Witness the Cyberpunk World of “Megalo Box” in COMA-CHI Rap Video

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The April 2018 release date is just around the corner for Megalo Box, an upcoming TV anime that celebrates the classic boxing manga Ashita no Joe by updating the story into a futuristic setting, and what better way to experience the cyberpunk worldview of the new series than with a music video featuring animation from Megalo Box and the stylings of lady rapper COMA-CHI?

The video highlights the disparity between the "Licensed District", with its gleaming skyscrapers, and the "Unlicensed District" where people struggle to survive from day-to-day amid the crumbling infrastructure.

Megalo Box is directed by Yo Moriyama and features animation by TMS Entertainment. The story follows J.D. ("Junk Dog"), a boxer who descends into the underground world of "Megalo Box", in which fighters combine their training with special gear technology to create the ultimate martial art.

Megalo Box will broadcast on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) and BS-TBS beginning in April of 2018.

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