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Echoes of the Mirror 1.3 ‘Confrontations and Introductions’

*Authors Note*

In this particular series, it should be noted that there is a heavy focus on sexual themes, violence, and traumatic events.

These are meant to challenge the main character's views on the world and his relationships. 

That being said, If your someone who's okay with that, I'd really appreciate it if you want to check it out and leave some feedback.

Thanks! =^.^=


It seems that the accident that happened last night became the news of the entire school.

While the majority of the school felt bad for what happened to me, there were indeed some that found me the culprit of that night.

“Why didn’t he just move?”

“He saw Itsuki running in that direction!”

“What else would you expect from a failed summoner?”

“I wonder if his father was just as useless.”

I couldn’t help but to find the whole situation humorous.

While no one really paid attention to me here, the second that something unfortunate happens to me, I’m the talk of the town... for better or worse.

I stood outside the double school doors, hand in pockets, in anticipation of Alex.

As students passed by, I caught them sneaking glances at me, whispering amongst each other.

Ironically enough however, I found new confidence in myself since I beared a pact-mark like everyone else.

It seemed to me, well at least to a certain degree, I had finally become like everyone else.

While the mysteries surrounding last night elude me, I can’t help but take comfort in the fact that I’m a summoner as well.

Finally I saw Alex leave the double doors, hands clutched to her chest.

“H-hi...Haku.” She said as she walked towards me, diverting her gaze to the path.

“Hey Alex.” I said with a smile as I tilted my head.

This seemed to relieve Alex just a little bit.

“Shall we get walking?” She asked me with a weak smile.

“Sure.” I replied.


We found that the main street would be a nice place for a stroll, even though that the length of the school days meant that it was already dusk outside.

Alex kept staring at my bandaged arm with a sad look on her face.

“It’s not your fault Alex.” I said to her with a shake of my head, trying to lift her mood.

“It is my fault… I knew that you were standing there… If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have even been there.” She replied pointing her gaze to the ground in front of her.

This situation was obviously tearing her up on the inside.

“Whatever happens happens. Accidents happen all the time.” I said looking up at the sky.

“I don’t think that what happened to me was anybody’s fault. And also, Alex…”

She looked at me with tears beginning to well in her eyes.

“I’m sorry for what I said. I was in shock. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” I tried to reassure her.

“No Haku. I’m sorry… I’ve always been trying to push you to do better. Your status in life shouldn’t be measured by how much you study, or by whether you’re a summoner or not.” She said with her voice beginning to crack.

While she did indeed always try to push me to do better, I couldn’t find that as any reason to be angry with her. I like to believe I’m a pretty intellectual person. I could tell that she only did it because she cared.

Straightening herself up and violently wiping any tears from her eyes she began to speak.

“SO! Starting today I’m going to support you 100%! Haku is Haku, and that’s what makes you an incredible person!” She finished with a thumbs up and a wink.

I honestly couldn’t even imagine what would be ‘incredible’ about me, but I decided not to retort in fear of ruining her mood any more.

I saw Alex take out her phone and look at the time.

“Oh!” She exclaimed with a hand to her mouth.

“Sorry for cutting this so short Haku… I need to get home, my mother has already finished dinner.” She said to me with an apologetic smile.

“No problem.”

As Alex dashed off towards her house she waved at me.

“By the way Haku! You should come see my grandmother soon, she’s worried about you too!” She finished.


The Matsumoto family was a scary thing.

Himari Matsumoto, the head of the family, was Alex’s grandmother.

I felt that if anyone could see through my lies and infer what happened, it would be her.

I decided to put this out of my mind for the time being…

I still had to get back to the school to pick up my motorbike and meet Kira by the middle school.

As I began walking I saw a shadow in the top floor of the antique shop to my right.

I stopped and looked up to see Miss Yamada looking down at me from her window.

It looked like she was speaking but it was impossible to hear what she was saying.

I looked closely and tried to read her lips.


As I figured it out, she had turned away and closed her blinds.

-What does she mean by that?


Getting on my motorbike I headed towards the middle school.

-Why would she want to meet me there?

If this was a confession it would have been far better to just meet me at my apartment.

The buildings flew by as I roared down the road.

I soon saw the school on my left.

Putting on my blinker I pull over to the small lot normally reserved for staff.

I got off the motorbike and took in the scene of the small school that I used to go to.

