizing who it was, I whipped around to see exactly who the man was…

“Who are you!? Answer me!”

Looking at the figure, I could see he was standing on top of a pile of bodies, grinning. As he looked towards me, he drew a katana out from behind him…






I woke up to find myself shaking, drenched in sweat. As I looked around I realized that I had my arms wrapped tight around Lilly with tears rolling down my face… I was crying.

-It… was just a dream?

At this point, I wasn’t too sure if I was still sleeping or not. The gruesome image of Kira’s contorted corpse was still fresh in my mind and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that I was still on the operating table. After all, the memories of being in the void seemed just as real to me as what I just experienced.

As the dream and memories of being operated played on a loop in my head, I pulled myself closer to my naked familiar’s chest.

“When will this stop…?”

As I muttered this to myself under my breath, I could feel myself beginning to sob uncontrollably... I had finally reached my breaking point. I tried my best over the course of this week to keep my composure and remain calm, but the time had come for me to realize how vulnerable I really was.

Realizing that I probably looked pathetic to my familiar, I released my grasp on Lilly and attempted to roll out of her view. However, as I began to turn, I could feel her arms wrap around me with a certain reluctance and pull me closer.

“It’s okay, Haku… You don’t have to pretend to be okay around me…”

Even though I could sense some apprehensiveness coming from her, I decided to take advantage of her offer, so I wrapped my arms around her once more… As I continued crying, I could feel her slowly press her cheek against mine and hug me tighter.

“I guess humans can’t really take much, can they…? That’s okay… I don’t mind…”

As Lilly finished this, I felt her begin to nuzzle into my neck.

“I never noticed… But you smell really nice, Haku…”

While it wasn’t really a comment made to make me feel better, I still found it comforting. In her arms, I felt safe… Secure. The warmth of her body and sweet smell coming off her skin soothed me. I wanted to stay like this… It seemed to me that if she let me go, I would be thrust back into pits of torment with no escape.

Even when I managed to stop crying and calm down, we remained like this. Looking up at her face, I saw that her eyes were closed and she was smiling. She looked beautiful… and in peace.

Not wanting to break the silence, Lilly hid her face in my hair and tuned into my head.

Do you trust me?

I pondered this for a moment. I knew all too well that she was a demon, but throughout everything we went through together so far, she didn’t give me any reason not to trust her. If anything, she was the only constant that I had… Though I didn’t know if this was of her own free will or not-

Shut up… I was the one that chose you, not the other way around... I just want to know if you trust me.

Closing my eyes, I brought my face closer to her chest.

-I do…

I could feel her smile widen on my head as she hugged me tighter.

-I may not know you well… But I don’t have any reason to distrust you…

I felt a certain realization dawn on me at this point… the one decision I made that forced me onto this horrific path was the only one that guaranteed I would never be alone. While Alex and Kira were my friends my entire childhood, they had their own obligations and lives… Even then, with as close as they were to me, where were they now in my time of need? Kira was in horrendous shape, barely alive, and Alex had to fulfill her duties as a Matsumoto. At this point, I didn’t care that I was clinging to a demon… Lilly was all I had.

-…You’re my partner now. We’re in this together.

Wrapping her legs around me, Lilly made a strange noise as she bit down on my shoulder.


“OW! That hurts!”

As she giggled, I could feel her release her fangs from my flesh.

I’m sorry… But for some reason that makes me really happy...

As I ran my hand over my shoulder to see if I was bleeding, I felt her wipe the remaining tears from my eyes that weren’t already dried.

I went through similar things as you… Both in life and in the afterlife. No one should go through that… you shouldn’t have to go through that...

As my familiar said this, I could feel a certain tone of sadness.

….But I’ll be with you through it all. You may be a little weak and clumsy now, but even as you get stronger, I’ll be by your side and bear your pain with you… I promise.

I found Lilly’s words encouraging… and sad. Things had officially reached the point where my hardships were acknowledged, even if it was by a demon. It wasn’t my goal to become strong. Even if I had become an average summoner like everyone else, I doubt I would have put effort into being as coordinated as Alex or as powerful as Kira. Altogether I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to have a family, and be acknowledged by my peers… That wasn’t the hand I was given.

I don’t know what path lies ahead of me, but at least I’m not alone.




