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The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World — Chapter 1 (Edited)


Spring. January.

Preparing my gear and ready everything.

As usual, I will have my everyday routine— a morning jog with my little sis and my magical pet.

“Both of you done yet?”

“Coming~ big brother~~”

“Ready master~”

As I open the large wooden door of my house, a strong gust of wind blew in very soon along with some flapping noise.

“…It`s unusually windy today, big brother.”

My little sis is still as sharp as ever, already taking up her guard from an unexpected guest that arrived so soon.

The very view in front of me that caught my eye the most—the noisy helicopter that`s still have its propeller spinning. It`s the cause of the wind today.

A man in a black suit with a necktie jumped off from the helicopter that just landed.

Even though he`s still far away, but I can tell that he`s in his twenties, walking closer and closer to my house.

At the very least, based on his actions, I`m sure he`s not a person with bad intentions.

Sending signals by moving my hand, I asked the two little girls to stand down.

Now then, who are you and what do you want?

“Finally…! I found you at last…!” He cried, with a painful and desperate look.

I intend to hit him for simply barging into someone`s else home. But—

He reached out his arms, grabbing both of my hands tightly then he shook it a few times.

Who is he? Why did he come all the way here…? I wondered.

Suddenly— he kneeled on the ground, and cried.

“I have been searching you for months and this is where you live?! An island full of dangerous monsters!?”

I didn`t expect that he`d kneel down after that.

Are you trying to pick a fight? You have a problem with someone living on an island with full of monsters!?

He`s such a rude person, simply barging into someone`s else territory with a helicopter.

“Shouldn`t you state your name and tell me what`s your purpose?” As I reminded him, I can feel the corner of my mouth twitched upwards out of irritation.

“PLEASE!!! I beg of you!!! Please be a special student at the Imperial Knights Academy or else I will be fired!!!”


Feeling shocked, surprised and confused at the same time, I quickly turned my head towards my little sis and my magical pet, seeing their heads shaking vigorously— telling me not to go.

…an executive member of the world famous Imperial Knights Academy is kneeling and begging me to join.

But whether he is fired from his job or not, it doesn`t matter to me.

I need to know why. What is he hiding?

“Why me? I`m just an ordinary 16 year old guy that doesn`t even go to school.”

“I want to know that too! But that principal won`t tell me why…!”

What`s with this strange reasoning…? It doesn`t seem like he`s lying… his tears is too much for me.

“Leave, I will give you a reply through your email.”

He quickly send me an invitation email with his phone number included. But, he doesn`t seems too pleased with just that.

“Please! You mu—“


Not letting him to bother me anymore, I slammed the door shut.


Just by the time I intended to take out my phone, it vibrated.

I received a message, not an email.

Not a single message for six years so why is it vibrating again now…?

I opened a window and open the message. It was sent from an unknown source.

‘Join the Imperial Knights Academy. Your problems will be solved there.’

What is this…? How come… it`s so sure about it that my problems will be solved?

There`s still more…

‘No matter how your little sister and magical pet stop you, you need to go no matter what.’

Both of them…? Stop me…? How?

“No!!! Big brother you can`t!!!”

“Master you can`t go to that dangerous place!!!”

Those two quickly hugged me tight as if it was the last time.

For six years they behaved like a glue… always attached to me, of course they wouldn`t want me to leave.

Ugh…! Those tears, weeping and crying expressions…! Who send such a future predicted message…?!

‘Do what you can in there, and I`m sure that everything will go as I expected.’

Who on earth are you…?!

‘P.S. You don`t need to know who I am.’

Indeed, you are far too scary to send such a future predicted message.

…………What about my morning jog…?


Chapter 1: The first person, Lucifer Nightwalker

Part I

Summer. June.

Outside the school gates.

…Finally. After the long hellish ride in the helicopter…

I finally arrived at the very place— the Imperial Knights Academy.

…It`s been ages since the last time I went to school.

What`s with this uncomfortable feeling…? Am I… feeling nervous…?

Well, of course. After all, starting from today, it is a place that I will attend starting today and my first time living here alone… for six months.

Stop, take a deep breath.

Ok, let`s go!


It`s empty. I wonder why the outer school gates feels so isolated.

After I took my first step of courage and stepped inside, there`s not a single soul to greet me. The only thing I can feel here, is the summer breeze.

At the very least, shouldn`t they get somebody to guide me here…?

Whatever. Better continue walking.

The main path leads to the great hall of the academy, where the entrance ceremony is held. But since I`m six months late because of some family issues, I was told to take the smaller path on the right from the pilot, where he left. I wonder why.

The current time would still be regarded as the early morning, and birdsong echoed through the boardwalk surrounded by bright green trees. Such a scenery, it can be said that it was abundantly favored with nature`s grace.

As I walked on the smaller path, I checked the time from the small screen that I opened.

It`s 8.13am. Still a little early till my appointed time and location.

Now then… what should I do?

Perhaps taking a stroll around here might be able to kill some time. But—

-----where am I?

I looked around, checking my surroundings.

There`s nothing but trees here providing shades from the strong ray of the early summer sun, and a building, not too far away from me. And so, there`s only one conclusion, that is—

…I`m lost.

How embarrassing.

The site was so large that I`m in a loss of my current location.

As a strong wind blows, I can hear the rustling sound of the trees.

But there`s another rustling sound that was way different than any other trees. It caught my attention.

Hmm…? A pink tree?

2 o’clock, several hundred meters behind the building. There`s a large pink tree on top of a hill. By large, it`s size really is enormous.

I have a feeling that the tree is leading me to something.

…Maybe I can search for the appointed location up there.

Thinking that, I sprint towards that tree.



The moment I reached at the base if the tree, I felt amazed.

This… is truly spectacular.

This tree has resemblance to a cherry blossom, the only difference were its size and dropping pink lights.

Although I`m not the type of elegant, classy sort of person to stop and appreciate the beautiful sight, but it was just so beautiful that I couldn`t help myself to be mesmerized, even though I got lost.

It`s so tall. Roughly around… 4km high?

Huh. Around five times of my 174cm height for footing?

I wasn`t trying to brag. But since I`m special, so it shouldn`t be a problem.

“Alright then…”


With a simple jump, I leaped myself away from the grassy ground.

“Whoosh…” As I grazed across the flowers, this sound came across my ears as I dived into the tree.


I landed safely on a large thick branch.


The moment that I get a clearer sight, I was inadvertently fascinated by it.

The inside of this tree has such a large space.

Not only that, it provides a comfortable atmosphere, where relaxing and enjoying a picnic here would be rather nice.

Alright, enough sightseeing. I should look around now.


The flowers here are too thick. Can`t see anything.

I guess I should continue to jump higher up then.


Gosh. I still can`t see anything from here too. What should I do…?

“Whoosh…” As I`m starting to get anxious, a sound that seems familiar came across my ears.

It`s similar to the moment when I dived myself into this tree.

Hearing this, I`m sure that somebody`s here. Student or teacher, surely he's more familiar with this academy than me.

Where is he…? Ah, a shadow.

Without a second thought, I jumped downwards to where that person is standing, hoping to ask for directions.

As I approach closer and closer towards that shadow, I felt even more nervous.

What will he think about a strange person like me…?

He`s there, the thick branch below…!

I landed in front of him, bending in my knees.

“Ah, um….. I`m kind of lost so—“

As I stood up and asked, I awkwardly scratched my head. Because of nervousness, I didn`t look at him at all.


This voice… a girl…!?

I didn`t expect ‘him’ to be a girl.

Even if it was just a small second, her beautiful voice makes me can`t help it but to be spell bounded.

Ugh…! Snap out of it!

Forcing myself back to reality after a split second, I realized the situation between us is too sudden.

I haven`t been able get a clear view to look at her face. She might be thinking ‘why is there someone here?’

‘How does she look like? Is she cute?’ I wondered.

My little sis and magical pet are plenty cute already. There`s no way I`m lucky enough to meet an even cuter girl—


The moment that I fixed my eyes at the girl standing in front of me, both my mind and body froze.

Even if the world had ended, she would still most certainly be standing there, even if there was no footing to stand on. That was the illusion she gave, so much that it was like a scene from a painting.

The presence and beauty of her was just so overwhelming that it suppressed that of any other object.

Her long, black, flowing ebony hair, like a plume of smoke, weaved around her shoulder and waist.

Coldly just looking at me, her eyes were of a strange, hard to describe bluish colour.

Her elegant figure, which would make even a goddess feel envious, was warped by weariness as she stood silently with pursed lips.

She was a gentle-looking girl who had a beautiful face and dignified aura that made her look like she`s finally free from secular affairs.

I was inadvertently fascinated by it.

My vision;

My attention;

Even my heart;

—in that moment, they were stolen away.

That girl was so…



So intensely;



Part II

She`s so pretty……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Having to patiently wait for some time, that girl narrowed her large eyes as if to half-close them and let out a cold sigh. Then, with a voice like the murmuring of a clear stream, she spoke to me.

“……How about you stop standing there and just state your business already?”

“…Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

It was probably because I was staring at her for too long, she furrowed her brows in displeasure and stared right back at me.

“Actually I just transferred here today and I got lost, can you show me the way to the Student Council President`s office?”

As I asked, I nervously smiled to her.


In response, that girl expressed her annoyance by placing a hand on her temple, as though she had a headache.

She glared at me as though I was a mere bug, till our eyes met.

I can see that her eyes widen in surprise.

Is there something weird on me? I wondered.

“…could it be?” that girl whispers in a very small voice, adverting her eyes away from me with her cheeks redden.

She then continued.

“…Sorry… but you need to have a duel with me, now.” As she said, she stared back at me.

I wonder why, but her eyes seems to be hoping for something.

“I decline.” I replied.

