The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 1.4

…It came. It came again. The feared situation.

Breathe in… and out.

I hate this tenseness and nervousness.

Calm down, me. Calm down. There`s still a long way to go.

Right now, Persia is taking me to the special building. We are on our way to the lift after the practical battle results came out.

There`s definitely no way I`m getting out of this anytime soon. Not mentally for that either, as the sound of her heels click-clacking on the floor.

“S-so is there anyone else besides me and her?” I asked anxiously.

“Too bad~ But both of you are the only ones~” Persia replied with a grin.

“If you`d put me and her alone, my life will definitely be in danger.”

“Eh~ You shouldn`t treat a girl like that you know~? Even though she`s scary but she`s really nice and beautiful~”

The grin she`s been hanging on her face is really annoying.

“I know. And what I`m referring to my life in danger isn`t related to her at all.” I said.

“Then tell me, are you afraid of her~?” She asks politely.

Thinking her statement carefully, I then nodded my head without saying another word.

Persia immediately responded with an ‘as expected’ expression.

“Yeah, you should.” She said.

She`s not giving me an ounce of consideration and wore a smile of indifference.

Why!? Aren`t you supposed to relief the pain within me? You are making it worse…!

As we entered the lift, and Persia starts her blabbering.

“Studies, sports, cooking, music, arts, dances, managements, martial arts, and so on— there`s not a single thing this academy is able to teach her. She was just this perfect. The teachers can`t do anything but to follow the scheduled lessons and teach her. Adding her appearance, simply put— she`s the most beautiful and perfect girl in this academy.” Persia muttered.


That`s indeed scary. What is she made of? That`s not even normal. If she`s that abnormal…

…then there`s something that caught my interest.

“If she`s that perfect, then… my results shouldn`t be that near to hers.” I muttered.

“Oh my~ Aren`t you quite lacked with confidence?” Persia murmured as she looks at me.

“Why did you say so?” I asked.

We reached the ground floor, and walks out and continue our way.

“Do remember, you are quite the abnormal one too~”


Somehow, Persia had a darkly look on her when she saw my reaction. But then… she said some words that etched deep into my mind.

“Did you confess to her?”

“W-What are you talking about? Of course not!” I quickly replied with a quizzical look.

“Why didn`t you? Aren`t you supposed to do so when you look into her eyes?” She pressed forward her questions.

“Huh? Did she have some sort of charming ability or something?”

“Perhaps so~ Because the five guys earlier did so, and was rejected by Kuroyuki.”

Wait, wait, wait. Five students confessing in one go? What the hell is that?

“Since they are quite persistent, Kuroyuki froze them in order to protect herself. And by chance, you were there and got dragged into their conflict.” She continued.

“Then how does that relate to me being abnormal…?” I asked.

“Because 96% of the guys and 73% of the girls in this academy confessed to her. You are the few remaining of the abnormal ones for not doing so.”

“Wha—” I was stunned speechless for a moment.

“Okay, I take my words back. Maybe I am lacking some confidence.”

“Now then, since you are going to be alone with a girl in a room, are you feeling nervous?”

…Her smirk is annoying.

“If I say I`m not, I must be lying.”

“Eh~ But you don`t when you were with me…” Persia pouted.

Is she sulking for real…? I don`t understand. As if she`s trying to seduce me…

If that`s the case, then I shall play with my words.

“Because it`s you, Persia. I felt more at ease.”

I added a bright smile to enhance my friendliness to her.

How is it? Are you attracted by my manliness—

“Pfft—” She instantly covered her mouth to hold off the burst of laughter.

Argh!!! So embarrassing…!

My heart screamed as hard as I could.

To divert her attention, I ask her something else.

“Is there only two special students in this academy…?”

“N~ Both you and Kuroyuki~”

“Actually, what is a special student anyway? Even though the practical battle results are overwhelming when comparing to the Rank S students, but is there a need to be separated from the Rank S students?”

“Special students are originally the role model of the students, and they possess a higher authority in the school, even much more than the student council presidents.”

“Huh? Really? But I thought there`s something special that I need to do.”

“As for that, the principal will give you some specific tasks— you need to find a solution to solve it. In return, a better facility is provided.”


“I don`t know much about the rest, though. You can ask Kuroyuki~”

“Yeah, and about her... What`s the thing about being her partner for the <Knight`s Tournament>…?”

“Well… Kuroyuki is too overwhelmingly strong, too beautiful and very talented. So far you are the only person who have such a capability to handle with her.”

Handle…? Is Kuroyuki too difficult to be pleased…?