I eventually summoned the will to remove myself from the bed with Lilly in tow. School started quite a while ago, but I didn’t plan on going anyway. Making my way to the kitchen, I opened the fridge and grabbed a canned coffee. Looking over my shoulder, I held it out to my familiar.

“I don’t know if familiars can have these or not… But do you want to try one?”

Taking a step forward, Lilly inspected the can before giving me a smile and nodding her head.


Handing the coffee to her, I took another one out of the fridge for myself, walked into living and sat down on the couch.

“So, Lilly, can you tell me anything more about my Gate?

Planting herself in front of me on her knees, she took a sip from the can before putting a finger to the side of her mouth to think.

“Well… I’m not well versed in sorcery, but I can tell you what I know.”

I listened intently.

“As you know, a Gate allows you to use sorcery. They aren’t tangible objects… think of them as an extension of the soul. Your Gate is an artificial one. Normally during the period of nine months that a child is conceived, the Gate adjusts itself to the user. Since your’s was just outfitted, I assume the amount of mana you can use and the potency of the magic you can use isn’t set in stone yet.”

I nodded my head. This made sense, though I felt I already knew this much.

“The real interesting part is the fact that you can use ALL of the elements, whereas most sorcerers can only use one or two. This may change over time, or not… who knows? The souls used in the transfusion of your Gate weren’t adept sorcerers, so your magic right now is below average at best.”

“Jack of all trades master of none, huh?”

Somehow this didn’t surprise me.

“Don’t look so down, Haku. Your soul has access to a manawell now. You should be able to use summoning without any drawbacks.”

Lilly bared her fangs in a smile.

“I have a constant stream of mana now. The power that you wield with me as your familiar is nigh omnipotent. I mean look at the fact that you’re still alive…”

Lilly smiled wider as she reclined on the floor, putting her feet in my lap.

“...No normal familiar could do that, Haku. Your wounds are healed completely. I guarantee you could probably hack off a limb and be fine in mere moments once that mana powder in your bloodstream clears completely.”

Somehow, that didn’t seem like something I wanted to attempt.

“It’s shame you haven’t gotten into a real battle yet... Chains of Fate aside, Necromancy is an extremely potent and devastating form of magicka. We Demonica don’t follow the normal rules of magic. Magecraft offers fun things like Alchemy, Elemental magic, etc… but Necromancy…”

It was at this point that Lilly removed herself from the floor and slowly crept onto the couch, wrapping her arms around my neck while straddling my body.

“With that… You could do anything you want… Master…”

Personal boundaries set side, (even though Lilly did have a pleasant fragrance of lavender floating around her) her definition of Necromancy was rather vague and uninformative.

She let out a sigh as she let her head fall on my shoulder.

“You make it impossible to break the tension… Though I’m glad you like how I smell. Kira left her shampoo in the shower so I used it when you fell asleep last night.”

“Demons shower?”

“Ugh… You ever thought that maybe if you were laying next to someone all night, you’d like to smell nice?”

I thought about this.

“Point taken.”

With the conversation about magic over and done with, I contemplated my plans going forward… I wouldn’t have to deal with Himari until after school ended, so it might be a nice time to try and visit Kira.

As I narrowed my eyes and thought harder, my familiar removed herself from me, disappearing to who-knows-where.

Dressed like that? After it worked out for you all-so-well last time?

She was in the kitchen… helping herself to the contents of my fridge… even though I could’ve sworn demons didn’t need to eat.

I was human once too, you know! I like to indulge myself if I have the opportunity!

-Then make me a sandwich while you’re in there then.

What’s a sandwich? Is that like a broth?

-You know what… Nevermind…

I was trying my best to put all the events of yesterday and last night out of my head, yet everything I needed to do now revolved around them.

Finding the answers behind why my father’s van was in the abandoned garage was an impossibility, Visiting Kira during school hours was a terrible idea the more I thought about it, And trying to figure out why I was abducted by the man in glasses was impossible as well…

-Any ideas?

Having some downtime wouldn’t kill you… Why can’t you just hang out with me and be content with that?

-Would you, given the situation?

Point taken...

I could tell Lilly was thinking hard in the background.

It would be wise to gather data on our current situation… After everything that happened yesterday, there’s bound to be some news.

-Oh? And how do you suggest I do that during a school day? Going as I’m dressed now would raise a red flag and going as ‘Haku’ will have me set as a delinquent…


“...Not that it particularly matters anymore…”

Looking over, I could see Lilly smiling fiendishly from the kitchen.




