VIDEO: “FAIRY TAIL Word Message Art” Now Displayed at Shibuya Station


In commemoration of the conclusion of Hiro Mashima's internationally popular fantasy action manga series Fairy Tail, publisher Kodansha asked the fans all over the world to send their messages, and the "FAIRY TAIL world message art" featuring the manga's famous panels and character dialog are now displayed at the JR Shibuya Station in Tokyo from yesterday to Sunday. The publisher has posted a 90-second video report to introduce the memorial arts below. All of the arts are also available on the project's official website. We hope you can find your message!

After the last 545th chapter was published in this year's 34th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine,

the final 63rd volume of the 11-year-old manga was released on November 11. The series has printed over

60 million copies worldwide.

The manga author introduced the last volume on his Twitter

Manga 1st and 63rd volume covers

Source: Kodansha

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