The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 1.2

Having to patiently waited for some time, that girl narrowed her large eyes and let out a cold sigh.

Then, with a voice like the murmuring of a clear stream, she spoke to me.

“……How about you stop standing there and just state your business already?”

It was probably because I was staring at her for too long, she furrowed her brows in displeasure and stared right back at me.

“…Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry.” I apologized.

“I just transferred here today and I got lost, can you show me the way to the Student Council President`s building?”

As I asked, I nervously smiled to her.

“…this again.” She murmured.

That girl expressed her annoyance by placing a hand on her temple as a response, as though she had a headache.

She had a scornful look, as though as she was glaring at a mere bug.

But the moment our eyes met—


—her eyes visibly widen with surprise.

Is there something weird on me…?

“…that can`t be…!” She whispered in a very soft voice.

Somehow, she had a very complexed look all over her face.




…and nervousness.

Her eyes seem to be hoping for something.

As for what it is… I have no idea.

She then looked into my eye with a firm look, and demanded something that I`m trying and hoping to avoid at all cost.

“……duel with me, now.” She uttered.

I was deeply shocked.

How unreasonable are you!?

“Declined.” I replied.

I have my rights to decline. After all, a duel was needed to be agreed by both parties.

And it`d be troublesome if I cause a huge mess on my first day. I should avoid any trouble as much as possible.

Besides, fighting a girl is too much for me.

“…you`ve no choice.” She murmured.

Judging from her tone, she already anticipated this.

She then held out her right hand to the Imperial Knights Academy's school badge, adorning her chest.

“…I, Kuroyuki Shiroha hereby challenge you, Lucifer Vermillion, to a forced duel.”

Eh…? Forced duel…!?

Forced duel is a duelling system that forces the opponent to battle the requester till either one of them were knocked out.

Is this girl nuts!? My uniform is white colour—

—the hell!? Her uniform too is— W-Wait a minute!

It`s too late to escape from the activation range.

W-What should I do…!?

As I prepared my heart, a warning sounded from the system, with a screen popping up in front of each of us.

‘ERROR. OPPONENT DOES NOT EXIST.’ Is what that was written on it.

I immediately heaved a sigh of enlightenment.

Why… did it stated that? Haven`t I already registered my name into the system?

Lucifer……… Vermillion?

That`s not my name. But why does it have the same first name as me?

“……so it`s not you…” That girl murmured with an extremely tired voice, and adverted her eyes.

She gave another small sigh, making a face which seemed like tears might come out at any moment.

Her adverting eyes are so fully filled with disappointment and sadness.

Seeing her expression, my heart tensed up— it felt like it`s being squeezed tightly.

She then wiped her eyes with her right hand, and gave me a quick once-over cold look.

“…over there.”

She pointed towards her 10 o’clock direction as she made an irritated look.

Huh…? How is she able to tell the direction from up here…?

“W-Wait— ah.”

Before I could even ask her anything clearer nor expressing my thanks to her, she didn`t show me another ounce of concern.

As proof of that, she turned away from me and jumped down from this height.

If she`s leaving so soon, then why did she come all the way up here?

As I recalled back, I realized that she`s carrying a lunchbox on her left hand wrapped with a checker cloth.

I guess I spoiled her mood for breakfast.

But she still insists to fight me despite carrying something on her hand… she sure is confident. As what I would expect from her…

Her taste in lifestyle sure is similar to me. If possible, I hope we could be friends.

But I knew life isn`t easy at all.

Can I even make friends here…?

Feeling perplexed in how my school life would turn out to be, I deliberately sighed.

Oh shoot…! What time is it…?


Lucky, still have time. I should be going now.

“…Stay back...”

Just before I was going to jump down, I heard her icy voice.

Is she in trouble…? That`s impossible right? She`s not a weak girl that needs to be rescued like a princess.

Because I knew… that she`s strong. But I better check on it just in case.


I jumped towards the same spot as her.

My body brushed across the flowers of the tree.

“...What`s with this incredibly thick mist…!?” I inadvertently murmured.

What reveals in front of me after the thick flowers, are nothing but a white fog— completely covering the view on ground below.

I immediately gathered my strength and swing my fist downwards. But it only scattered a little on my area below.

Better land safely first.

What the hell it`s so freakishly cold!?

I felt the extreme coldness when the mist engulfed me. It`s sending chills to my spine.

I landed safely on the ground.

Darn, I can`t see anything here with this thick mist.

What happened…? The atmosphere turned so cold that my body is shivering.

With perfect timing, a strong summer breeze suddenly blew and scattered the thick mists— unveiling the situation right in front of me.