-This is INSANE!

Pfft... It’s fine…

-No… This is quite literally insane! Why didn’t you tell me you could do this?! And even then, how is this a good idea?!

Walking the streets of Hira was Lilly… dressed in some of Kira’s clothes. She wore a bright blue v-neck t-shirt with a long egg-shell white cardigan and jeans. A grey checkered scarf hid her collar and her eyes were hidden behind a pair of aviator sunglasses she insisted on borrowing.

I was seeing everything through her eyes as I laid on my bed back at home with my eyes shut.

Oh, come on… It’s been THOUSANDS of years! Who do you think will recognize me?

-No one! That’s the problem! HIRA DOESN’T HAVE VISITORS!

I’ll just say I’m your cousin or something…


Just go with the flow, Haku… I wanna check out the place a little bit anyway.

With that Lilly went silent and headed towards the main street. As she came across the long rows of stores, I could tell that she was somewhat excited. She kept whipping her head back and forth, surveying the scenery.

Wow… It’s been so long since I’ve-

-Watch out!

Looking forward, Lilly quickly moved to the side before running head-first into a telephone pole.

-Please be careful…


I could tell that she seemed amused by this sentiment.

Don’t worry, Haku~! I’ll be extra careful, just for you~!

While I felt like firing a snappy remark back, I decided to let it slide. She was having fun being out and it was evidently clear she was just playing with me.

Continuing to walk down the sidewalk, I could see her glancing through the windows of various shops, lingering for a moment at some of the more feminine ones.

So pretty…

-You’re into those kinds of things?

Lilly seemed a bit annoyed at this.

How am I supposed to know? I’ve never seen these kinds of places before…

Feeling a bit guilty, I decided to feed into her a bit.

-Once all of this is done and over with, we’ll visit one of the neighboring towns and let you explore to your heart’s content. How does that sound?

Narrowing her eyes, she thought for a minute before smiling.

I’d like that.


A good half hour passed before Lilly finally decided to get to work. It seemed to her that eavesdropping on the townsfolk would be the best way to get information

Approaching a nearby coffee shop that had a fair amount of townsfolk in it, she pushed open the wooden door and made her way to the counter.

Haku… They’re staring at me…

-What did you think would happen?!

At the counter was a middle-aged gentleman who stared long and hard at the girl who was in front of him. Deciding to break the tension, Lilly tilted her head to the side and gave the man a wide smile.

“Hello~! It’s been a long time since I came here to visit my cousin, so I don’t quite remember the menu… Can you tell me what drink is the most popular?”

Seemingly by magic, the man’s face lightened.

“Oh, that must be why I don’t remember seeing you… Well, there’s our homemade dark roast which is popular, and we also have a vanilla chai.”

Putting a finger to her mouth Lilly thought for a bit.

“Wow~! Both of those sound really good! Can I have the vanilla chai?”

Giving her a smile the man nodded his head.

“For a pretty girl like you, of course!”

After paying and getting her drink, Lilly took a seat at the corner of the coffee shop and sipped her chai.

-That worked?

Of course. I’m an all-powerful demon capable of doing all-powerful things.

Lilly reclined her head and looked around the shop. The interior of the place only consisted of a few round wooden tables and a few counters, making it easy enough for her to eavesdrop on anyone who may mention something important.

Deciding it would take a while for everyone to ignore her presence, Lilly began to relax a bit and enjoy her drink…

I wish you could try this Haku, it’s really good.

-Then you should’ve gotten me one.

Pfft. I don’t feel like carrying two!

Lilly took another sip.

Tell you what, I’ll save a little for you when I come back home, okay?

-That's… actually surprisingly kind of you.

Lilly giggled to herself a little but didn’t respond. A few minutes had passed and conversation resumed in the small shop.

Let’s see… Some guy and his wife… Stocks… and…

Lilly narrowed her hearing to an elderly couple that sat near the middle of the shop.

Oh? That’s interesting…

Closing her eyes, she listened as intently as possible.

“Apparently a member of the NES was here in Hira last night…”

“No… Really?”

“Yes! Apparently, he broke into the Nakajima house and ran out with little Kira in his arms!”


“Little Kira?”

“That’s what I’m telling you! The local town leaders are still looking for him. Apparently, they saw him disappear behind the bookstore!”