It was a simple single floor building built out of the same brick as everything else but colored yellow.

From what I was told the building used to be an office for something or other.

It was renovated about 30 years ago.

I started walking over to the other side of the building which contained a fairly large courtyard with a single cherry blossom tree in the middle.

As I started nearing closer, I saw Kira in a white sundress staring off to the distance under the tree.

Even though the sun was already setting, I could see a single beam of light show through leaves and illuminate her face.

The scene was almost poetic.

“Hi Haku.” She said out to me without turning her head.


She slowly sat down underneath the tree and patted the ground next to her, signalling me to sit.

As I sat down next to her, she started to speak.

“Do you remember going to school here with me?”

“Of course! How could I forget.” I replied.

“It seems like forever ago…”

“Well it was quite a few years.”

“I’ll always remember those times though.” She said with a faint smile.

It wasn’t very often that I see Kira reminisce.

Something was weighing heavy on her mind.

“You were the only one that stood up for me…”

Her eyes started to tear up a little bit.

“Ever since then we’ve been friends right?” She asked turning her head slightly towards me.

“Yeah, you were my first friend here.”

“I remember when you used to rant all the time at me. Voicing every complaint that you had about this town… All the people that didn’t accept you…”

“Luckily I stopped doing that quite a while ago…” I pitched in with a weak smile.

“I know Haku… That’s what bothers me…” She stated with a frown.

“I felt like we always used to be there for each other. If we cried, we cried… I we were angry, we’d yell… Even if there was something horrible we couldn’t tell anyone else we’d at least tell eachother and support one another.” She continued.

“Maybe we’ve just grown past that… Grown up… Maybe we’ve finally learned to accept the way things are.” I explained.

“No Haku…” She said looking to the ground with a slight bitterness.

I couldn’t find the meaning behind what she just said.

“Your face hasn’t changed since then Haku. The same problems are tearing you up inside and you refuse to let anybody bear your pain with you.”

“I’ve always been there for you Haku, yet you won’t let me anymore… You’ve distanced yourself and it really hurts.”

“I’m...Sorry.” I said with a feeling of guilt.

“What am I to you now Haku?” She asked.

“My precious friend.”

“I...See…” She said clenching her hands together.

This wasn’t the answer she was looking for.

But even then, this is a terrible time and setup to go over such things.

“Haku…?” She asked.


“If I ask you something...Will you answer me truthfully?”

“...I’ll try…”

“Why did you lie about going to the clinic?” She asked staring into my eyes.


My heart began to race.

There’s no possible way she could have known…

I have to try and keep up the facade.

“But I--” I tried began.

Don’t.” She interjected.

She took out her yellow ‘Magical Moe Girls’ school bag and set on her lap.

She undid the zipper, reached in, and pulled out the contents.

In her hand was Alex’s bloodied blazer from last night.

My eyes widened in horror.

“I found this on the path last night Haku…” She began

I thought back to when I tore the blazer acting as my tourniquet off my arm.

“Alex called me last night Haku… The second she did I went looking for you.”

My heart started beating faster.

“I followed the trail of your blood all the way to the fork on the path…”

-How much does this girl know exactly?

Kira let out a *sigh*

“I don’t know what happened on that path Haku… But I wish you would tell me…”

I looked down at the ground in silence.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Kira was crying.

“Do you not trust me anymore Haku?” She asked.

I was torn.

I wanted to tell her what happened but I couldn’t…

I barely understand what happened myself.

Despite everything she said, there was a very clear reason that I couldn’t tell her my feelings or secrets anymore.

I loved her.

I loved her enough that I didn’t want to drag her into my bullshit.

I refuse to let her be guilty by association.

Even if it hurts her, even if it makes her cry, even if leads her to hate me and everything I stand for…

I absolutely refuse to let her get involved.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you Kira… It’s just something I can’t tell anyone.”

Kira was obviously not satisfied with this answer…

However, she didn’t argue.

“Ok Haku…” She stated in defeat.

“Just promise me one thing?” She asked as she got up.

“What?” I asked.

“That you’ll tell me one day?” She looked at me pleadingly.

“Yeah.. One day…” I said, still looking at the ground.

she positioned herself in front of me.

She lifted up my chin with a single hand so that my eyes met hers, bent over, and pressed her lips against mine.


Before I could even respond to what just happened, she was already turned away from me.