It`d be troublesome if I cause such a huge mess in my first day. I better avoid any trouble as much as possible. Besides… to fight a girl is a little too much for me.

“…seems I have no choice.” She murmured.

Judging from her tone, I guess she already anticipated this.

She held out her right hand to the Imperial Knights Academy's school badge, adorning her chest.

“…I, Kuroyuki Shiroha hereby challenge you, Lucifer Vermillion, to a forced duel.”

Eh…? Forced duel…!?

Forced duel is a dueling system that requires the opponent to battle the requester till either one of them are knocked out. I read this from the special rule of the Imperial Knights Academy.

W-Wait a minute!

By the time I tried to escape from her effective range, a screen pops out in mid-air between us.

‘ERROR. OPPONENT DOES NOT EXIST.’ Is what that was written.

I heaved a sigh of enlightenment.

Why it stated that? Didn`t I registered my name into the system?

……Lucifer… Vermillion…? No, that`s not my name.

“……it isn`t you…” That girl, said with an extremely tired voice.

She gave another small sigh, making a face which seemed like tears might come out at any moment.

Her adverting eyes are so fully filled with disappointment and sadness.

…I stood there, silently.

Seeing her expression, my heart felt like it`s being squeezed tightly.

Realizing there`s a person standing in front of her, she rubbed her eyes with her right hand, then she gave me a quick once-over cold look.

Closing her eyes, she let out a small sigh, as if to recall something troublesome.

“…It was that building.” She murmured.

By that, I understand that she`s referring to the closest building— the building that I came across a little while ago.

Come to think of it, why didn`t I enter the building and ask for directions?

But thanks to that, I explored such a beautiful place and met a beautiful girl.

“Thank— Ah.”

Before I could thank her, she didn`t show me another ounce of concern. As proof of that, she turned away from me and jumped down.

Now then… Why did she come all the way up here?

As I recalled back, I realized that she`s carrying something on her left hand. It`s a lunchbox.

Is it because of me she`s leaving so soon? I spoiled her mood for breakfast didn`t I?

Seriously, her taste is similar to mine. If it`s me, I would also come all the way here too to enjoy breakfast.

…I hope we could be friends.

…Perhaps not, it wouldn`t be that easy after all.

Can I even make friends here…?

Feeling perplexed in how my school life would turn out to be, I deliberately sighed.

It`s 8.23am. I should be going now.


As I intend to jump down, I instantly stopped as I heard a familiar icy-like voice from below.

Is that from her?

She seems to be in some sort of trouble.

No, wait. This isn`t a romantic school life after all.

By the way, did she jumped all the way up here…? If that`s the case, I shouldn`t lump her into the same group as a weak girl that needed help like a princess.

Furthermore, she demanded a forced duel just like that. She might be a student listed in the top 10 in this academy…

On the contrary, it should be interesting to see what is going happen.


I jumped down, brushing across the flowers of the tree.

Ah. I saw her… It`s so cold!?

After the thick flowers, I saw her. But yet a sudden gust of cold wind engulfed me during my landing, sending chills to my spine. This coldness doesn`t suit to be summer at all.

“…Ice storm.”

It`s from her again…

By the time I successfully landed, I sensed a dreadfully cold dense atmosphere around my surroundings. I`m sure that the temperature had dropped at least ten degrees.

Unable to shake this uneasy feeling, I quickly raised my head and took a quick glance.

On my left, I saw the girl I met earlier. She`s barehanded but she extended her right thumb, index and middle finger— pointing towards her opposite side. Her eyes are glaring towards that direction with a serious expression too.

Curious on what she`s glaring and pointing at, I quickly scanned the area on my right— her opposite side.

I saw five male students in their brown colour uniforms, holding different weapons on their hands. But yet, their expression looks stiff and visibly terrified.

This doesn`t seem like a duel at all.

Although it`s pretty clear that the girl is clearly stronger, but why do I still have this uneasy feeling inside me…?

I unconsciously remember those two words that I heard.

…Something`s not right. I need to dodge! Now…!

I skipped backwards with haste.

“Whoa!?” I inadvertently let out my voice in surprise.

A large amount of ice and snow bursts and hurls towards the five students. Speaking of which, her ice nearly grazed my foot.

After the ice crackling sound stopped, the scene was left with lots of ice and snow. On the girl`s opposite side—the five male students ended up frozen in several large ice block.

That looks… painful. It`s lucky that I avoided from it.

She`s strong… as expected. But yet, what she used isn`t magic.

I can`t sense any mana flowing out from her nor saw any magic circles appearing… and the words she murmured earlier doesn`t seemed like incantations...

All of this only leads to one thing that explains her power. She`s an Ice Elemental User— a <Star-Revolution Generation>.

<Star-Revolution Generation>.

A generation that possess a phenomenal ability that was based on the element they have.

Judging from those bursting ice that she used earlier, there`s no doubt that she would be an <Ice type Elemental User>.

<Star-Revolution Generation> are quite rare around the world. Their numbers were just around twenty thousand, at most. But due to their power, they are quite well known throughout the world.

But, how was the <Star-Revolution Generation> was born?

All of this started from 20 years ago.

20 years ago, eight meteors of different colour, also known as the ‘Rainbow Drops of Calamity’ rained down from the sky.

The eight meteorites landed in different places around the world, releasing a killing effect that started to wipe out many species except humans.

Although humans were unaffected by the effects, but as long as anyone that steps foot inside a certain range from the meteors, they`d perish to dust nonetheless.

But strangely, there`s only nine individuals that were unaffected by the meteors as they stepped inside. To be exact, the meteors chose them, granting them powers that was far easier to use than any elemental magic.

Those nine individuals are known as the <First Star-Revolution Generations>.

Fire, water, ice, wood, wind, lightning, earth, light and the special one, darkness.

Except the darkness <First Star-Revolution Generation>, the other <First Star-Revolution Generation> were able to ‘gift’ others. By transferring some of their powers into others, they possess the elemental powers same as them.

But in terms of strength, the <First Star-Revolution Generation> are stronger.

By the way, don`t you find it strange to have nine <First Star-Revolution Generation> instead of eight? It was mentioned that there`s only eight meteors, so why there`s nine of them?

As I mentioned, darkness is the special one. It`s meteorite turned into a small speck of dust. There aren`t any craters found by anyone.

The eight of them are very famous during that time, except for the darkness type. Many species and races went all the way to their places just to gain power.

But yet, all of the nine <First Star-Revolution Generation> disappeared 17 years ago. Till now, not a single news about their whereabouts.

But still, there are several races and species gained power from them before their disappearance. Their offspring are able to inherit only one single type of their powers.

To think that I had actually so far come in contact with an ice elemental user.

As the moment I tried to leave and pretend that I have seen nothing, the beautiful girl— that almost killed me noticed me.

“…Another one? Die.” She glared towards my direction with a cold look.

That girl swayed her right hand towards me from a distance, with her thumb, index and middle finger sticking out.

A large amount of ice and snow hurled towards me like a storm, at least 3 meters tall.

“WAH!!?” I`m totally freaked out.

…My heart isn`t ready yet.

Instead of skipping backwards, I instinctively charged forth.

Gripping my right fist tightly, I mustered my strength on my legs and leaped forth.


I rammed my fist and punched a large hole on the middle of the ice and snow, made through it.

After the snow storm settled, I found myself standing on a pile of fresh snow.

“WAH!? S-SO COLD………!”

Some of her ice sticks to my fist, and it`s continuing to freeze up— covering my right arm.

The sharp pain on my right fist transferred across my arm, till it went numb.

…Her ice is even colder than zero degrees. This is bad…!

I flicked my right hand in a fast speed, swinging away the ice that sticks to me.

“…How persistent.” She said, with an annoyed expression.

As soon as she raised her hand again, her eyes narrowed.

It`s getting colder again…!? I need to stop her…!

To prevent myself from getting into trouble, I quickly raise both of my arms.

“Whoa, hey! Just a minute! I`m not even one of them!”

“…I don`t care.”

So she knows that I`m not one of them? And just how unreasonable is she? I didn`t even do anything wrong…!

Huh…? Are those… spears…?

After the snowflakes gathered around her, twenty ice spears appeared, floating in mid-air.

“…Pierce.” She whispers.

The spears shoots to me with a momentum that was like a rocket.

It`s so fast…!

Given bare-handed and out of time to think, I caught the first spear that was flying towards me.


It was even colder compared to the snow storm before.

Making use of the spear that I caught, I spin to block the others that almost hit me.

Seeing that the situation isn`t at her favour, she reached out her hand.

“…Burst.” As she said, she clenched her fist.


All of her spears exploded in an instant. I`m hit.


As I charge out from the mist made by the explosion, I dashed to a clearer area, escaping from her controllable area.

After I get a clearer view, my eyes widen in surprise as I couldn`t believe what I saw.

Ice crystals… snowflakes…

The scene in front of me feels like nothing but winter.

……It stings.

My right arm… it`s frozen!?

Among the midst pure white ice and snow, I saw a single girl with black hair stood in the middle on the pile of fresh snow.

…It`s her.

That girl continue to glare at me with eyes like ‘just die already’.

The moment that I received her direct eye contact, my body`s movement stopped.


I can feel my body… trembling.

What… is this feeling…? Is this… fear? It`s been a while since I last felt it..

Shaking my head to get rid of this feeling, I snapped out from it.

I need to get rid of her ice…!


I punched my right hand. The ice shattered to pieces and fall off.

“…………” Staring at me, she remained silent.


She reached out her arm.

As her snowflakes gathered, more spears are formed and it floated around her.


She added more spears… I`m sure there`s nearly a hundred of them.

“…Pierce.” As she whispers, her eyes narrowed.

Although the numbers increased quite a lot, …but it`s still the same technique she used earlier.