They have this amount of information? Apparently, these people are just as tribal as they used to be… information gets around quick…

Suddenly Kira began to hear something much more important coming from another side of the room.

“Did you hear the news?”

“Hmm? The NES?”

“Maybe… They found two men dead in the basement of that old abandoned house near the west side of town.

“Here? In Hira?”

“Apparently they found a bunch of surgical equipment down there… The two men were chopped to bits… It was a bloodbath!”

“Was it the NES?”

“I just said ‘maybe’. Who knows for sure...”

Did you hear that?

-Yeah… That can’t be a coincidence…

I’m surprised they even let anyone go to school.

-This is Hira. If anything happens here, the town leaders try to keep it under wraps as much as possible until they know all the details.

That’s not good… Neither you nor I killed them, so that leaves a third party…

-I couldn’t imagine who. They can’t possibly be from Hira.


Lilly accidentally finished her whole drink and seemed peeved off by herself.


She tried to listen around more but there didn’t seem to be anything else of importance.

I’ll stay here a bit and try to get more information… Why don’t you take a shower and relax a bit? I’ll be home soon.

-Ok, just try not to get into trouble okay?

Me? Trouble? Never...



Letting out an annoyed groan, I opened my eyes and got up off of the bed. Despite the fact that I was aggravated by her rash personality, I could only admire her drive to take action. While our fates may have been intertwined, that alone didn’t stop her from just making me go at this on my own if she didn’t want to help.

-We really do make a good team, don’t we?

Walking to the bathroom, I stripped myself of my clothes. As I stepped into the shower and turned on the water, I could feel relief sweeping over me… I haven't showered since yesterday.

-Oh yeah… I haven’t showered since...

An image of the man in glasses flashed in my mind. Startled, I fell backward and hit my head against the wall. Finding myself hyperventilating, I shook my head and tried to calm down. I wondered to myself if this would be something stick with me forever…

Standing up, I washed myself, finished my shower and stepped out. As I wrapped a towel around my body, I grabbed the clothes off the floor and made my way to the bedroom. Going towards my dresser, I put on a fresh pair of underwear and-

*Kock Knock*

Turning my head towards the noise, I narrowed my eyes.

-That’s odd… All my friends should be at school.

Deciding that no one could possibly misidentify me with just the bottom half of the uniform, I slipped on the jet black cargo pants and combat boots since they were the closest clothes near me. As I began to walk out of my room, I grabbed a grey shirt from my dresser and put it on

*Knock knock knock*

“Just one moment. I’m coming.”

I opened the door only to find myself immediately thrown to the side.

“Quick! Search the apartment!”

Looking up, I saw several men dressed in dark-blue tactical gear with guns rush through the door. Before I could even think, two of the men grabbed me by my arms and held me against the wall. Soon enough, a man dressed in a tan trench coat with a shaved head stood in front of me.

“Haku Maeda, correct?”

I nodded, confused.


Turning around he yelled to his subordinates that were in the process of raiding my room.

“Found anything?!”

One of the men dressed in tactical gear emerged from my room with the rest of my father’s black uniform.

“We found this, sir.”

The man in the trench coat grew a huge smile as he took the uniform from his subordinates hands.

“Well, Haku…”

Turning to me, the man gave me a fiendish grin.

“It seems you’re the NES member going around slaying demons, kidnapping girls, and murdering people.”

My eyes widened in disbelief.

- Murder? Kidnapping?!

I didn’t even know what the NES was!

“You can’t be serious-”

The man planted a fist to the side of my jaw with superhuman force.

“Shut up. We found this at the field the day after the greater demon was slain.”

He held up an old antique rabbit… The one I bought for Kira.

“Only someone from the NES could have possibly taken down a greater demon single-handedly, not to mention, the clerk at the antique shop explicitly said he sold this to you.”

Stuffing the rabbit into a pocket, he reached into his coat, took out a single cigarette and lit it. Blowing the smoke into my face, he looked me over.

“I don’t know what the hell the NES thinks they’re doing taking a local from Hira into their midsts... But you should know that Nashta doesn’t have any authority here...”

He took a long drag as he stared me in the eyes.

-This can’t be good...

“...There’s also the fact that Magecraft is prohibited here by local law, along with murder, of course…”

I gritted my teeth for what was coming next…

“Haku Maeda, you're under arrest for the suspicion of murder, kidnapping, and the illegal use of banned magicka.”