I saw the girl I met earlier on my right.

She`s glaring towards her opposite side with irritation written all over on her face. She stood firmly on her place with her right hand extended forward. With that posture on her fingers, I guess she`s going to snap it.

Curious on what she`s glaring at, I immediately scanned the area on my left.

Five guys in a brown uniform, sticks themselves back-to-back in a defensive position as they held their weapons on their hands. They had an incredibly terrified look on their faces.

Are these guys from the lower class…?

She`s totally fine. But what`s with this uneasy feeling I had in my chest…? My instincts are telling me to move away...!

“…freeze.” That girl whispered.

…not good…!

I immediately reacted and leaped backwards with haste.

She snapped her fingers.

The moment she did, ice budded from the centre of their ground and bloomed in the shape of a rose— freezing them within the ice rose.

“Whoa!?” I inadvertently let out my voice in surprise.

And what comes after her rose, was her decoration of snow and icicles that hurls outwards from it, scattering across the ground.

…her ice nearly grazed my foot.

The ice crackling sound stopped. Looking at those guys frozen within the rose— her attacks feels just like a piece of art.

To activate such a power at ease… I knew it, it`s not magic.

She was— an Ice Elemental User.

One of the new generations born with supernatural powers based on an element, they are also known as the <Star-Revolution Generation>.

Why were they known as the ‘Star-Revolution’?

It started 20 years ago.

That very year, was known as the year of the calamity.

Because in just that one year, nearly 20% of the world`s population was wiped out by 8 meteors of different colours that rained down from the sky at different places.

The impact created by the meteors killed tons.

That`s not all, the eight meteors released a killing effect that affected many other races except humans.

Sudden deaths occurred everywhere.

Death by scorched from fire, death by suffocating from draught, death by extreme cold, death by nutrient absorbed by parasite plant, death by electric shocks, death by petrification and death by hallucinating.

Although there are many humans who tried to approach to those meteors, but all of them are perished to dust whenever they entered a certain range from it.

No one is able to succeed.

And only until after a year, miraculously—8 persons are able to step into the meteor`s range, obtaining their power respectively.

If that`s so, why do they know they are able to approach the meteor? Aren`t they scared that they`d perish to dust?

This is because of the 9th person. He guided them to obtain the power of the meteor. Soon he gave the name of the ones who held this power as the <First Star-Revolution Generation>.

9 of them held different powers, and each of them have their own unique element.

There are nine elements.

Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Wood, Wind, Lightning, Light, and the most special one— Darkness.

Except darkness, the other 8 are able to ‘gift’ their powers to others. By transferring some of their power from the meteor by acting as a medium, the others are able to obtain the same elemental power.

Each person can only obtain one. Those who are greedy will be perished to dust.

Later then it was found out that the offspring of the <Star-Revolution Generation> auto inherited the power.

But if it`s the offspring of 2 elements— only one element will be inherited, depending on the genes.

Nevertheless, those who are greedy will be perished to dust.

As for how the power works, no scientists nor magicians are able to research or explain anything about it. It remains a mystery.

By the way, don`t you find it strange to have 9 of them instead of 8? Mentioned from earlier, there are only 8 meteors, so why are there 9 <First Star-Revolution Generation>?

That still remains a mystery.

But there`s one thing for sure… there`s only one person in the world who`s able to use the darkness element.

Two years after the calamity, the 9 of them disappeared without leaving any trace behind.

Till this day their whereabouts are still unknown.

But since then, there are elemental users all around the world. But they are quite rare in number— perhaps around 20 thousand at most.

When comparing to a world population of 160 billion, their numbers are even less than 0.000000125%.

Rumours says that if you ever meet one in your life, that means you are lucky.

Not only I`m able to meet one, I`m able to see her battle using such a power. It really is interesting.

But what`s with those 5 dudes anyways? Don`t tell me they are here to confess under this tree—

“…Another one?”

That girl noticed me, and glared towards my direction with a cold look.

She immediately sticks out her first three fingers, and swayed her hand from left to right in less than a second.

As she swayed, a large wave of snow hurls to me without showing any mercy.

“Whoa!?” I was freaked out by her sudden attack.

What`s more, the wave is at least 4 meters high, and it`s going to reach me.

In such a situation there`s no use to defend. It`s more than enough to cover me twice.

Jumping would`ve give her an opening to turn me into a popsicle, so I ran forth and jumped towards the snow instead.

During my jump, I clenched my fist tightly and transferred the strength starting from my legs to my right fist…



…and rammed a large hole through the middle of her thick snow, making my way through it.

So cold…! But I made it safely…!