And so, I responded back with the action I took earlier.

I grab the first spear—


…and blocked the other spears by spinning the one that I have on my hand.

Successfully defending and preventing myself— the victim from harm.

Her spears are like controllable bombs. It`s ready to explode at any time under her command.

What should I do now? Should I throw the spear towards her…?

As I was thinking that, I stepped away from her spear`s explosion range.

“…Burst. “ She whispers, putting her hand down.

Just right before the spear on my hand could explode, I threw it away with haste.

All the ice spears exploded once again with a dull explosion sound, creating even more ice crystals and snow.

No, this isn`t good for me at all.

I can`t attack her, because she`s too beautiful…

But yet, that makes her even more furious. Because she thinks I`m looking down on her.


Part III

This is bad, this is bad…!

As snowflakes gathered on that girl`s right palm, an ice sword was forged. She then grabs it with her right hand and dashes towards me with a god-like speed.

Here she comes…! Why are you that obstinate to kill a fellow student that just transferred here today…!?

“…Dancing white lotus.” She whispers, with her blade came soaring towards my stomach at a crazy speed.

Having no choice, I quickly took a step back and leaned my waist to avoid her blade.

But yet with her amazing dance-like footwork and movement, it backed and continue to let her pursue and attack me with a fast speed.

I continue to step backwards, avoiding her consecutive sword attacks.

As this continues, I realize something.

Her eyes… not even once it looked away from me. She`s constantly observing and predicting my every move.

Not much is able to fight and observe at the same time. She trained hard.

Furthermore, she has such an elegant sword dancing style, flowing like a stream and dancing movements as elegant as a flower.

If her sword wasn`t aiming at me, I`m sure I will stay at a corner and watch her dance all day.

Her sword arts was the type to be fatal, but she controlled it with precise accuracy, avoiding my fatal spots.

Of course, even though I understood it, I won`t just stand there and get hit. Given bare-handed, the only way to defend against it was to stick as close as possible to limit her movement.

But, I can`t.

Let me ask you a question and think about the answer carefully.

If you are guy that was single and don`t have a crush, is it possible for you to stay close to a beautiful girl with a cute face that possesses a charm while emitting dreadful vibes?

The answer is a resounding no.

I would probably faint from her sharp, charming eyes then killed by her.

…What should I do now? The answer is very simple.

Turn away and run.

I instantly created a distance of 50m by jumping away.

“…I won`t let you.” That girl murmured.

Instead of pursuing me, she stood there pointing her hand at me. My surrounding temperature was dropping at a fast speed.

“…Ice Coffin.” She whispers.

Snowflakes quickly hurled and surrounded me, preventing me to escape.

Knowing what might possibly happen, I tighten my right fist.

Icicles shoots up from the ground and covered my body, keeping me locked in a large ice crystal.

Argh…! The cold and pain stimulus on my body is throbbing like crazy…!


Reluctantly, with brute force, I broke free from her ice and quickly dash towards a clearer area and catch my breath.

Afterwards, I ran away from her at full throttle. Thankfully. She didn`t chase me.

But still… I think that I didn`t misheard. Before I ran, the words that she was whispering, ‘…Is it really you…?’

“Hah… hah… how scary…!”

Normally I wouldn`t feel tired at all from running a distance that was merely around a hundred meters. I found out that even my lungs were ‘iced’. Her snowflakes that I inhaled is making my lungs slightly frozen— making me hard to breathe.

That girl is holding back quite a lot. Holding a lunchbox and fought easily in both melee and long range… What a monster.

Her ice… is too abnormal. It spreads out like fire.

Phew… After the crazy event, I finally reached the Student Council President`s building.

Looking closely, the building looks surprisingly big.

I stopped outside the door of the building, adjusting my tie and tidying my sleeves.

I took a deep breathe. I-It`s not like that I`m nervous or anything, it`s because my lungs are cold.

It`s 8.30am. Just in time.

…Ceiling that was made of glass, decorations that was hanged on the wall, ornamental plants…

What reveals after the blurry glass door that opens automatically, was a lobby with an interior design that`s similar to a six-star hotel.

Several classy chairs and tea tables are placed on the sides of the lobby, with a crystal lamp on top on each of them.


“This aroma…”

…I could smell the fragrance of red tea; it seems that someone made some.

I scan across the lobby that was decorated by ornamental plants—

…a girl that was sipping a cup of red tea, caught my eye.

Her long, beautiful sparkly and glittering blonde hair weaved around her shoulder and waist.

The presence of the black ribbon, enhances the beauty of her hair.

Because of her black silk gloves and stockings, plus her elegant movement when drinking the tea, she gives out an aura so much like a noble.

…Her uniform is black colour…? It`s different from the white uniform that I and that girl wear.

By the way, don`t you feel hot? It`s summer and I`m very surprised that you still can wear that.

Knowing that someone has entered, she immediately placed her teacup and slowly stood up.

I stood still, watching her walking gracefully towards me.

Something doesn`t feels right, her pace isn`t slowing down at all…!

W-W-Wait stop! Too close…!

“Hey there special transfer student~ How`s your time with that girl~?”

After giving me a sweet smile, she asked an absurd question that was out of my imagination.


That girl…? Is she referring to her…?

To think that in my first day I already encountered two weird events in just one morning. What a weird question. It was too sudden, I didn`t even think about it… Where did she observe from? And by the way, how does she know that I`m a special transfer student?

“No wonder that the academy`s principal recommended you. He even forced the school to admit you. Having power sure is great huh~?”

I didn`t even have a chance to response but yet she was already into something else. But, based on what she said, that means…

“Eh…? To have this information… You are the Student Council President!?”

“Yes I am~!” She said in a way as if she is bragging about this.

Then, she continued.

“I am seriously watching things happening between you two. I quite enjoy scenes like this~”

Please don`t misunderstood… Are you into romantic comedies or something?

“…Please pretend that you see nothing.” I wryly smiled.

“Alright I know. Now would you come with me please?”

She said perfunctorily, walking towards the lift and I have no choice but to follow her behind.

Seriously, her pace is fast. She didn`t even gave me a chance to deny completely.

Along the way, she stopped speaking all of the sudden. I was expecting her to keep on with her blabbering.

As we waited inside the lift, none of us spoke. The atmosphere between us turns up to be tense and awkward.

Basically, awkwardness is a result of thoughts such as ‘If I don’t say something…’ and ‘If I don’t try and get along with her…’ gnawing at your mind.

It’s the same as how someone sitting next to another person on a train wouldn’t be thinking ‘Crap! We’re alone together! This is so awkward!’

It would be good if she was explaining the details about this academy or something. But she isn`t.

Huh… what was her name anyways? I should ask h—

“Ah that was rude of me. My name was Persia Silverlight, nice to meet you.”

When that thought came across my mind, she formally introduce her name with a generous smile.

“…and my name was Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, it`s a pleasure to meet you, Persia.”

Her nervous expression finally relaxed after we formally greeted each other.

I guess the reason she`s nervous is because she`s a noble from the Silverlight family. Normally once normal people knew that she was a noble, they will act differently. But that doesn`t apply to me, noble or not, I don`t care at all. That`s also the way she wants it.

“We are here~ Please come in~”

The student council room is located on the top floor of this building. Looking more carefully, it seemed all the rooms in this top floor were related to the student council in some way.

Using her school badge, Persia authenticated herself at the door, which slid open to reveal a vast and spacious room.

The floor of the entryway was covered in a black leather rug. A depiction of Imperial Knights Academy`s school grounds was hung on the wall. Placed in front of the large window, with room to spare, was a heavy beech conference desk with matching chairs. Simply put, it looked for all the world like the boardroom of a large corporation.

…Her room was ridiculously large. Even if she was a Student Council President, it was still ridiculously huge for one person.

Persia sat down at the head of the table with a practiced ease.

“Please be seated.”

I followed her instructions and sat down on one of the chairs. Oh, it`s quite comfy.

“Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare. Age 16. Birthday July 7th. Geez, that`s it?”

She opened a screen in front of her, containing my data.

My information was too little, it`s making me feeling guilty for no reason.


Persia sat there, constantly messing her screen up and down around like she was searching for something else for five whole seconds.

She finally decided to give up. After closing her window and placing her hands together, she into looked into my eyes with a serious expression which totally doesn`t suit her image compared to before. The atmosphere starts to turn serious.

“…Do you know why you were chosen to attend this academy?”

Asking me why, her eyes narrowed.

“Erm…” I advert my eyes.

I said nothing. It would be strange to say words like ‘I`m strong’ or ‘I`m powerful’ or even ‘I`m invincible’… This will just make others feel like you are bragging, you know?

Seeing that I`m keeping my mouth shut, Persia continued.

“You see, our academy`s rank have been dropping since the last three years. What we need right now was a partner for our school`s strongest, the <Winter Princess>, Kuroyuki Shiroha.”


……… Kuroyuki Shiroha…? This name…… No way…!

I can feel my blood running cold. With cold sweat dripping vigorously from my body.

The principal highly recommended me and to even manipulate behind the scene, but such a make-up reason for me to enter this academy is quite unexpected. Furthermore, I didn`t expect that the girl I met today is the strongest student in this academy.

I recall the small game of prey and predator that I have with her. And clearly I would have been the prey, running away from the predator. No matter where I hide I will die someday, eaten by her.

Hmm…… how pathetic I am.

“Oh? You know she`s the girl earlier? It`s such a nice scene~”

Persia is referring to the fighting incident that happened with her earlier.

“Are you joking?! It`s totally one-sided and she`s holding back!”

I wonder why, her ears twitched.

“I knew you were good. But I can`t believe it to this extent. I guess your level is even higher than me~”

She looks quite satisfied, to even give a little praise to me. But what does she mean by that?