“I’ll be waiting…”

She quickly took her leave and left me alone underneath the cherry blossom tree.


-That went well…

Despite that awkward encounter, I felt relieved.

While Alex was easily placated, I atleast managed to get Kira off my back for the time being.

Guess that leaves one last thing…


I arrived home shortly after my encounter with Kira and locked myself in my apartment.

I stood in the middle of my living room with my blinds closed.

I threw my blazer on the couch and began to undo my bandages.

Lifting my arm out in front of me, I began to speak…

“Come forth--”

You don’t need to do that…

My breath staggered.

I could hear the voice in my mind just as before…

My soul is linked to yours now, you don’t need to summon me to speak to me.

“Then why--” I began to speak.

That’s unnecessary too...

My my, you don’t really quite understand summoning at all do you?

-Just what exact--


The voice in my head responded to my internal thoughts

-You can hear me like this?

Quite better than I could if you spoke aloud actually.

-Then why wait now to speak?


You looked like you were having a tough time…

Didn’t you just say to yourself this morning that you wanted more time to ‘wrap your head’ around things?


-What are you?

Your familiar…


-That’s not what I meant.

Of course it isn’t…

But isn’t this just LOADS more fun?

-If you won’t answer me that, then answer me this, what exactly happened last night?

You made a pact with me just as you died obviously…

You’re rather slow on the uptake aren’t you?

-Then how did I get home?

I took you home obviously…

I’m powerful enough to do that amongst other things…

-How is that possible? I’ve never seen a familiar with the ability to do that.

My magic isn’t like other magic…

I assume you came to that conclusion earlier did you not?

-I did

Then what’s the issue?

It was obvious that whatever familiar I made a pact with was not keen on answering my questions.

If I wanted answers, I’d have to try and be more direct.

-What type of familiar are you?


-Are you a darkness familiar?

Not quite… hehehe

-That must make you a demonica…


-If that’s the case… Why aren’t I dead?

Why would you be? That wouldn’t be beneficial to me at all.

-Demonica feed on prana.

That is correct.

-So I should be dead…


We also feed on mana…

Hira is quite the manawell…

The background mana here is… Favorable…

-So I can use you to my heart’s content.

That is also incorrect…

After being sealed away by those forsaken ‘summoners’ for a few millennia, I have lost a lot of my power…

Right now my existence is stable… However, physically manifesting myself would be most… Unfavorable.

-What do you mean by that?

The will a familiar’s master is absolute...

The background mana here keeps fed well enough...

However, If you were to try and summon me as you just did not long ago, I would have no choice but to feed on your prana so I could obey your will and manifest.

-Does that mean it’s impossible for me to use you?


As my master, you can tap into my branch of magic; Necromancy.

However, trying to use any magic beyond what I have power for will lead to the same fate.

I also have ‘innate’ skills as a demonica that may also suit your… ‘tastes’....

I suddenly realized one important thing I failed to ask…

-Why make a pact with me if it serves no benefit?

Oh~? That’s not true at all Haku~


I’ve been sealed away for quite a long time.

A pact is a much stronger magic than the seal that they used.

If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be locked underneath that shrine.

While I may not have a will of my own…

I do quite enjoy bloodshed…

We demonica see and smell more than the average familiar...

I wouldn’t dream of serving a master whose destiny is mundane…

Your destiny however...Reeks of bloodshed…

I look forward to seeing your potential Haku…

You should sleep now.

There will be plenty of time for more questions…


With that, the voice in my head went silent.

I made a pact with a demonica.

While I never really listened in class, I did know that demonica are extremely powerful spirits…

Time to time, lesser demonica invade Hira, but taking one down requires at the very least team of 5.

Even then…

The fact that whatever demonica I made a pact with could only be sealed says quite a bit.

Sealing was not something that summoners can do.

The act of sealing something requires a mage, a group of them.

If the town of Hira was forced into recruiting mages to seal something, that means that the entity I  made a pact with was something so powerful and destructive that destroying it was something that carried no possibility.


By choice or not, I was indeed a summoner.

I could only assume that the head families knew of the spirit that was sealed below shrine, and everyone knows that even associating with a demonica was a taboo beyond redemption.

Since it’s impossible to reject a pact-spirit, I came to the conclusion that It would be wise of me to study harder in practical classes.

I may not be able to tell anyone I have a familiar, but as a summoner I still have the responsibility of learning how to use my pact spirit.