“So far…? That means I`m not the first one to be nominated as her partner?” I asked.

“It was said that you were originally the first one. But unfortunately, you didn`t show up— and we have no choice but to let her to try her compatibility with other students since we don`t know when you will come.”

It was already decided from the beginning…?

“The principal sure have plenty of confidence on me…” I inadvertently murmured.

“Because he did a right decision to enrol you~ You surprised me too~”

Surprise her…? On what? If I recall… she did ask me something about the pistol during the practical battle test…

“About the old-model semi-auto pistol…?”

Persia was a little surprised when she heard my murmuring. It seems she did not expect me to trace the source of her surprise in such a short time.

“Oh my~ That was correct. Since the test`s system mainly focused on simple weapons such as knife, sword, spear, bow, etc., you are the first one to make a pistol by using this system.”

“What!? Then isn`t this super hard? Those holograms had guns!”

“Perhaps~ But the way you used the swords were common among the S Ranks though~”

“I see… But at any rate, aren`t the decision all in Kuroyuki`s hand? What if she refused?”

“I`m not sure though… but don`t worry, she`s not unreasonable~”

Really? I doubted that.

“Eh~ You shouldn`t doubt her, you know? Even though she`s special, but she wants everyone to treat her fairly like you did to me~” Persia said.

“Yeah, yeah I know.” I mumbled.

That said, we arrived at the special building— the five-storey building with a force field that I came across earlier during the morning.

As we stood outside the force field, Persia activated her screen and authenticated herself— opening a small section of the force field— allowing us to pass through.

After we went in, the force field sealed the exit.

“What`s with the force field…?” I inadvertently ask.

“To protect herself from bad insects like you~” She grinned.

Hmm… No wonder she glared at me like I was a mere bug.

“I`m not a stalker or pervert! Don`t lump me in with them!” I retorted.

“Of course you aren`t~ or else you are going to assault her without a doubt~ No normal person is able to hold their urge against her~”

“Is that a compliment or an insult…?” I uttered.

“Hehe~ That depends on how you take it~”

Such a sly one she is.

“Whoa, what`s with this fancy looking door…?”

“The front door of your building~” She said, and the door opened automatically.

The lobby of the building looks normal, same as those five-star hotel lobby— except there aren`t any tables and chairs.

The ground floor was separated into three sections.

The lobby;

Lift and stairway;

…and— indoor swimming pool.

Skipping the details for later, Persia leads me to the lift. With permission from Kuroyuki, the lift automatically goes up to the first floor.

Oh… not good.

We reached the first floor, where the special class is.

The lift opened, revealing a classy hallway that was separated into three paths.

Left, centre and right.

At the end of the centre hallway, there`s a classy looking door— I believe it`s the door to the special class.

Persia then went to the doorbell screen next to the door, and pressed it.

“Sorry to intrude, I`m coming in~” Persia gently yelled.

The door seems to be opened from the inside of the class, controlled by someone.

Oh crap… This… is way too fast. My brain is still mentally unprepared.

Sooner or later… I`m going to be alone with her…! Gosh, I`m so nervous…!

…My palm is sweating.


Before going in, Persia turned her head back and smirked at me.

“Nervous~ Aren`t you~?” She laughed at me.

“No I`m not. Just go in already.”

Persia then responded with a grin and looked back to her front, entering the class.

After I took a deep breath, I followed her from behind.



Just with a glance, I immediately understood the size of this room.

…it`s even larger than the training room…!

There are personal study devices, a personal air conditioner, fridges, an adjustable chair, etc. There was more than enough space, facilities, and equipment— easily more than enough for just two students to use.

One of the smaller fridge were filled with drinks and snacks and air conditioner which can be adjusted to whatever temperature wanted.

All of them are the latest technology of what this island is able to provide.

I noticed that the ceiling was made of glass. High-class paintings were hanged on the walls, and there were ornamental plants around the room. The interior design looked like a six-star hotel.

But yet…

…apart from all of those, what was most obviously distinct from everything else in the room, was a single girl, reading a book.

Under the light of the sun, she gave an illusion that was so much that it was like another scene from a painting.

The moment I saw it, both my mind and body froze with my eyes staring fixed at her.


Realizing there were visitors, she placed a bookmark in her paperback book and looked up.

“……Why is he here?”

After she gave me a quick once-over with a cold look in her eyes, she muttered in displeasure.

“From today onwards, this guy here will be your classmate and partner for the <Knights Tournament>~ I will not allow any disagreement, objection, protest, questions or retorts this time~!”