"Oh! That's right; I almost forgot to tell you something. Do you know anything about our school system?”

Clapping her hands together, Persia suddenly cuts in with a questioning gaze.

“No, not a clue.”

“Now I`ll start explaining from the class division~”

Seriously, don`t just switch the topic…

“Our academy has two ranking systems in total. The first one is the class division ranking system, Splitting the students into four ranks of C, B, A, and S, the highest. The rank and class that every student is entering are determined by how well they did in the academy`s entering paper exam and practical fight test.”

So there aren`t any interviewing?

“In the entering exams, the ranks of the paper exam were determined with scores. Score 0-40 were placed in Rank C, 41-60 was placed in Rank B, 61-80 was placed in Rank A, and 81-100 was placed in Rank S.”

“I see.”

Nodding my head, I`m thinking that there`s no need in the examination. But zero…? There`s no minimum requirements for entering the paper exams?

“But since you were highly recommended, you were considered a special student, so we placed you in Rank S for the entering exam paper test.”

“I see.”

I expected that as much, to even tell someone to kneel on his knees, the principal might do something as much.

“…And for the practical fight tests, we created a system inside the training room— and speaking of that, let`s go, now.”

…I see. That`s pretty unorganised. I`m sure she forgotten about that.

Both of us make our exit and head towards the lift again. But this time, we rode the lift down towards the lowest floor. That is, the lower ground.

The lift opened, revealing a large and long hallway that seems to connect to a certain room.

“Oh right, our school focuses on both civil and martial paths. You'd best remember this."

Leading me along the path to the training room, Persia turned with a smile.

“Even if I don`t remember this, it wouldn`t be a problem.”

I don`t think I have any problems in both of them. In fact, I`m quite confident that I`m much capable then most of the students here.

“Oh my, how confident~”

In response, Persia`s eyes widened in surprised and amazement, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Anyways, Persia are you a first year?”

“Yup~ you and I are the same age~ How are you able to tell~?”

“I saw your authenticated name listing ‘First Year`s Student Council President’. Does this mean there are two more Student Council Presidents for two other years?”

“That`s correct. After all, the principal wanted to divide the workloads properly. So I`m the only one befitting for you~”

I can`t laugh. Her joke seems too… serious.

It took some time for us to reach the training room, located on the end of the hallway.

Once again, using her school badge, Persia authenticated herself at the door. Revealing an even wider and spacious room that`s practically made out of steels.

So this is a training room, the ceiling was vaulted, and the room was nearly as spacious as a gym.

At one end were innumerable hexagonal patterns placed side-by-side, while the opposing end were made of glass, revealing a flurry of busy workers within, likely students of the training division.

“Now then, please step inside to that room while I will be watching from there.”

I do what as Persia said. And the moment I did it, the door slammed shut.

“Lucifer, can you hear me?”

From the intercom, Persia`s voice can be heard behind the glass.


“Now then, I`ll explain about the practical fight test. It`s simple, just defeat your incoming opponents projected by the system. It`s a hologram and it was pretty realistic, just hit them with your hand and legs and it will be considered as one kill. But also, they can hit you, and the hologram that touches you will inflict pain to your pain nervous system. Until you say quit, or else it`s going to continue until you were detected knock out.”

After hearing her explanation, it gives me a feeling of an RPG killing monsters.

“What about my weapons?”

There`s no way I`m going to fight barehanded… right?


From my position, I can tell that a student pressing a button inside the control room. Something teleported to the centre of the room— where I am standing.

Huh? It`s a pair of gloves. There`s some wires and silicon coated on it.

Obviously, I need to wear it. It automatically adjusted itself and fits to my size.

But it feels quite strange to fight with gloves…

“These gloves is directly connected to the nervous system of your brain. It will form a simple weapon you think of. To activate it, just imagine what kind of weapon you want, the system will detect it through your nervous system, then it will form. But if it`s unreasonable, it will come out something weird.”

Wow. The technology here is pretty advanced.

I imagined a pistol, and it really does form a pistol. It even has weight and it have the feeling of holding the gun, it does feel pretty realistic. Just that the pistol I imagined looks pretty ugly… and it looks pretty weird too.

“Now? Are you ready?”


Not even feeling the least bit nervous, I answered her with enthusiasm.

“In three! Two! One! Start!”

“LEVEL ONE.” The systems informs.

An enemy appeared, with a sword on his right hand holding it like an amateur.

I pressed the trigger on the hologram pistol, with a loud sound ‘Bang!’ and a slight recoil, a bullet flew straight to the head on that hologram while later the system was displaying ‘Headshot!’

What the hell is this-- This suddenly feels like I was playing a shooting game not RPG. Killing 50 persons straight while it keeps on displaying headshots and kills that blocks the screen when I was using a sniper.

As this goes on, the enemy kept on coming, welding with different weapons, but only coming solo. All of them were shot immediately by my pistol, after 50 straight headshot kills, Level 2 was here. This is surprisingly easy.

In Level 2, the holograms came in a group. And they are still holding their weapons like an amateur.

I imagined for another pistol, it pops up on my left hand. I shoot them rapidly with the multi-pistols.

After with another 50 straight kills and headshots, Level 3 arrived.

With only one hologram, but they were wielding the weapon like a little experienced fighter.

Continuing with two guns, I shoot the first bullet. The hologram dodged exaggeratedly, and I shoot his head with the other pistol.

It disappeared. And thus it comes with others one-by-one holding with different weapons. Some of them were shot with only one bullet, and others were shot with two.

And another 50 kills, Level 4.

Here comes in groups. I changed my shooting style. Rather than shooting slow and precisely, I shot fast and randomly.

50 kills. Level 5.

A solo again, this time was an experienced fighter.

They were able to dodge some bullets. But they still died nevertheless.

50 kills again. Level 6.

Groups. Again. They were able to get close to me this time. But I just hit and kicked them, they flew far away and died.

Level 7. With 50 kills.

A solo, wielding the weapon like a warrior.

They were able to dodge and block bullets. Nevertheless they still died under my feet.

Level 8. With 50 kills……

A group. I changed the pistol on my right hand to a light doubled edge sword. Starting close combat.

First I shoot it with the pistol, after it blocked or dodged, then I slash it with my sword.

Level 9, after 50 kills.

Solo, basically this was like a trained soldier.

Were able to dodge, block and deflect bullets from the pistol. But blocking is useless from my slash.

Level 10. This was the max level. Of course, after 50 kills.

A group. Basically right now this was like a stimulation in having a war. Where you desperately trying to survive.

Normally the maximum person per group was ten. The maximum number is gradually increasing every time I kill a group. Feeling that bullets won`t work anymore, I changed my weapon to dual swords.

After killing for a certain time, a group of fifty holograms came charging forth. It won`t increase further.

Now I guess it was a test of stamina and durability.

I didn`t care. I just kept on slashing and killing, like a demon.

The Nightwalker arts, has a requirement. In order to acquire insane speed and strength, I need to train like hell under a large amount of weight till I`m able to use the specific muscles on my body, including the muscles that even a trained fighter can`t even use. To make sure that my body can withstand this force, it must be trained when growing up. My brain must be able to take the strain of moving in high speed.

I guess I`ve killed too far many that I can count. I felt nothing but bothersome. And so, with another 50 holograms. I ended their lives with a technique.

“Dual Wielding Swords Arts – Dual Slashing Stream!”

I simply ran around the whole room and slash any hologram in sight. The speed so far that the Nightwalker arts that I can handle was a hit in a millisecond. And so it was possible to hit nearly a thousand people in just a second, if all of them aren`t too far apart.

……damn. This is so hellish boring. This was just like an endless killing game. You just kept on kill killing and more killing. What the hell, to max out the points?!

“Alright, I give up!”

Filled so much with boredom, I yelled to the system.

The incoming holograms disappeared immediately and the door opened.

“You aren`t tired at all, aren`t you? You sure gave out a wonderful expression out there~”

As I flawlessly exit the training room, I spotted Persia lying in wait to greet me. Rather than greeting me, she`s actually smiling brightly but yet it looks like grinning. I have a bad feeling about this.

“Estimate mode please!”

After Persia yelled out, the workers quickly enter some data into the system.

“Hmm…? What is estimate mode?”

“Well, actually there are a lot of cases where sometimes people that was not in their condition, they can`t go all out during the test. The ‘estimate’ mode was a system created to calculate a more accurate value of kills during the test by calculating by your breathing rate, attack speed, kills per second, mental condition and your body condition. And by that, I`m quite impressed. You are just fooling around, aren`t you. It`s written all on your face~”

“Ahaha… You founded out.” I tried to brush it off by laughing.

“So, what was the estimated kills?”

“T-The kills d-during the test is t-two thousand seven hundred and t-twenty kills, a-and the e-estimated kills is t-thirteen…”

The workers seems to be quite shocked, as if their tongue has been knotted together.

“13600 kills!”

“Oh? What does that mean?”

I asked. Whatever it is, I guess that is a high value.

“Hahaha!!!” Persia laughed suddenly, she surprised me through and through.

“I guess that you don`t have any choice after all!”

What on earth do you mean by ‘no choice’? I don`t understand this at all…!

“Do you know anything about the practical battle rankings?”

“Obviously I don`t.”

“For Rank C it was 0-200 kills, B is 201-300 kills, A is 301-400 kills, and S is 401-1000 kills.”

“Eh??? I wasn`t placed in any of that??? So what am I?”

“The special class. With the strongest student in this academy. Having a test result of 2721 kills, and estimated 13605 kills. 5 more kills than you.”

As she soon as she said that, I could suddenly feel my blood run cold.

“No way… Don`t tell me it`s…”

“Yes! You`re right! It`s the <Winter Princess> Kuroyuki Shiroha!”

