Mobile Game On Air! Puts You in Charge of Voice Actors

Mobile Game On Air! Puts You in Charge of Voice Actors

coly Co., Ltd. is back with a new smartphone game for fans of cute anime boys. The creators of Stand My Heroes are now putting you in charge of aspiring voice actors in the upcoming On Air!

The game takes place at the fictional Jewelry Hill High School, from which many famous voice actors have graduated. You’ve passed their entrance exam with flying colors… but when you enter, you discover that the school is facing a crisis. The game will feature both an overarching “Campus Story,” and smaller side stories involving individual characters.

The website has released a new promotional video, featuring the game’s theme song, “Now On Air!”:


The game features a total of 30 voiced characters. In the six leads are:

Chihiro Kisaki (CV Takuya Sato): The leader of Prid’s, the Diamond Unit. A frank and charismatic student who may have what it takes to be the industry’s next big star. Though he seems to skate by on his privileged upbringing, he’s actually one of the hardest working students at the school.

Tsubaki Miyabino (CV Takuma Nagatsuka): The leader of Hot-Blood, the Ruby Unit. Contrary to his cute appearance, …read more

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