The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Prologue

The first day of Spring.


Preparing my equipment and ready everything.

As usual, I will have my everyday routine— a morning jog with my little sis and my magical pet, regardless the season.

“Both of you done yet?” I asked.

“Coming~ big brother~~”

“Ready master~”

During early spring, the axis of the world is increasing its tilt relative to the sun, and length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. The hemisphere begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to ‘spring forth,’ thus giving the season its name.

As snow melts, swelling streams with runoff and any frosts become less severe.

Many flowering plants bloom at this time of year, dying the world with beautiful colours. As if, this was a blessing of a new year from nature itself.

But yet… I have this feeling… that everything will change starting from this year.

As the things that turns out afterwards, my prediction was right.


Not long after I opened the front door of my house, a helicopter descended on my front yard. With its propeller still spinning, it constantly creates strong gusts of humid and cold wind along with an annoying rattling sound.

“…………” I remained calm.

I quickly locked my pets in the pet house through my screen. Or else things will be getting troublesome.

As for my little sis, she`s still as sharp as ever. She was preparing herself in a battle mode against an unexpected guest that jumped down from the helicopter afterwards.

A man in his twenties in a black suit, walked towards my direction with an outraged look, as if he`s going into battle mode.

But aside from his face that`s giving out such an intention, his body aren`t giving any hints to attack or anything nor he is hiding the fact about it.

So I secretly turned my head a little towards the back and gave a hand signal, telling those two sweet little girls to stand down. And they did so.

Now then… First thing first, what should I do to him…?

Whatever organisation are you from, I`m going to knock the shit out of you.

…but I`m not going to act first until I hear his reason.

As he came closer to me, who walked a few step closer to him— his pace increased, and nearly stumbled at his few final steps to me.

Both the little girls are watching us from the door.

“Finally…! I found you at last…!” He shouted, with a worn out look.

Then he grabbed both of my shoulders with his hands, and cried out with a pained and desperate look—as if he`s finally free from misery.

His legs finally gave up, and he kneeled down lifelessly with his shoulders shrugged.

He`s… not from an organisation. Who is he? Where is he from? Why did he come all the way here and what does he wants?

“I have searched you for months and this is where you lived?! An island within the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ and full of monsters and beasts!?” He yelled with a painful look.

Is he trying to mess with me…? What`s wrong in living on such an island?

“And…? You got a problem with that?” I uttered with an aggravated look.

Such a rude one he is.

I can feel the corner of my mouth twitched upwards out of irritation.

“Shouldn`t you state your name and tell me what`s your purpose already?” I reminded him.

He then quickly opened a window with info and pictures about one of the world`s famous school—

“PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YOU!!! Please be a special student at the Imperial Knights Academy or else I will be fired!!!”

—the Imperial Knight`s Academy.

“Huh…?” I was dumbfounded, and eventually I felt annoyed.

What`s with this unreasonable request…!?

But yet—

—an agent of the world`s famous Imperial Knights Academy is kneeling down and begging me to join their academy.

What`s more, it`s a request as a special student. It`s a wonderful privilege.

But first… Where did he get my info…? I need to know why. What on earth is he hiding?

“Why me…?” I asked with an intimidating look.

Although that guy was surprised for a moment, but he ended up blurting things that I find it hard to understand.

“I wanted to know that too! But the principal won`t tell me why…!”

“…………Huh.” I was dumbfounded again.

The principal…?

That guy?

“…Ah. I see…” I mumbled.

I think I knew the reason already. Then…

“Leave, I will talk to that guy personally myself.” I said to him.

“What!? You knew him!? Then why did I come all the way here!?” He inadvertently mumbled with a puzzled look.

“Unsatisfied? It`s your job after all and you`ve done it. Just leave already.” I uttered, and turned back and walk towards the door.

“But…! But…!” He yelled.

It seems that he`s not pleased with just that. He`s not convinced by my actions.


“Please…! You must join—”


I slammed the door shut.

Eventually, I heard the sound of the helicopter leaving.

Perhaps I should install a force field around my house someday.

“Big brother…! Are you really going!?”

“Master! Don`t leave Ruby!!!”

I already expected the bombardment of questions from these two.

[Beep Beep]

By the time I was going to open my screen— my device vibrated, and an email icon popped up in front of me.

Why is it vibrating at such a time…? It`s timing is too perfect.

“Read message.” I murmured.

The screen expanded and revealed the contents within.

Huh…? It was sent from an unknown source.

We read the email together.

‘Join the Imperial Knights Academy. Your problems will be solved there.’

My problems…? How much does this sender know…?

There`s still more…

‘No matter how those two stop you, you need to go no matter what.’

“Big brother you can`t!!!”

“Master please don`t leave us!!!”

They immediately burst into tears and hugged my waist tight like a glue as soon as they read this line.

They were so attached to me… of course they wouldn`t want me to leave. I don`t want to leave them either.

But… even if there`s a chance less than 0.01% that it`s able to help me, I still need to try regardless this is trustable or not. After all, this annoying body of mine…

‘Do what you can in there, and I`m sure that everything will go as I expected.’

It`s highly persuasive. Who the hell send me such a future predicted message…?!

It answered my question at the last line.

‘P.S. You don`t need to know who I am.’

Indeed, this mysterious person is far too scary to send such a future predicted message.

If that`s so… then—

—I`m going to give that bastard principal a call.

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  1. Lucifer Vermillion Post author

    Hope everyone would give some feedback towards my edited and corrected story! (Especially on grammars and flows)
    Even though the contents aren`t changing much.
    Will try to finish the rest as soon as possible.

Discussion (1)

  1. Lucifer Vermillion Post author

    Hope everyone would give some feedback towards my edited and corrected story! (Especially on grammars and flows)
    Even though the contents aren`t changing much.
    Will try to finish the rest as soon as possible.