Vic's Lab, LLC, is the first U.S. company to publish original English light novels (OELNs).

VicsLab.com is a community for fans of:

  • English Light novels (Japanese-style stories that are short but fun and easy to read)
  • Action science fiction and superhero fantasy stories
  • LitRPGs (literary role playing games that read like playing video games)

It's often hard to find books in these niche genres, so we gather and distribute books on this site as well as publishing books by new authors. Books we publish are distributed to major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.

We are always open to adding new features to this site, so we encourage your feedback. Please use one of the available social logins to register. If you want to sign up without using a social login, you will need an invitation code. You can submit a request for one via the website's contact form.


The first book we published was the science fiction superhero book Vecto: Vengeance by Reid Kemper. It was released as an ebook on Nov. 18, 2014, followed by the print edition. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble by clicking the aforementioned names. To find it on Apple's iBook store, search for "Vecto" using an Apple device or appropriate app.

Another recommended book we published is the fantasy light novel The Everlasting: Vol. 1, Eye of the Wise by Biako. You can order the ebook on Amazon here.

If you are interested with publishing with us, please submit your book to the "Submissions" page under the "Groups" page. You must be a member of this site and request to join the Submissions group to do so. We currently publish one or two books a year. These authors will pay nothing, and we will invest in editing, design, formatting, marketing, etc. Authors will receive 40% of net profit.

If you wish to self publish and need help with editing, art, design, formatting, etc., we can help you with the whole process but charge for the services. In this case, we will not be your publisher. You will be considered the publisher and will retain all rights and royalties.

For more information about publishing, click here.