Two More Adventurers Hit the Road in Maousama, Retry! TV Anime


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Two more cast members have been revealed for Maousama, Retry!, an upcoming TV anime based on the series of "mistaken identity" parallel world fantasy novels written by Kurone Kanzaki and illustrated by Makoto Iino about an ordinary guy who takes on the role of a demon lord when he is transported into the world of his favorite video game. The new cast members include:

Mikan, a tan-skinned warrior wearing goggles, boots, a cape, and very little else.

Hitomi Namatabe as Mikan, a tan-skinned warrior who adventures along with Yukikaze. Mikan is always struggling to deal with Yukikaze's behavior, which causes her no end of grief.

Yukikaze, a petite, fair-skinned, cross-dressing adventurer in a sorceress outfit.

And Sora Tokui as Yukikaze, a B-rank adventurer with extremely pale skin. Yukikaze is extremely close with Kunai for some reason, and he refers to Kunai as "Uncle". Although Yukikaze appears to be a beautiful girl at first glance, he is in fact a man with a taste for cross-dressing.

The story of Maousama, Retry! follows Akira Ohno, an ordinary working adult who finds himself zapped more

Via:: Crunchyroll