She said this with a burst of laughter. Her face shows ‘Hahahaha congratulations and good luck!’

With her laughing, I went into frozen state. It`s because of her— Kuroyuki Shiroha.

“S-so who`s in that class too?”

Feeling anxious, I`m hoping that there`s at least someone in there to die with me.

“Oh~? It`s you and her alone~”

I want to die. Someone please kill me twice.

“Eh~ It seems you are really scared of her~”

Persia`s have an ‘as expected’ expression, I nodded with agreement upon her statement.

“Yeah, you should~”

But despite that, Persia didn’t give me an ounce of consideration and wore a smile of indifference.

Why!? I thought you are going to comfort me?! You are making it worse!

“There`s nothing that this academy can teach her, whether it is sports, studies, cooking, music, arts or even battling, she can do all of that perfectly. Now the teachers have nothing to teach her but to follow the courses same with other classes. Simply put, she was the most perfect girl in this academy. That`s why you should be scared~”

That`s scary. If a man with low standards have a girlfriend like her, I bet that he will be filled with guilt and kill himself for having such a perfect girlfriend that’s too scarily perfect.

There`s something else that caught my interest.

“Putting that aside… the numbers are odd.”

“What do you mean?”

Persia grinned, as if she`s interested in what I`m trying to say.

“Kuroyuki was far stronger than me. There`s no way that the difference between me and her are five kills.”

“Or maybe you aren`t confident in yourself~?”

Persia gives me a feeling like she is lying, because her eyes is adverting away from mine.

Come to think of it, I`m bare-handed that time so I guess that I overestimated her power…?

Without putting other doubts, I decided to believe in myself.

“I see, I guess so.”

“Now putting that aside, you are now placed into a same room with a beautiful girl. Shouldn`t you be happy with it~?”

“Even if this is a joke—“

“Don`t worry~ she`s really nice though. She was very famous as soon as she enrolled into this academy. Everybody knew how beautiful she was. Well… but if you try to confess to her you`d end up frozen like those five guys you saw back then.”

“Eh? Those five students back then? And why will I even confess to a girl I just met?!”

…Why in the world that five male students confess to her at the same time?!

“After hearing rumours of a mysterious beauty over and over again, those five guys grouped together and try to defeat her then confess to her after their victory~”

“The hell`s wrong with them!? Aren`t they too hasty?!”

“Actually to be blunt, you are the weird one for not confessing the moment you looked at her.”

Huh? Does she had a charming ability or what?

“Don`t worry, since 95% of the boys and 64% of the girls in this academy confess to her. You are the some of the remaining weird people for not confessing.”

…………Wow. That number was way too intense.

No wonder she froze them…. Because of them I almost turned out to be a victim.

“Did you confessed to her?” Out of curiosity, I asked Persia.

“Are you an idiot~?” As she replied, she laughed at me.

In the end, does that mean yes or no?


Part IV

It came. It came again. The feared situation.

No, wait calm down. There`s still a long way to go.

Persia is heading towards the special building. There`s definitely no way I`m getting out of this anytime soon. Not mentally for that either. As the sound of her heels click clacking on the floor.

I`ve a bad feeling about this. No, wait. It was bad indeed. If Persia was taking me to the special building then that means she`s taking me to the special class. That`s what ‘special’ means.

“What`s this~? Don`t be nervous~”

As Persia is leading me along the path towards the special room, Persia turned with a smirk.

“As if! All I can feel is fear!”

“Pfft… Hahahaha!!!”

She`s being more and more annoying. Laughing that loudly. If her face wasn’t cute, I’m sure I would have hit her.

“Enough with that already!”

“Okay I will stop~”

Noticing that I`m glaring at her, she stopped by adverting her eyes and continue walking.

“Come to think of it… is she the only special student in this academy?”

“She`s the first to break the record of the training system, and you are the second~”

Based on her statement, something seems off.

“Actually, what is a special student anyway? Even if the results are overwhelming, but why does it need to be separated from the Ranked S class?”

“About this, special student receives direct instructions from the principal to perform their given tasks. And in return, better facilities is provided to them.”

“That seems nice. Then what about being her partner…?”

“Nothing much though, only to participate the <Knights Tournament> with her. But since you are both of it, you helped me to clear two painful task at the same time~”

“No wonder you looked happy…! Wait… you looked so sure that she wouldn`t reject me…?”

“I guess the principal gave direct orders to her already…”

She`s not too sure with her words. I can only felt that she`s hiding something.

“Wait, that means I need to do the tasks given by the principal?!”

“More or less~”

Ugh… So troublesome. My peaceful school life…!

To make things worse, we already reached the special class. That`s way too fast, perhaps it was my brain mentally unprepared and I still can`t accept this despite given a long time.

But seriously, that`s not the issue here. What`s with this fancy door?

With a press on the doorbell of the screen next to the door, saying some polite words like ‘Sorry to intrude, but I`m coming in.’ Persia opened the door.


What the…?


This room is even larger than the training room, which is already incredibly large.

There are personal laptops which is the latest, a personal air conditioner, a fridge, an adjustable chair, etc. There was more than enough space, facilities, and equipment. It was easily enough for just two students to use. The fridges were filled with drinks and snacks. Air conditioner which can be adjusted to whatever temperature wanted.

Looking around, I noticed that the ceiling was made of glass. High-class paintings were hanged on the walls, and there were ornamental plants around the room. The interior design looked like a six-star hotel.

Apart from all of those, what was most obviously distinct from everything else in the room, was a single girl, reading a book. Under the light of the sun, she gave an illusion that was so much that it was like another scene from a painting.

The moment I saw it, both my mind and body froze again.

Even though it was the second time we met, but I`m still inadvertently fascinated by it again.

Realizing there were visitors, she placed a bookmark in her paperback book and looked up.

“……Why is he here?”

After she gave me a quick once-over with a cold look in her eyes, she muttered in displeasure.

“From today onwards, this guy here will be your partner. I will not allow any disagreement, objection, protest, questions or retorts this time~!”

Persia seems to be quite enthusiastic about this matter. Analysing her words, it seems Kuroyuki gave even someone like her quite some headache.


I`m being rejected already?!

“Like I said, you can`t—” Persia paused for a while.

It was surprising that given the vocabulary that Persia said in such a short time, she`s able to differentiate all of them and speak out what she wanted. A clear rejection.

“Like I said, don`t reject your partner immediately every time after you took a glance.”

In response of Kuroyuki`s retorts, Persia puffed her cheeks a little and stares at Kuroyuki.

I`m surprised that she continued it like it never happened. Looks to me that I`m not her first introduced partner. And it seems that Kuroyuki rejected every partner that Persia introduced every time.


After Kuroyuki said this, she glared at me with an expression was that of bloodcurdling anger—


This overwhelming pressure… why does Persia seems fine…? Is it being directed solely to me…?

“……I`m astonish.” Seeming amazed, she broke her eye contact with me and looks at Persia with her usual cold stare.

“Alright then, it seems you come to take a like in him. Well I guess I will leave him in your hands~”

Wait, what?

“H-hey wait a minute! Didn`t she rejected me?”

I tried to ignore Kuroyuki`s expression and play dumb.

“No. She accepted you.”

…….but it was useless. She answered it clear and straight!

“Wait! I can`t be her partner!!!”

“Why?” Persia asked, with an innocent look.

Good question…

...I tried to think of a good reason. But she`s perfect and beautiful! But if I say that she was scary and stuff I will die.

Ah! I know, I will just say that I`m not suitable for her!

“…The moment you walk out from this door, you will die.”

I saw Kuroyuki chuckled and looked in my direction, but her eyes weren’t laughing – they were scary.

…My escape route have been cut off completely.

“Well then, bye~”

With haste, Persia walks out calmly and even remember to close the door. Leaving me and her behind.



Part IV

Kuroyuki Shiroha was rumoured to be nice and beautiful.

I will definitely admit that she`s overwhelming beautiful.

But she carries a scary aura. It`s so dreadful that it could kill ten people.

Although I really wish to leave this room, but yet I can`t since she`s serious with the fact that she will kill me.

Honestly, I never thought that through this absurd turn of events, I could be acquainted with her. I'm sure if I boasted about it to my friends, they'd be jealous. Even though I don't have friends I could boast to.

I would be feeling a whole lot less stressed if they had just let left me by myself. Being in an isolated environment, as I usually am or even with my family, would make me feel more at ease. The sound of her pages flipping was so dreadfully slow that I could hear it flapping loudly.

……Is this for real?

An incredible blanket of tension just came over the room. I had no complaints about the situation.

This is just so stressful. Even the air is so hard to breathe here…!

The air here seems to be colder and denser, as if I`m standing on top of a mountain. Is it because of her presence?

Hah… what should I do…? Should I go and talk to her…? I should have…

Wait, wait… don`t be hasty.

If I carelessly jump in and talk to her, our relationship might get iffy even more than now.

In the end, this is tiring…

Little sis, Ruby… where are the both of you now? Your big brother/master is having a hard time here.

If it`s my little sis and magical pet, what will they do in a situation like this…? Being locked with a beautiful yet scary girl in a six-star special room.

…Both of them would probably call me for help. How vexing. This isn`t helping me at all.

Come to think of it, why did she rejected me in the first place later then accepted me after she shot a terrifying and horrifying glare?

“…Why did you accepted me afterwards?”

I inadvertently spoke out the thoughts inside my head.

Realizing that there`s another presence in this room, she turns her head towards her right— my direction, then she glared at me as if to say ‘I hate you, why are you even alive?’ Like I said, her eyes were scary.


But yet with an angel-like voice, she told me to sit on the adjustable chair beside her followed by a cold smile. The fact that even that kind of combination could look good on Kuroyuki was a mystery.

