Crunchyroll Features' Most-Anticipated Anime of Winter 2019!

Crunchyroll Features' Most-Anticipated Anime of Winter 2019!

2018 is almost over so it’s time to forget the past and look forward to the new year (once we’re all finished with Anime Awards). Many of Winters biggest shows are doubtless to be the huge continuing titles from Fall, but there are plenty of new anime to be excited about. Our editors have looked forward to the fresh new titles and each picked the 3 they’re most looking forward to.

Peter Fobian

Most of the biggest shows from Fall are continuing in Winter, and the ones that are finishing up are being replaced by even BIGGER titles, so 2019 is starting off pretty crazy. Winter in particular looks great since one of my favorite manga and favorite anime are seeing new releases!

The Promised Neverland


I’d read up to volume 3 of the manga before Shonen Jump made their entire back catalog available then caught up with the ~100 remaining chapters in a single sitting. The Promised Neverland is one of the best manga currently running in Weekly Shonen Jump that’s extremely hard to describe to people without spoilers. Smash Death Note …read more

Survival-Horror Manga “The Island of Giant Insects” Bugs Out with Anime Adaptation

Survival-Horror Manga “The Island of Giant Insects” Bugs Out with Anime Adaptation

Kyochu Retto (“The Island of Giant Insects”) – a survival-horror manga written by Yasutaka Fujimi and illustrated by REDICE about a group of students who become stranded on a remote island swarming with gigantic, man-eating arthropods – is being adapted into an anime that will be included as a bonus with the Japanese special edition release of the sixth volume of the manga.


The staff for the anime adaptation of Kyochu Retto includes:

  • Chief director: Takeo Takahashi
  • Screenplay: Shigeru Morita
  • Character design: Takayuki Noguchi
  • Animation production: Passione

Kyochu Retto is serialized in Akita Shoten’s CHAMPION CROSS digital manga magazine, and five collected volumes have also been published in print in Japan. The story follows Mutsumi Oribe, a 2nd year high school student, and her classmates, who wash up on a seemingly deserted island after surviving a plane crash, only to be attacked by giant insects. With the help of Mutsumi’s survival skills and encyclopedic knowledge of entomology, the group attempts to live long enough for rescue to arrive.

The sixth volume of Kyochu Retto will be released in Japan on June 20, 2019.

Source: Ota-suke

Paul Chapman is the host of <a target="_blank" …read more

Second Re:ZERO OVA to Screen Theatrically in Japan

Second Re:ZERO OVA to Screen Theatrically in Japan

As previously reported, there’s another OVA episode on the way for the Re:ZERO anime, and it’s officially set to screen theatrically in Japan. Titled Hyouketsu no Kizuna, AKA Freezing Bonds, the episode’s date and other details will be announced later.

The episode will animate the novel of the same name, which was included as a limited edition bonus with the first run of the Japanese Bluray and DVD release of the Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- TV anime. The story depicts the first encounter between Emilia and Puck, before Emilia is called to Roswaal Mansion to become a candidate in the king’s election.

That’s not all that’s on the way for Re:ZERO, though. A collaboration with Snow Miku is coming to the 70th Sapporo Snow Festival, complete with an illustration featuring Miku and Emilia fully decked out in the same outfit.

There’s also another event set up to celebrate the birthdays of twin oni maids Rem and Ram. Re:ZERO Ram and Rem’s Birthday Life 2019 in …read more

New 'Fortnite' Content Update Scheduled for Next Week

Fortnite has another update scheduled to release that’ll add more content during Epic Games’ holiday break.Releasing the first of three different content updates on Sunday, Epic Games added Presents to the battle royale game and put that same item in the Creative Mode where players have been building interesting designs and structures. Returning Limited Time … …read more

Hulaing Babies TV Anime Heads to TV Tokyo in January of 2019

Hulaing Babies TV Anime Heads to TV Tokyo in January of 2019

Hulaing Babies, a new animated work about the high school hulaing club of a sleepy hot springs town in Fukushima, is heading to TV Tokyo in January as part of the “AOP Animusu!!” variety TV show. The main staff for Hulaing Babies includes:

  • Producer, original work, script, director: Yoshinori Asao (Ikoma)
  • Character design, animation director, art, color design: Ryōzō Ōminato
  • Editor, director of photography: Takao Satou
  • 3DCG: Akihiro Murase
  • Sound direction: Kisuke Koizumi
  • Music: FMF
  • Sound production: JTB Next Creation
  • Animation production: Fukushima Gaina
  • Production: Hulaing Babies Production Committee

The cast for Hulaing Babies includes:

Haruka Yoshimura as Suzu.

Rikako Yamaguchi as Shina.

Suzuko Mimori as Mona.

Mikoi Sasaki as Fumi.

Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Nagisa.

Moe Toyota as Moe.

And Miku Itō as Miku.

The rival group, Hula Lion Girls, includes (from left to right):

  • Rei (CV: Amami Kokumai).
  • Natsu (CV: Non Harusaki).
  • Saya (CV: Izumi Nanase).
  • Emi (CV: Maho Taiga).
  • Momo (CV: Arisa Hirose).
  • and Kii (CV: Yukine Yaehata).

Hulaing Babies also …read more