-This can’t be happening…

The two men holding me spun me around and forced my hands behind my back as the man in the trench coat handcuffed me.

“Get him into the back of my cruiser. If he even tries to struggle, shoot him. NES or not, he can’t escape if he’s dead.”

The two men began to drag me out of my apartment with their pistols pointed at me as four other men stood behind me with their assault rifles pointed at the back of my skull. Dragging me down the stairs and to the front of the bookstore, they threw me into the back of a black and white cruiser that was parked on the sidewalk.

The scene looked insane. There was a crowd of people gathered around the area and the cruiser I now found myself in was flanked by militaristic looking armored SUVs. Before shutting the back door on the cruiser, the man in the trench coat gave me a smirk and threw the rabbit in with me.

“Here’s your toy back. Wouldn’t want you to get lonely rotting in hell, you murderous, filthy fucking mage.”

With that, he slammed the door, got into the driver’s seat and began to drive away from the bookstore. The man looked in the rear-view mirror and looked at me with a cruel smile as he began to speed down the road.

“You NES are always so fucking silent, huh? Whatever… I can’t wait until they execute you. You and your people are nothing but murderous, subhuman trash… To think you could have had it so nice, Haku. Surrounded and taken in by a wonderful, kind, loving community who accepted you with open arms… And what do you do? You say “fuck it” and learn tall-tale magecraft garbage and decide to murder people for a living.”

-Open arms? Open arms my ass! This community never accepted me, and what’s with this ‘Magecraft’ and ‘NES’ nonsense?!

Despite the situation, I found myself in now, I felt all my sorrow being replaced with rage. Seeing the girl I love in front of me dying and going through the torture of being some sick science experiment made the situation I was in now look like a carnival.

What could they possibly pin on me anyhow? I saved Kira’s life! The demon I slew could have destroyed the town! Those two people they found in the basement couldn’t have possibly been killed by me, they had no proof!

The man chuckled, obviously reading the rage written across my face.

“Think you're a tough guy, huh? Probably thinking about tearing this fucking car in half and running with your tail between your legs back to Nashta? News flash. Won’t work.”

The man held up what looked like a detonator in his right hand.

“You make one wrong move and I blow this car up, dragging you to hell with me.”

The thought of escaping didn’t even cross my mind in my anger, but observing the scenario I was presented with now make that idea seem even less appealing.

“Yeah… That’s right… Better back down you little- What the fuck!?”

The man slammed on the brakes, forcing the cruiser to screech to a halt. Looking out the window, I found myself looking at the Highschool. Apparently, they must have just let out since I saw students standing on the sidewalk, looking at what was in front of the cruiser in confusion.

Rolling down his window in fury, the man started yelling.

“Get the fuck out of the way, you little bitch! What the hell do you think your doing!?”

I peered out of the front window to see what the man was talking about.

Slowly walking down the middle of the road towards the cruiser was a girl with a coffee cup in her left hand. As she walked, her silver hair danced in the wind... The sunglasses she wore sat at the tip of her nose, revealing a pair of red glowing cat-like eyes.

Looking closer, I could tell that her mouth was curled in fury, revealing a set of sharp fangs.

-Oh no...

The girl walking towards the car… Was Lilly. The cute look she had before was nowhere to be found. She was furious… If looks could kill, she would have slaughtered the entire town.

Throwing open his door, the man yanked himself out of the car and started walking towards Lilly in anger.

“Just who the fuck do you think you are!? Can’t you see the fucking car in front-”

The man’s head flew off his shoulders, his neck erupting a fountain of blood. Pushing his body to the side, Lilly stared at the corpse.

“Just who the fuck do you think you are… Laying your dirty hands on Haku...”

Spitting on the body, Lilly continued to walk forward with a katana now resting in her right hand. As she adjusted the blade, a brilliant maroon hue shone on the rusted metal.

“Quick! Get out! Stop her!”

The men in the SUVs started jumping out of their vehicles, pointing their guns at Lilly as the bystanders screamed in terror.


Lilly gave a flick of her blade, sending all the men who were once about to shoot flying into the air in a thick puree of red.

“No… I’m the one who doesn’t hesitate.”

The image I once had of the cute sarcastic girl who rested beside me at night disappeared… The girl who walked towards the cruiser in a large puddle of blood was indeed an all-powerful demon… Anyone who saw her would’ve of trembled in fear.