“No thanks.”

Is it really okay to sit beside her? It`s already suffocating already from this distance, not to mention a closer distance.


Despite the trembling in my voice, Kuroyuki made no motion that she was bothered by it. She made it clear that I will sitting beside her.

“Erm… No—”

“…Do I need to repeat myself?”

Her cold, soulless glare is so scary. The vibes she was giving off weren't light-hearted, but rather like that of a sharpened knife. So sharp that I wondered if my life would end if I lost.

Giving into the pressure, I began to run a cold sweat as I silently sat on the adjustable chair next to her right.

The moment that I sat down and look at her again, she started to talk.

“…The reason I choose you… it`s because you didn`t run away.”

Huh… this is the first time Kuroyuki Shiroha shown me her smile. As she smiled, I learned whether or not she had dimples or a double tooth peeking out. In other words, she was really cute. That smile of hers was certainly foul play!

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

Kuroyuki appeared slightly miffed. After which, she averted her eyes in displeasure and spoke.

“…Every partner that was introduced to me ran away after I stared at them.”

Kuroyuki puffed her cheeks a little and looked away. She looks somewhat irritated as if she recalled some unpleasant memories.

Tch. Why didn`t I run away too!? And you say that a ‘stare’? That`s basically an eye technique that was enough to kill.

“…Based on your strength… you are the second strongest I have seen so far.” She murmured, turning her head.

Upon saying this, Kuroyuki gave a slight self-deprecating smile. Her smile seemed somehow sombre yet calm.

“Second…? If there was somebody stronger than me why didn`t you choose him?” I asked.

I couldn`t care about her expression, my only thought is running away.

If I can find this person, then maybe I can convince him to replace me—

“…Forget what I said.”

……at least tell me where that person is…!!!

“…I`m astonished.”

For some reason, Kuroyuki had a distant look in her eyes and her gaze was directed away from me. Thanks to that I found myself thinking that the gentle curve of the outline of her chin to her neck was beautiful.

“Huh? For what?” As soon as I said that, Kuroyuki turned her head.

“…Wait.” Saying that, she glares at me, seriously.

...I find it difficult to understand her. I couldn`t tell what she`s thinking at all.

“…Are you a stalker?” She asked.



“Why would I stalk you for!?” I protested.

“…because I`m too beautiful.”

Kuroyuki said it naturally without being particularly embarrassed nor prideful. Rather, she wore her usual, unchanging cold expression.

“Well… that may be so—“

I agreed that much. She was probably the most beautiful person I have ever met. But I can`t say that the situation between me and her in a room is lucky. Basically it`s pretty much that my life is at stake here.

“…So you are here to stalk me.”

She`s still continuing with that. I can`t blame her, since 95% of the boys in this academy confessed to her and she rejected all of them. Since she`s super popular, I guess there are more or less stalkers and perverts included.

“Hey wait a minute didn`t we just finished that already?”

“…Then you are here to confess. Die.”

Her eyes narrowed. Releasing an awful amount of killing intent.

Trying to remain calm from her overwhelming pressure, I retorted her.

“W-Why are you assuming that I’ve got a thing for you?!”

“…Nearly all the boys that approached to me confessed. Unless… you are—”

Kuroyuki nonchalantly cocked her head in puzzlement and made a confused face. It was cute…!

“Are you assuming that I`m gay…? How could you even make such a wild conclusion?!”

“…Even a married teacher confessed.” Kuroyuki said with a wearied expression.

Her eyes flashed, shooting daggers at me, with a scowl deadly enough to make a sound. Only a woman cursed by beauty was capable of an expression so alarmingly powerful that it would unwillingly draw you in and completely overwhelm you. That is to say, it was seriously scary.

“H-Hey, don`t just assume that I'm the same with them—”

“…Ice shot.”

Before I could even finish my sentence, Kuroyuki shoots an ice block towards me by snapping her fingers.

“Whoa!?” Reflexively, I knock away her ice block with my left hand.

“Why did you do that for?!” I complained.

“…You are going to confess, aren`t you…?” Her face looks dead serious.


“…I see. You are here to harass me… you should die after all.”

Our surroundings turn colder in an instant.


“…You don`t look like it.” She sighed while giving me a scornful look.

“Am I that untrustworthy?! Don`t judge a book by its cover!”

“…But you don`t even have contents. You aren`t even a book.” She murmured.


“…Calm down. Your language is turning bad.”


“……I see. Really?” She shot me a horrifying glare.

Plus, after hearing her threatening words, I calmed down immediately.

Kuroyuki chuckled, as if she`s enjoying the one-sided conversation between us.

“…I can accept you as my partner.” She said.

“……Finally.” I sighed out of relief, feeling some enlightenment after all of that.

“…and also as a classmate.” She continued.

“You should`ve said so earlier.”

“…I thought you wanted to leave?” She inclined her head with an innocent look. It`s cute.

So she knows what I`m thinking after all…? Then, I need to be honest here.

“Well uh… if you say so—”

“…I will kill you the moment you leave this room.”

Kuroyuki cuts in before I can finish, then shot me a terrible frosty expression.

“Then why do you ask me that for?!” I replied.

Hearing that, Kuroyuki took a deep breath in response.

“…because you are the first one to reject me…” She said in a strained voice.

She looks depressed, which I didn`t expect to see this other side of her.

“What are you even saying?”

“…I`m still not good enough…” She murmured with a shallow voice.

I`m pretty much surprised to see that gloomy look of hers that went further on.

Huh… Am I the bad person here? It`s totally her fault. But even so, I need to cheer her up.

“Of course not! It`s me who`s not fit to be your partner and instead, I should die!”

The choice of words that I used seems too self-deprecated. But yet she`s buying all of it.

“…I see… Want me to help…?”

Suddenly she returned to her usual self, with a glint on her eyes.

“Why are making such a scaring looking eyes as if it`s saying ‘have a taste of death’ for?”

“…you look pathetic.” She replied.

It`s all because of your fault.

“Even if I`m weak, I will definitely work harder and stand above everyone else!” I declared.

Kuroyuki closed her eyes as though she was remembering something. Did I stimulate her sour memories?

“Huh…? Why did you became quiet all off the sudden?”

“…Nothing.” She replied.

After clearing her throat, she spoke.

“…Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare…”

Starting from the time from we first met till now, I`m sure that I haven`t introduce my name even once to her. How did she know my name…?

“…From now on, you shall be my partner.” She declared, once again.

“Finally, you accept me—“

“…I will kill you if you try to do anything funny.” Kuroyuki set about readjusting her collar, and glared at me.

“You still partially rejected me!”

“…You pervert.” Kuroyuki embraced her body as she took a defensive position.

“I`m not!” As to stop her from saying strange things, I decided to get to the point.

“Kuroyuki Shiroha. From today onwards, I will be counting on you.”

I reached out my right hand, asking her to shake it as an agreement. But yet, Kuroyuki is staring at my hand, as if there`s something else in her mind.

“…are you trying to feel pleasure from my hand?”


“…Some of them even suffered from extreme blood loss due to nosebleed after they looked at me.”

But I`m not in the same group as those perverts at all!

“Can`t you just shake it already?”

“…Fine.” Slightly puffing her cheeks with an unwillingly look, she shakes my hand.


Even though her hand is soft, but yet it`s so freakishly cold. That coldness was so overwhelming that my hand went frozen with just a touch.

“…Sorry… I can`t control my powers properly…”

I can totally tell that Kuroyuki is apologizing superficially, because her eyes are laughing.

“Then you should have said so!” I grumbled, smashing the ice with my other hand.

“…It`s embarrassing.” She said, with an expressionless look.

“Why you are getting embarrassed all of the sudden?! Your face doesn`t even look like it!”

“…it`s embarrassing to show my embarrassed face.” She continued, with an expressionless look.

Getting annoyed, I can even feel the corner of my mouth twitched upwards.

“I can`t take this anymore! I`m out!”

“…you dare?” She shot me a frosty glare.

“I`m sorry please forgive me.” I quickly apologized.

The overwhelming suppression from Kuroyuki in our conversation makes me stressed out. I need to distract before she speaks again…!

I quickly took a glance around on anything that I`m able to see.

I saw a stand, with a finished painting that was placed on it. Trying to get a closer look, I stood up and walk closer towards it.

Kuroyuki is staring at me as I walk towards the painting.

I can feel… the grass… the pink tree, rustling from the wind that blows. The clouds hanging on the air is flowing slowly. As if… the painting itself is alive.

“You drew this?” Amazed, I asked Kuroyuki as I continue to stare at the painting.

“…Un.” She nods without any prideful look.

…You really lived up to your name. This… truly is a masterpiece.

“You are amazing.”

“…Un.” She nods again.

“How long have you practiced for this?”

Unable to believe to such an accomplishment, the thoughts in my head inadvertently blurted out.

“…Five months.”

What?! Is she a super genius!? Even a genius need at least a year to achieve this.

“You are scary.”


Hmm…? Did she agreed just now?

“Not even a genius can do this. What`s driving you so far to this extend to even draw a simple art this perfectly?” I asked.

“…What makes you say that?” She said in a monotone voice, as if it`s trying to say ‘is it really that strange?’

“I mean… Unless you really considered this as your future but… obviously you aren`t. This piece of art wasn`t just merely considered as your future but something even more so…?”

Kuroyuki`s ear twitched. Then, she heaved with a sigh, as if to cover up her irritation.

“…I underestimated you. With just a simple piece of art and yet you were able to understand so many...”

“Just how trashy do you think I am?!” I protested, with my head facing her.

“…I want to dump you into a fire pit…”

“Wait, I don`t even get a chance to stay in a dustbin?!”

In response to my remark, Kuroyuki gently put a hand on her temple as though she had a headache, and hung her head low.