I can’t physically manifest it, but I can tap into it’s branch of magic.

Normally this is used for mundane things, but if I’m tapping into the necromancy branch, one would think it might be just as effective…

Finishing this thought I go to the bedroom and get ready for bed.


It was Saturday.

Three days had passed since the event with Alex, Kira, and my familiar.

Altogether things went over pretty smoothly since then.

People have gone back to ignoring me and Kira and Alex treat me the same as just before.

However, there have been some minor changes to my everyday lifestyle…

As I finished putting on my jeans in my bedroom, I took the bandage wrap off the top of my dresser and began wrapping my arm.

How long do plan to keep on wearing that horrid thing?

-Shut up.

You don’t think that you’ve been putting on this facade for a little too long?

Despite being a demonica, my familiar has been awfully chatty.

While the presence it originally presented me with was a dark malicious one, now it just reminds me more and more of a teenage school girl.

I paused for a moment.

-Do demons even have genders?

We do…


I put on my sweatshirt and finished getting ready for the day.

You aren’t going to ask?

-Didn’t plan on it.

I slowly paced my way into the living room and grabbed a canned coffee from the fridge and opened it.

You're not the slightest bit curious?

-Can’t say I am.

I finished my drink and headed to the door.

Why not?


I rested my hand on the door knob.

-You’ve never physically manifested before. For all I know, you’re a hideous blob. And if you are indeed a hideous blob, why would I care what gender you are?

I headed out the door, locked it, and proceeded to walk the sidewalk in front of the bookstore.

For your information, I am not a hideous blob!

I am an all powerful demonica, capable of leveling this town!

My true form reflects my powerful capabilities!

If you were to summon me, you would tremble in fear!

I put my hands in my pockets and observed the beautiful day that was presented before me.

-Ok then all powerful demon… Teleport me.


-You heard me. Tel-e-port me.

I… Can’t...

-Oh? Something that the all powerful demon can’t manage to do?

I told you already!


I used what little power I had to get you out of that chamber!

I keep telling you I need either a constant feed of mana, or at least a bit of prana!

But no!

My useless ‘Master’ won’t even let me take the life of a squirrel!

I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.

Why are you laughing!?

Stop that!

If you want your teleport so bad, be a good master and fetch me a squirrel or a puppy or something!

My familiar finally went silent in aggravation and after a bit of walking, I finally came up upon the outside of the Nakajima household.

Outside the door of the western style 5 bedroom house was a smiling Kira wearing a bright yellow sundress and sandals with a big straw sun hat that had a bright pink bow on it.

“HAKU!” She let out as she ran towards me and tackled me to the ground with an embrace.

“Hi...Kira…” I let out with what little breathe didn’t get knocked out of me.

Kira rubbed her face against mine.

“I haven’t seen you in so long!” She said with a huge smile.

“What!? You literally just saw me yesterday!” I stated while trying to move Kira’s dead weight off of me.

“I know! It was terrible!” She replied with fake tears in her eyes.

What an aggravating girl.

-Shut up, no one asked you.

“So where to today?” I asked Kira as I stood up and brushed off my pants.

“Ummm.” She put a finger to her mouth and thought hard.

The park

“The park!” Kira exclaimed.



-Point taken.

Kira and I started to walk further towards the west side of town towards the small park.

“Hey Haku?”

“What’s up?”

“Why are you still wearing that bandage? Shouldn’t your arm have healed by now?” Kira asked peering at my arm with curiosity.

I told you.

“Ah...Well...The cuts were pretty deep and I keep managing to open them again. Hahahaha…”


Kira started walking backwards and gave me a smirk with mischievous eyes.

“What kind of strenuous activity could you possibly doing with you right arm that would cause the wounds to open? Hmm~? Haku~?”



“Eh… No idea what you mean.” I stated trying to remain calm and rational.

“If you say so… Hehehe.” She started walking normally again.

I changed my mind. I like her.


After talking back and forth with Kira about the more mundane things in life, we finally reached the park.

It wasn’t that big.

It was only 75 meters around and had a few flower beds and benches with a few trees spotted around.

However, this little spot manages to garner a lot of attention…

Mainly do to the lack of better options…

But on weekend day, there was no better place to be.

Kira plopped herself onto the nearest bench with a *thunk*.

“Haku!” Kira exclaimed as she started reaching into a bag she brought with her.


