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Square One: Volume 1 by Mohamed Shafiek received a great review from Josh Piedra from The Outerhaven. You can see the review at He also wrote favorably of Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero by C.S. Mills, an action-adventure light novel that we sponsor. The review is at

Square One was released Sept. 19, 2017, and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and other online retailers as an ebook for $9.99. It also can be found in print for $14.99. Shafiek wrote and illustrated the novel, and Vic’s Lab is serving as the distributor. The story contains comedy-drama and slice-of-life themes.

The following is a description of the story:

“After failing to become the mangaka Akari Ise has always dreamed of being, he is given one last chance to prove himself as a proposition to become a manga assistant arises. Upon being assigned to one of the biggest names in the manga industry, Akari finds his new coworkers to be something more out of a circus than a group that aspires to the same goals he does. As his new race to becoming a mangaka begins, Akari finds that there might be more to being one than what he originally thought.”

Here is the description for Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero:

(To Synthesize – To combine into a single or unified entity. A+B=AB)

A young generation of talented boys and girls face their fear and Synthesize, causing them to gain amazing power. Knowing nothing of what is to come, a 16 year old boy clutches on to his fathers last words and strives to see the outside world; to become a Blue-Collar hero.

Fighting to see the outside world for his father, Kai finds himself the Head of the Domes main focus.

Battling against not only himself and his accidental monstrous power, Kai has to defend he and his friends from the threat hiding in plane sight. Will he succeed and find out the ugly truth? Or has the Head of the Dome perfectly orchestrated everything as part of his devious master plan?

A dome built to protect the people, but is being on the inside really the safest place to be?

If you've missed it, also check out this review by C.S. Mills of Biako's light novel The Everlasting: Eye of the Wise on ( and Sandra Banks' review of Restart ∞ Days: Volume 01 by S0rahana on the Japan Reviewer (

Megahouse Adds “Pocket Monsters: XY” Heroine Serena with Ninfia to G.E.M. Figure Line

Megahouse Adds “Pocket Monsters: XY” Heroine Serena with Ninfia to G.E.M. Figure Line

Select Japanese retailers (Premium Bandai, MegaTre Shop, Pokémon Center, AmiAmi) today start accepting pre-orders for Megahouse’s new figure of Serena with her partner pokémon Ninfia (Sylveon in English) from the Pocket Monsters: XY series. The latest item from the company’s high quality figure line for females, “G.E.M.,” is set for a release in late April of 2018. Its first limited production edition set also comes with a figure of Eevee (Ninfia’s original style) wearing a flower wreath. The price for the 130mm-tall item is 8,100 yen (about 72.66 US dollars).

Source: Megahouse press release

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Sakanaction Plays Theme Song “Kagerou” for “Laughing Under the Clouds” Live-Action Film

The official website for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Kemuri Karakara’s fantasy action manga Donten ni Warau/Laughing Under the Clouds announced today that five-member Japanese rock band Sakanaction is set to provide the theme song “Kagerou” (heat haze) and the OP song “Donten ni Warau -opening&ending- with GOCOO.”

Director Katsuyuki Motohiro (Bayside Shakedown, Psycho-Pass) has had a close friendship with the band and gave them the offer for the songs in May 2016, just before the shooting of the film began. The theme song is, however, still not completed yet, because the band has been playing the song in their concerts since March of this year, adding a little modifications every time they played. The frontman of the band Ichiro Yamamoto (vocal/guitar) says, “We have not yet reached a certain level that we can be assure of answering the request from non other than director Motohiro.”

The highly-anticipated adaptation starring 24-year-old Sota Fukushi (Gentaro Kisaragi in Kamen Rider Fourze)

is set for a release in Japan on March 21, 2018.

New key visual

'Thor: Ragnarok': Valkyrie Alternate Costume Design Revealed

Thor: Ragnarok went through its share of costume redesigns, and Andy Park recently revealed what Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie could have looked like.Park is a concept artist and supervisor in Marvel Studios Visual Development department and released a look at an alternate version of Valkyrie’s Asgardian armor. Valkyrie’s second armor in Thor: Ragnarok is mostly light … …read more

VIDEO: “FAIRY TAIL Word Message Art” Now Displayed at Shibuya Station

VIDEO: “FAIRY TAIL Word Message Art” Now Displayed at Shibuya Station

In commemoration of the conclusion of Hiro Mashima’s internationally popular fantasy action manga series Fairy Tail, publisher Kodansha asked the fans all over the world to send their messages, and the “FAIRY TAIL world message art” featuring the manga’s famous panels and character dialog are now displayed at the JR Shibuya Station in Tokyo from yesterday to Sunday. The publisher has posted a 90-second video report to introduce the memorial arts below. All of the arts are also available on the project’s official website. We hope you can find your message!


After the last 545th chapter was published in this year’s 34th issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine,

the final 63rd volume of the 11-year-old manga was released on November 11. The series has printed over

60 million copies worldwide.

The manga author introduced the last volume on his Twitter

Manga 1st and 63rd volume covers

Source: Kodansha

©Hiro Mashima/Kodansha

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