“…you really considered yourself as trash…” She muttered.

“Wait! Forget what I said…!”

“…then, introduce yourself.” She said with a smile.

“Huh? All of the sudden…”

“…Just do it.”

Since I don`t feel like standing, I walk towards the chair beside her, and sat down.

“Umm… okay. My name is Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare. My birthday falls in July 7th.”

Kuroyuki that was staring at me, I saw her eyes widened.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“…No. Please continue.” She replied.

“Well, my hobbies are—“

“…at least as capable as me…?”

“Huh? No. I enjoy naps.”

To be honest, I`m not her at all. I don`t think that I have any capabilities like her.

“…I see. You are trash...” She uttered.

“Why are you labelling me ‘trash’ all of the sudden?!”

Kuroyuki popped a vein upon my question.

“…Fools who do nothing but laying around shall enjoy their eternal slumber.” Her eyes are serious.

“I`m sorry…! I`m just joking!”

“…I know, 30% of what I said just now was a joke.” She smiled like a sunshine, with her eyes closed.

Shit. She`s more than half serious.

I don`t really have any ‘hobbies’, but if I said that I don`t have one then perhaps I will die. And thus, the best possible solution for this is to choose something that I do frequently.


“…want to test it out?”

Huh… This turns out to be even worse than I expected. I have regrets and remorse in what I have said.

“I`m sorry. This is also a joke. Just pretend that you didn`t hear anything.”

“…you are worse than trash after all.”

Is this a joke too? Why Kuroyuki`s eyes are giving me such a scornful look?

“Alright, I will admit! You are just too strong! I can`t win against you!”

“…I will hold back.”

After she said so with a smile, she decided to let me be as she silently opens her book and continue where she left.


Part VI

Kuroyuki Shiroha.

Age: 16

Race: Human

Birthday: 12th December

Class: Special

Rank: 1st

Marriage status: Single

Hobby: Reading, cooking

Favourite things: Unknown

Battle history: 103 wins. Remains undefeated.

Personal information:

The best student of the Imperial Knights Academy.

A super perfectionist and a super genius. She`s a total gifted. Excellent in every possible things, her talent had a limitless boundary.

Teacher`s comment: Can she replace me instead?

Fans club: 2237 members.

Fans comment:

Anonymous #1 – She`s so beautiful…!

Anonymous #2 – She`s like an angel…!


Anonymous #651 – I want her to be my wife!

Anonymous #652 – She`s mine!

Anonymous #653 – Shut up! She`s mine!

Anonymous #654 – No! I`m the only one suitable for her!




Anonymous #73284 – There`s a new guy transferring here today, it seems that he`s going into the same class with my wife!

Anonymous #73285 – What!? Who is he!? I can`t let him steal away my wife!

Anonymous #73286 – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! KILL HIM!!!!!!!

Anonymous #73287 – AGREE! LET`S KILL HIM!


……What did I just read…? Are they talking about me!?

Huh… no wonder the principal made this place to a restricted area. Who are those anonymous anyways? They sure knows how to hide their names to prevent themselves to be hunted right?

It`s scary in how they call her their wife. It`s giving me chills as I read across those lines. Aren`t they even ashamed of themselves for being selfish?

I involuntarily felt some sympathy towards her. You sure have it hard don`t you, Kuroyuki?

“…What is it…?”

Her sixth sense was incredible. She murmured softly all of the sudden while clamping her book shut.

“…nothing at all.” I murmured retreating into myself after being shot by the terribly frosty expression she gave me.

“…I see… Ice shot.”

Without any extra effort she shoots me with her ice. Getting used to it already, I slap away the ice block.

“Why did you do that for?” I protested.

Perhaps she`s thinking that I`m thinking something bad of her. I`m not them, okay?

“…pervert.” She said with an expressionless look, not even blushing the slightest.

She`s not being honest, in many ways. No matter how you look at me, I`m definitely an exceptional!

“Seriously, can`t you just stop thinking about me that way?” I asked.

“……Will try.” She gives a little nod in response.

“That`s great.”

As I thought that both of us have a mutual understanding between each other—

“…stalker.” —that ear piercing word penetrates through my heart.

“Isn`t that just the same as a pervert?!” I protested against her unreasonable label.

“…stalker is much worse.”

My reputation right now is labelled as a ‘stalker’.

“Then that means I`m even worse than a pervert?!”

“…Un.” She nods her head innocently.

“Can I punch you?” If she weren`t beautiful and cute and so on, I will definitely hit her with a chair.

“…you want to die?” Her eyes are so scary.

…………The atmosphere turned dreadfully cold suddenly.

Something pops out in my mind.

“Hey, Kuroyuki. Since I already introduced myself, don`t you think it`s your turn now?”

I wonder whether there`s still something much more other than her fan page and personal data.

“…you will stalk me after that.” She embraced her body.


I could feel my face twitch in anticipation of her response. It soon appeared that Kuroyuki`s expression became despondent as she reflected herself.

“…I`m sorry. I will introduce myself.”

Finally, after all of those pointless conversations.

“…My name is Kuroyuki Shiroha. Nice to meet you.”

...and silence descended after those few words.

“That`s it?!”

“…what else should I have said?”

She looks at me in a way, like saying ‘why should even introduce myself at the first place?’

“Can`t I know something more as a ‘partner’?”

“…I have a partner named Lu—”

“Can you say something that I don`t know about you?”

I knew that she is going to say my name, so I stopped her before she could even finish what that she was about to tell me something I already know.

“………………………….” Kuroyuki rubbed her chin thoughtfully for a moment.

“……Is there something that you don`t know about me?” She said.

Come to think of it, as just what I look through before… I actually know a little too much about her. It`s an introduction, so important stuffs like ‘what are your three sizes?’, can`t be listed as introduction. It`s actually sensitive for her and she will treat me as a stalker or even more so.

Another thought came to my mind suddenly.

“What`s driving you this far to this extend?”

It was the question before. Because of her I ended up forgetting about it.

“…What do you mean?” She slightly tilted her head.

“The current you.”

“……am I no good…?”

What makes you say that? If you dare to say you are not the most perfect girl in this academy than I guess all the girls in this academy are ready to commit suicide.

“Ah, sorry. I mean why you are perfect and so on.”

Kuroyuki was fidgeting her fingers her and had a slight blush in her face. Suddenly that icy-cold personality of hers went all girlish. It makes me wanting to confess to her and get killed.

“…a promise.” She said, with a sweet voice.

Shockingly, she`s willing to tell me. A guy, on top of that it`s my first day.

“A promise…?”

I`m curious about on what sort of promise that`s so powerful enough to create such a scary her.

“…I can marry him if I have something better than him.”

Huh… it`s one of those classic promise between children that you see in the movies. And based on that it`s surely her childhood friend. Damn, you lucky bastard. That also means I don`t have the chance…

Perhaps some might say that it`s not too late yet. But it already is, since she`s able to keep the promise for a long time. Her childhood friend might be some sort of person that`s likely even better than her, because even having a perfect score in nearly everything, she still thinks it isn`t enough.

“H-how long has it been…?”

I`m really amazed. She`s doing her best I`m sure. If that childhood friend of hers was just fooling around with that promise, I will kill him.

“…8 years.”

Eight years? In just eight years?! In such a short time… How can she even manage to study and stuff?!

“Then where is he?” I asked.

“…I don`t know…” She said, while she went all gloomy.

Where the hell is he anyways? Toying with such a cute girl`s heart.

“…I will wait for him… no matter how long it takes.” She whispers in a soft voice.

I felt guilty all of the sudden. She`s actually even purer than I thought she was.

“Do you… want me to help you to search for him...?”

“…You will...? Thank you…”

Her smile is so pure, that my soul have a feeling that it was sucked out by her.

At the same time, no matter how cute she was, that pure smile that she made will make you feel with lots of guilt, that you don`t actually dare to confess to her anymore.

Huh… It`s the school`s bell ringing, clearly saying the class for today has ended.

…without a teacher.




Where the hell are they…?


Part VII


Outside the special building.

A beautiful scenery of the golden grass field lit by the sunlight.

“…I, Kuroyuki Shiroha hereby challenged you, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, to a duel.”

…Damn it.

Even though I don`t want to make such a huge ruckus on the first day but…

What the hell is with this crowd?!!! At least 80% of the students here are Kuroyuki`s fans, but Kuroyuki herself seems to be the only one that doesn`t know about her club.

No wait that doesn`t matter, right now my opponent standing right in front of me is the strongest in this academy. No matter what aspect I`m faced against, I will definitely lose for sure.

“Hey, what`s going on?”

“The <Winter Princess> is having a duel!”

“Seriously!? Isn`t she Ranked No.1?!”

“Eh? Who is the opponent here? What class is he in anyways?”

“I don`t know. I haven`t seen his face before… How about the Ranking list?”

“I`m looking now…But, he doesn`t appear in the Ranking list.”

“He`s not even in the list? Well he`s a courageous challenger.”

“How long will he last? Even if the <Ice Princess> is going easy on him, I guess he won`t be able to last long.”

“Perhaps……one minute?”

“15 seconds.”

Wait, what? I`m only not in the Ranking list, check my class rank, at least!

“Wait, I`m checking his class now…”

“Eh? He`s not in any of the classes.”

“Wait, are you sure you checked all of the class?”

“Yes I did, but no matter how you look at it, it`s impossible for a guy like him to be in ‘that’ class right?”

Suddenly I`m already in the verge of tears. I`m ready to hit that bastard.

“I`ll take a look here.”

“Found it. Let`s see…… Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare……”


“……..No way!”

With synchronisation, they shouted.

“From the special class!!!!!!?????”

Seriously, these people just can`t accept reality.

“Then, this guy…… he was the special student that just transferred today!?”

