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The Legend Begins Chapter 1 : Second Chance

Holding my right hand high trying to reach the stars hoping to be given a second life and repent for my sins as i try to escape while being shot by a police officer

"Give up now serial killer Jack"

"Tch... It hurts damn it".

as i grunt about the bullet that pierce my right leg.

while trying to escape with a gunshot ,crying. i thought to my self .

"I've cut all my weakness to protect myself but death is where it leads me?".

as i put my hands in my eyes while crying.

"if i have a second chance to repent myself i will become strong enough to protect myself and the ones i loved".

as i had my last breath wishing to repent if i ever have a second life.

Chapter 1: Second Chance

"Where am i?".

as i wake up seeing a unfamiliar celling and unfamiliar people

"Wait... Didnt i died?

Why am i not wearing any clothes".

confused staring at these two unfamiliar people while wearing a diaper

"Oh wait why can't i speak? why is my hand so small?".

As these two unfamiliar people called me.

"Uriel that will be ur name from now on right? Rey".

as the female said to me while smiling.

"Hahaha!!! perfect name for our son he's good looking like me hahaha!!!"...

as the male saying in a loud voice while lifting me.

1 Month Later...

After being reincarted i learned many things in about this world.

it seems that my name is Uriel Greyspear 1 month old.

the son of Reynold Greyspear and Anna Greyspear.

i dont know why am i in this boy's body but do they really have to named me uriel?.

URIEL - An Archangel and known for being the angel of repentance, He stands at the Gate of eden with a Fiery Sword or as the angel who watches over thunder and terror ,graphically represented as being as pitiless as any demon.

Sigh... "I may be a pitiless as any demon but why repentance".

as i complained about my name.

a year later... i learned how to read and learned a few things about this world and this is the first time i had been happy about learning how to crawl.

"Hmm... im quite handsome if i do say so myself, while crawling and notice my appearance in a mirror while saying , my hair is Grey similar to my father's hair color and my eyes is Scarlet like my mother's eyes".

Seems like a millenium ago there was 3 moons in this world and only one race which is the humans , but suddenly a giant deep sea fish with the size of a giant river flew to the night sky and ate 2 of the 3 moons and this giant deep sea fish which is called Bakuna after this incident and 2 races appeared after bakuna swallowed the 2 moons which is Elves and Dwarfs, mysterious things which is called aether which can gather nearby particles and create magic. After the 2 races appeared they got into a war with the humans and only attained peace when they did a treaty between the 3 races after 300 years.

"Hmm... Sigh... i dont understand why would these things happened just because the 2 moons were gone was it because of Bakuna?".

as i'm confused while thinking. it seems like beasts like Bakuna already existed a millenium ago but they gained more power because of the aether and they were called spirit beasts.

After i finish learning about the history i heard something outside.


i saw my father gathering aether and use magic to lift a log and move it to another place.

as he look at me with a big smile and thumbs up at me while i'm looking at him through the window.

it just creeped me out as i went back to reading.

seems like there are also three types of magic.

firstly the Martial Arts using magic in the body which makes it durable for close fighting.

secondly the Mana Arts using pure aether to release Magic Technique

and lastly the Curse Arts which is hard to come by probbably 100 in a million chance , seems like this Curse Arts is really powerful u can gather aether and put them on a weapon then the weapon it engulfed it will released a large portion of aether which can be called sword aura.