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I like your hair: Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Ashes To Ashes

Flakes of Wood Chips fall on the ground as a young man dressed in an all black leather jacket and jeans sits with his back up to a very old tree as his left leg is stretched out onto the ground and the right leg arched upwards in the Delaware Redden Forest using a strange looking dagger to sharpen a young but slightly thick tree that has been uprooted from strong winds. Along with the dagger he was using, the young man also had another dagger in one of two of his seathes that were tied around the belt loop of the back side of his jeans. These daggers were pretty much Identical except for the fact that the one he was sharpening the tree with had a signature of his name sloppily carved on to the blade in white; “Stem B.”. The other blade also had a signature on it, but it was in cursive and a little more elegant, as well as it’s seemingly more intense shine. However, the color of the signature was pink and was a different name. Instead of “Stem B.” it was “Peace L.”. On that note, the blades these signatures were carved on was the most perfect coating of black and the same went to the tape that was on the handles. However, there was something very odd and abnormal about the handles of these daggers. These daggers had a somewhat big hole right through the top of them to spin around in any direction you wanted to and also had an Iron semi-circle part of the dagger that slightly looked like a keychain loop but is instead used for the string to climb up mountains and walls.

“I’m finally done.” Stem said after he had finally finished sharpening the wood

had been working on for about 45 minutes. “Tomorrow will be her 2 year anniversary and I can finally move on.”

As those words leave his dry mouth, he pulls out a picture of the girl Peace kissing Stem on the cheek and a short black top hat with a pink ribbon at the base of the hat where the perfectly straight rim and the outward shooting part of the hat meet.

“Damn.” Stem begins to release a single tear from his right eye with a depressing smile on his face as he slumps over, face first into the ground--or what would have been the ground but was actually shoes occupied by a girl. When he looked up all he could see was a glimpse of a pink haired girl, that turned out to be the same age as Stem (17 Years old) and she was very mad, which led to a swift kick to the bottom of my jaw which sent me flying a couple feet and on my back.

“You dunderhead.” Stem struggled to say since his mouth was still pretty dry.

“Who do you think you are cutting this tree down?!” said the assumptious girl.

“I didn’t cut it down, it was already down when I got here!”

“How should I believe you?! You’re a total stranger!”

“Said the one who kicked a 'total stranger'!”

“Sorry about that. So anyway, what are you doing here?”

“Sleeping. What about you though?”

“My Squadron is out on a hunt today”


Now that I think about it, this girl is wearing an Ashes to Ashes uniform aka scum. All they are is a bunch of durrange psychotic killers who plead justice to the people for the sole reason that they live off of human blood and that they might lose control. And when they have “debates” with protests and rioters, all they do is just bring personal experiences to win over the crowd rather than justifying that whether or not killing intelligent beings is as wrong as killing your own blood or putting down the sick dog in your backyard that might give you diseases in the future.

           “Do you have the name of the person you’re hunting down?”

“Person? They’re Vampires, animals, not people.”

   “I see.”

   “So anyways, the name of the vampire?”

   “It’s classified.”


   “I gotta be going now.”

   “Wait, before you leave, what about your name?”

   “It’s classified.”

   “What the fuck type of answer is that?” He said under his breath.

   “Hey. Stem said in seriously. I like your hair.”

As the women ran off, Stem secretly followed her to the location of the vampire she was going to kill. Once he got there He saw an elderly lady with a cane and hunched back threatened with weapons. Before he knew it he jumped out of his hiding spot and said: “I’ll kill you.” In a very monotone voice.

“What the fuck? Wait, It’s you! The lady with classified name said out of sheer anger.

“I said I’ll kill you.”

Stem’s anger had been building up ever since he saw the girl’s uniform and he couldn't hold back anymore. Stem pulled out the dagger he was holding earlier slightly adjusted the Top Hat he was wearing to feel a little more comfortable and threw the dagger straight into one of the men in the intestinal region. After that, he pulled the string that was attached to the dagger and back into his hands. Once he ran forward to attack the squadron the girl had put a gun to the elderly vampire’s head to use as a hostage.


“Damn Pussies.”

Stem sheathes the knife as a tranquilizer bullet hits is left arm.


Stem gets knocked out and the wellbeing of the elderly lady is unknown at the moment.