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We publish young adult original English light novels, superhero books, and LitRPGs that win the Publishing Contest, and we help their books succeed by editing, designing, formatting, publishing, and marketing their books.


Are you interested in meeting other fans of OELNs, superhero books, and LitRPGs? Become a member of this Facebook-inspired social network for free to make new friends, read and critique their stories, or share your own. When posting a story, we ask that you provide feedback on another member's story.

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Here is where you can submit your book for worldwide distribution. Self-publishing can have a steep learning curve, so we help authors avoid the hassle by formatting, distributing, and promoting their books. Even if you've already published your book, we can sell your book on our site and use royalties toward advertisements to sell even more.


For self-published authors, we offer promotion sponsorship. Put our ad in your book, and we'll be an advocate and promote it to members. Why go alone when you can expand your reach?


You are not alone. Want to self-publish but need assistance? We can help you every step of the way, whether you need critiquing, editing, art, design, formatting, marketing, distribution, or even consultation.


Read anime-inspired light novels, superhero books, and LitRPGs from members and published authors.


Write a story and post the text or download file. Choose worldwide, members-only, or private viewing.

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