“Argh…!” My fist stings with pain from the coldness.

I realized that the ice sticking onto my fist continued to expand, trying to cover my right hand.

What the hell…!? It`s even colder than zero degrees…!? This is bad…!

I flicked my hand as hard as I could to make sure her ice won`t be sticking to me.

That girl, who have been watching my actions for a while gave a small sigh.

“…Aren`t you persistent…?” She said, with an annoyed expression.

“What are you talking about…?” I replied.

It seems I stimulated her. I saw her face twitched a little out of irritation.

“…I see… So this is what you wanted…” She murmured with a cold tone.

As her eyes narrowed, she extended her hand.

In that instant, out surrounding temperature dropped even further.

I quickly raised both of my hands, giving out a surrendering sign.

“Just a minute! I`m not even one of them…!” I yelled.

“…I don`t care.” She uttered and snapped her fingers.

So she knew I`m not one of them? Just how unreasonable is she? I`m completely innocent…!

Wha— are those— spears…?

Twenty spears made by ice immediately appeared out from thin air around her, floating.

“…Pierce.” She whispers, and sways her hand with the same fingers sticking out.

The moment she swayed, the spears shoots towards me one-by-one with a momentum that feels like a rocket.

It`s so fast…!


Given bare-handed and lack of time to think, I caught the first spear with my left hand by instinct.


Comparing to the snow earlier, her spears are even colder. My left hand stings from pain just by grabbing it.

Enduring the pain and making use of the spear that I`ve caught— I blocked the rest of her spears by spinning it.

Realizing that the situation was not at her favour, that girl reached out her hand.


She whispered softly, and snapped her fingers.


All of her spears exploded, including the one I have on my hand.


My whole body stings just from the cold…! I quickly charged out from the pool of mist made by the explosion and dashed towards an area without her ice and snow.

As expected, my right arm was frozen. I didn`t hesitate and smashed her ice on my right hand to pieces with a punch.

Damn… This feels better.

“!” The scenery around me instantly feels like winter.

My body is trembling.

Is it because of cold… or fear…?

“…annoying.” That girl uttered.

I immediately look at her as soon as I heard her voice. My movements are sluggish because of the cold— no, even my reactions are slowing down.

She reached out her hand and paused, with her first three fingers pointing at me.

“…penetrate.” She whispered and swayed her hand down.


My instincts kicked in, making me to leap backwards— then her spear stabbed on the ground in front of me with a god-like speed from above.

“THAT WAS CLOSE…!” I inadvertently yelled from surprise.

I instantly looked up.


The rest of her 99 spears rained down, not allowing even a small opening to let me escape unscathed.

Before her spear is able to reach me, I quickly pulled out the first spear from the ground with my right hand.

It stings so much…!

I endured as I hold onto the spear, clinging my life onto it.

“One Handed Spear Arts— Swing!”

I grabbed at the tail of the spear and swung it from my left to right above my head as hard as I could.

That one swing generated more than enough force to scatter away her spears that has a high chance to hit me.

Now her spears around me are like a controlled bomb— it is ready to explode under her command.

Should I throw the spear back to her?

As I was thinking that, I moved away from all of her spear`s explosion range.

“…Burst.”  She whispered, but this time without snapping her fingers.

I quickly threw away the spear on my hand by tossing it aside.

All of her spears exploded with a dull explosion sound, creating even more mists, ice crystals and snow.

No, this isn`t good for me at all.

If this goes on, I will be late. It`s not the time to deal with her, and I don`t think I`m a match for her...!

Because of my actions, it makes her even more furious— because she thinks I`m looking down on her.

Discussion (2)

  1. Justice

    The fight scene was very easy to picture as I read. The protagonist’s reaction to the effects of the fighting makes it believable that he really doesn’t want this fight nor holding confidence in winning. When you wrote about the many spears, I was kind of picturing something from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works where dozen of swords are raining down on a opponent.

    The way you are cutting these entries into pieces like this builds a fair amount of desire as a reader for the next installment. You’re giving just enough to the reader to what more with these sort of cliffhangers. I think this is a good tactic I should implement with my own storytelling.

Discussion (2)

  1. Justice

    The fight scene was very easy to picture as I read. The protagonist’s reaction to the effects of the fighting makes it believable that he really doesn’t want this fight nor holding confidence in winning. When you wrote about the many spears, I was kind of picturing something from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works where dozen of swords are raining down on a opponent.

    The way you are cutting these entries into pieces like this builds a fair amount of desire as a reader for the next installment. You’re giving just enough to the reader to what more with these sort of cliffhangers. I think this is a good tactic I should implement with my own storytelling.