Persia is quite enthusiastic about this matter. Analysing from her tone and words, it seems Kuroyuki gave even someone like her quite some headache.

“…No.” She uttered, and glared at Persia.

I`m being rejected already?!

“Like I said, you can`t—”

Although there are a few words left Persia have yet to speak, but she paused— seeming to be thinking of something.

I probably understood what is she thinking.

Because in such a short time, Persia spoke five vocabularies with nearly the same meaning with every word, and yet surprisingly, Kuroyuki`s able to differentiate all of them and replied on what she wanted— a clear and clean rejection.

“Like I said, don`t simply reject anyone Kuroyuki. He`s different from the others, I`m sure you already knew it~!”

…Surprisingly, Persia continued like nothing happened.

She stared at Kuroyuki as she puffed her cheeks, looking displeased.

After hearing Persia`s propose, Kuroyuki then looked at me. But this time, her eyes aren`t glaring at me like I`m a mere bug. It was just a simple glare.

“…Are you prepared……?” Kuroyuki asks.

“Huh? Prepared for what?” I was dumbfounded.

She ignored my reply.

And in an instant, her eyes narrowed as she glared at me with an expression was that of bloodcurdling anger—


Such an overwhelming pressure— why does Persia looks fine…? Her glare, is it solely directed on me…?

My heart immediately throbbed from that piercing, bloodcurdling eyes.

Her expression was so scary that it sends chills to my spine over and over again.


I can`t lose!

Accepting her glare, I managed to send a glare back to her as I held in my fear.

Somehow, Kuroyuki had a grin on the corner of her mouth after I glared back at her.

“……you passed.” Kuroyuki said to me.

She immediately broke her eye contact from me and looks at Persia with her usual cold stare.

“See~? I told you~” Persia said happily to Kuroyuki.

Wait, what?

“H-hey wait a minute! Didn`t she glared at me earlier?”

I quickly get close to Persia and whispered to her.

“Eh~ Stop playing dumb~” Persia immediately wore a sunshine smile on her face.

“No, no, no Persia, are you trying to push me to death? I can`t be her partner!”

Persia then pulled me on my tie closer to her, and whispered on my ear.

“You aren`t the only one with a good hearing~ She can hear you clearly, you know~?

“…yours too, Persia.” Kuroyuki muttered.

“Eeek…! T-That`s not it, Kuroyuki!”

Persia quickly reacted with a flustered look as she denied herself.

I stood on my place, staring at Kuroyuki as I make an awkward look.

“…am I not good enough for you?” Kuroyuki softly asks me with a despondent look.

Good question…

...I can`t think of a good reason. Because not only she`s beautiful, she`s very smart and talented!

Ah, got it! I will just say I`m not suitable for her!

“…if you think you aren`t good enough, then you are wrong.” Kuroyuki uttered as she glared at me with a displeased look.

How did she know what I was thinking!?

“Oh my~ Kuroyuki greatly acknowledged you~ If that`s the case, I must be going now, bye bye~” Persia said.

“T-Then…” I murmured.

I slowly retreated myself backwards to the door, but as soon as Persia noticed my actions, she stopped me.

“Please stay here~ You don`t want things to be difficult, don`t you~” Persia said.

In addition, she gave me signals to look at Kuroyuki.

“WAIT, WAIT! DON`T SHOOT PUT DOWN YOUR SPEARS!” I quickly yelled when I looked at her.

Kuroyuki created 5 of spears, ready to shoot at any time. To give me a chance, she gave me a warning.

“…Step outside, you die.” She muttered.

Damn… My escape route has been cut off completely.

Seeing that my desire to escape have vanished completely, Kuroyuki defrosted her spears.

“Good luck~” Persia winked to me.

“…bye.” Kuroyuki chuckled.

And when she looked in my direction, her eyes weren’t laughing – they were scary.

With haste, Persia calmly exits the class, and the door closed automatically. Leaving both of us behind.


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  1. Justice

    I really like your reposting sections of your story. Pretty much going to be restating the same thing from the last review. Grammar errors are largely taken care of and with you dividing the story up in these smaller sections its easier to digest. I’m also happy to say that no section appears to be in a rush to get to the next event. The story has a very natural flow of progression. Much easier to read, much easier to enjoy.

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Discussion (2)

  1. Justice

    I really like your reposting sections of your story. Pretty much going to be restating the same thing from the last review. Grammar errors are largely taken care of and with you dividing the story up in these smaller sections its easier to digest. I’m also happy to say that no section appears to be in a rush to get to the next event. The story has a very natural flow of progression. Much easier to read, much easier to enjoy.

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