“Hungry?” She asked me with an adorable smile as she held out a fairly large bento box.

I sat down next to her and took a sandwich from the lunch she made.

“Thanks for the food.” We both said as we clapped our hands together.

Kira was actually quite a good cook. Far better than me.

As I ate a corner of my sandwich I noticed a girl from 4-C sitting alone on a bench across the park.

“Hey Kira, who’s that?”

“Hmm?” Kira looked up with a mouth full of food.

“Tts h-mur*i”

“Please chew your food Kira.”

Kira finished chewing and took a glug from one of the drink containers she brought.

“That’s Himari.” Kira finished.

I looked over at Himari.

She was wearing a white and black lollita dress and had light blue long hair with bangs that hung in front of her left eye.

If I had to guess, she was a little shorter than Kira, so probably only 5’3? It was hard to tell but I assumed she had a little smaller than average bust.

Stop being lewd.

-I’m not!

You were looking at her breasts.

-Not in that way! I was just observing her!

If you say so…

-I do!

Anyhow it seemed strange that she was sitting all alone.

“Know anything about her? Not that it’s any of my business. Just curious.”

“Hmmm.” Kira thought with a finger to her mouth.

“She’s from 4-C...mmm...I believe she has a darkness pact-spirit? Honestly I can’t think of anything else.”


“Is she your type Haku?” Kira asked staring at hands while wiggling.

“Nonononono. I was just curious that’s all!” I said while defensively waving my hands in front of me.

“Am I your type?” Kira asked striking a cute pose with a mischievous smile.


“Oh come on don’t be that way Haku!” Kira stated with a pouty face.

After a while we finally finished our lunch and Kira hopped off the bench.

“I’ll be right back.” Kira stated with a little pirouette.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

This made Kira’s face blush.

“T-thats not something you ask a lady Haku!” She stated with an embarrassed look.

Are humans always this strange?

-Only that one.

I watched as Kira scurried off to who-knows-where.


“Ummm... Excuse me…”

“EEP!” I jumped in surprise.

In front of me was Himari. The girl I was observing not that long ago.

She was looking off to the right avoiding eye contact.

She looked like she was shaking as she stood there and held her hands together firmly in front of her.

“O-oh! I-im s-sorry… I didn’t mean t-to s-scare you.” Himari said shyly.

“It’s ok. What brings you over here?”

“W-well ummm...I uh...N-noticed you staring at me earlier...ummm...And I wondered i-if there w-was something you n-needed f-from me.”

She must have obviously thought that I was being creep and came over here to tell me off.

Well...try to tell me off anyways.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I just noticed that you were sitting over there all alone and I thought that something may have been wrong.”

She took a deep breathe and steadied her speech a bit, but she was still clearly nervous for some reason.

“N-no it’s fine. I normally come here by umm...m-myself…I-I don’t really have any friends s-so that’s just how things are…”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Anyhow I’m Haku. Haku Maeda

“H-himari...Himari Shimizu…Nice to m-meet you.”

I felt bad just leaving her all alone. She seemed nice.

“Listen, if you want you can hang out with us. I mean… Kira is a little ditzy and annoying… But she’s nice.”

“N-no...T-thats ok. I have to go s-soon. B-but t-thank you anyways.”

I looked over to see if Kira was on her back but I didn’t see her.

“Ok, but if you change your min--”

I looked in front of me but Himari disappeared.


“EEEEP!” I shouted.

I looked behind me to see Kira laughing.


“Don’t do that! Anyhow, did you see where Himari went off to?”

“Hmm?” Kira looked puzzled.

“Wasn’t she on the bench over there when I left?”

“Yeah but...ugh... Nevermind.”

Kira gave me a strange look, but immediately changed to a smile.

“You ready to go Haku?”

“Sounds good.”

As we left, I looked over my shoulder to see if there was any sign of Himari.

Careful Haku…

-What now?

That girl is giving off a weird aura… I’d keep your distance…


I turned back around and walked with Kira.

-Strange aura huh?


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  1. Justice

    You have a excellent method of building intrigue to see what happens next with subtlety. The exposition nature of Haku’s familiar was informative and not overbearing with details. The brief dialog between the two established the symbiotic relationship and desire in very short order. It was easy to tell which character was talking without stating from their different lingo establishment. Well crafted story. I want to know what happens. Tell me!

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