The news sure spread fast around this academy. Because of that fan club.

“Ugh… special indeed.” Is he crying? Does this mean he`s jealous about me?

“Wait right there, I`m going to write down the data`s from those two, especially the new guy—”

“…all of you done yet?” Kuroyuki interjected calmly, having waited patiently for quite some time.

It was amazing how just the sound of her voice made everyone shut up and pay attention to her. Her transparently cold voice was extremely quiet and subdued. And yet the message got across, loud and clear. It was like listening to the sound of fresh snow piling on the ground.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that — rather than merely shutting up — they were in an awe of her. Everyone opened their eyes wide and stand rooted to their spots. As they were spell bounded for a moment by Kuroyuki.

“…Accept the duel already.”

Kuroyuki have been waiting for some time during the commotion, she`s pretty annoyed by them.

“O-On a second thought…I guess that we should just call it a d—“

Her eyes suddenly narrowed. The temperature of the grass field had dropped at least ten degrees through Kuroyuki`s frosty silence. Under that harsh pressure, I began to run a cold sweat as I nodded quietly.


“You`re not an <Elemental User> aren`t you? What weapon you use?”

As I was going to accept this one-sided duel, a guy with a white-silver hair that carries a sword on his waist interrupted.

He doesn`t seems like a bad guy but I can guess that he`s more or less an idiot. Can`t you see that the <Winter Princess> is getting annoyed?

“Oh? The <Sword Saint> is here.”

Several students noticed him. It seems this guy is good enough to obtain a nickname.

“…a sword is fine.” Seeing that he`s holding a sword, I replied such an answer.

“All right then, use mine.”

“A-are you sure? This sword looks quite expensive and I think I might break it.”

“Use it. I`m here to steal sword techniques anyways.” He smirks.


The <Sword Saint> guy handed his expensive looking sword to me, saying strange words that I don`t understand.

I pulled the sword out from the sheath. It was a single edge sword that shines with a silver light.

“Just visualize the type of sword you needed in your mind.”

The sword guy (pardon my rudeness) roughly guides me how to use this.

“Huh? Really?”

The edge of the sword changed to a thin double edge sword. It was similar to the hologram weapon. But yet it is real, such amazing technology.

“This sword, is nice.”

Before I can even turn my head back and accept the duel— a spear graze across my head with a cold, strong wind.

Her eyes are scary. I need accept her duel quickly before getting killed.

“…I, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, accept the duel of Kuroyuki Shiroha.”

As proof of acceptance, the sleeves and collar ends of the uniform shone red.

Huh… so this will be my first duel in this academy. Persia did mentioned about being her partner, is it for the <Knight`s Tournament>?

The <Knight`s Tournament> was an entertainment that battles between nations. Each and every nation throughout the world must participate. As such, during this battle was held, every country must obey the rules, that is, war is prohibited during this event was held.

The Central Imperium City, which was an island located at the centre of many kingdoms, held this tournament once a year. This event can be only participated by only students age 16-18 and at least in a pair. The students around the whole world held their weapons in an extreme competition for supremacy.

With the agreement of the Imperial Knight`s Memorandum of Understanding. The students that was said to knock out the opponent first wins. Although cruelty was prohibited, but if there was purposes of weakening combat efficiency, attacks to any other places were permitted. And since weapons will be used, naturally there would be injured people.

Nonetheless, if a student is able to win through battles, they will inherit the title of the <Imperial Knights>. As such, it will be acknowledge greatly by the army of their respective nation and countless desires will be fulfilled.

The opportunity for them to fight was not only in the <Knight`s Tournament>. If hot-blooded young men or even ice cold young ladies that was confident in their ability gathered in the same place, quite few troubles would be expected to occur. In such cases, private wars in conformity with rules were permitted in Imperial Central City. Of course, other places too but the largest region was the Imperial Central City.

That was the duel.

Through victory or defeat was decided by knocking out the opponent as well as in the <Knight`s Tournament>, the uniforms contained the data processing functions within it, it also performed the duel application decision, the combat data transfer, and so on to the host computer.

Especially in a duel between students belonging to the same academy, given that the rank would change depending on the issue, that means victory or defeat, there was a meaning more than just a private battle.

…Kuroyuki fought successfully through many duels and had obtained the highest ranked. If one would have rejected her duel, as a special student, she has a forced duel system. The forced duel system can`t be ceased by even surrendering. Only she or her opponent is knocked out then the duel will be over.

Kuroyuki herself was a highly skilled <Ice Elemental User> as well as a professional martial arts fighter. Not to mention other things as well since she was perfect. But there`s one thing that she doesn`t have, a partner as skilled as her. As long as she had a partner, I believed that she`d be able to obtain First place in the <Knight`s Tournament>.

Now to test whether the special student that was transferred today— me, is suitable to be her partner, she herself will test the boundaries of my power.

“…Pierce, freeze and burst.”

The ice spears that hit the ground burst and disappeared along with a dull explosion sound.


Taking myself in a defensive position, I deflect her endless spears with the sword. Each and every time the spears explodes, more and more snow piled up.

“…Don`t hold back.”

As Kuroyuki said so, with a lift of her fingers, a large pile of snow from the ground hurled towards me.


Quickly running away from my position, her snow and spears pursues me. I have no choice but to scatter her snow and spears away continuously with my sword blow.


I`m already busy dealing with her spears, but yet Kuroyuki show me no mercy by freezing the area below my feet.


I managed to escape by jumping away.

“…Not bad.”

She gave me a little praise. Nevertheless she still fires her ice spears continuously the whole time when she is setting traps.

If I don`t get close to her enough, this will keep up till I will actually get stabbed.

After a change to dual wielding style with the sheath and sword, I charge forth towards Kuroyuki as I continue to deflect her spears.

“Dual Wielding Sword Skill – Wild Swing!”

Taking less than a second, I swing both arms with haste. My attacks are pretty heavy, I`m sure she`s unable to—



In that short moment, Kuroyuki forged an ice sword to block my attack that was aiming for her stomach.

In return of the strong hit, a large shockwave is created by the clashing of our weapons.



Nearly all the students were sent flying with the shock. Except for me, Kuroyuki and that sword guy.

“…Your strength was also… on a different league too…” Kuroyuki murmured with a grin.

That smile was like a lone warrior that founded his opponent after many years.


…She disappeared. There`s nothing but white feathers floating around my surroundings. Is this really a mirage…?

“Single Sword Skill– Full Swing!”

I swing the sword in a simple horizontal circular swing, I blew away the feathers with the sword blow.


After the feather disappears, I saw countless spears circulating me.

“…A thousand strike.”

With Kuroyuki standing around 10m away from me, she control her spears to stab me.

The spears incessantly attacks me from all directions...! Now I guess I should move…?

I can`t move!? She froze my legs!?



I draw out an insane speed to guard myself with her 360 degrees spear attacks on a fixed position.

“Ow! Ow? Ow!?”

As expected, it`s too much. I can`t guard all of them at the same time. It hurts when it was rebounded away by my tough body.

Even a momentum of a rocket can`t penetrate through my tough body. Given a normal person, he`d be dead by now.

But yet, Kuroyuki didn`t show any sign of panicking after on what she have saw. She clenched her fist as she calmly look at me.

Feeling that she`s way too calm, I quickly realize that the main thing she wanted isn`t her spears to pierce through me. But rather— an explosion!

Countless ice crystals, ice blocks and snow spreads widely as the spears exploded under Kuroyuki`s command.

Luckily I find enough time for me to escape from that explosion.

“……….impossible...!” The sword guy seems pretty surprised when he saw this.

Anyone would have said that after witnessing what have happened in front of their eyes. But Kuroyuki seems to be quite less shocked with all of that that happened.

“…Thousand repeating blade.” Kuroyuki murmured, rush to me with an insane speed then stabs me with her sword repeatedly.


I warded off her repeating blow over and over. Finally found a chance, I take a quick step backwards to open up some space.

“Dual Wielding Sword Skill– Full Double Swing!”

I forcefully swing my arm with a first horizontal circular swing upon that pressure that Kuroyuki gave.

But Kuroyuki is quick to react from my counter attack. She moved her body backwards and dodged the first swing. I quickly move slightly forward and unleash my second swing— but she parried my attack to another side.

Because of my swing that is too heavy, my body went unbalanced afterwards.


Kuroyuki grabs this chance very well, her sword came piercing straight right at my abdomen without the slightest hesitation…!

In terms of speed, I`m not going to lose to her…!


I managed to parry that attack…!

“…White Flash.”


In an instant, Kuroyuki disappeared and moved behind my back. …This must be a lagged attack!

I know that her sword has a trajectory that aims on my chest. Sensing there is no time, I quickly brush off her slice with my fastest attack.

“One Handed Sword Skill – Millisecond Strike!”

Our attacks clashes strongly. Even I am having a hard time maintaining my footing.

The shockwave this time was so strong, even the sword guy who is still watching was finally sent flying. I noticed that the others gave up on watching already…



I parried Kuroyuki`s sword with the sheath by reflex. Damn it don`t just throw the sword straight to my face…!

Kuroyuki changed her weapon to a spear. Her technique with the spear was rather special, rather than wielding it and lance forth, she threw the spear directly towards my face.

…Wait, isn`t that the same as before?


I warded off her second attack upwards with my sword—


Her sharp kick came immediately after she threw the spear right at my face. Even though I blocked her kick with the sheath, that attack made a very sharp and cold pain on my stomach.


“……you are still conscious…” She looks amazed.

With perfect timing, she grabbed back the dropping spear that I parried upward, and points it around my throat.


She wore an expression of that can only be used when one has confidence in victory.

Perhaps she might already think that the stage is in order. But… in life, there is always something unexpected. And who knows what will happen in the end?