List of Original English Light Novels

(Updated 10/26/17)

Since is a community for original English light novel (OELN) fans, I want to share a list of published OELNs I'm aware about. They include books associated with as well as self-published books. Since most of these books are self-published, finding them are much more difficult than finding Japanese light novels translated into English, so I hope this list is useful to you. The criteria for including these books were if the author considered them a light novel or if they appeared to be inspired by Japanese anime, manga, or light novels. They also must be published as an ebook or in print and be available to buy from an online retailer such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

If you don't know what a light novel is, they are usually short books popular in Japan that are easy to read, focus mostly on dialogue, and often contain a few pages of manga style art. Many light novels in Japan are made into manga and anime. Original English light novels are books that are similar to Japanese light novels but are originally written in English.

Below is a comprehensive list of original English light novels and author name. Links go to their corresponding Goodreads page if available. The first part of the list are books associated with (published, distributed, or sponsored). The second part of the list are books that are self-published. They are in alphabetical order by name (excluding the articles "a" and "the." Only the first book in a series is listed.

If you know of any OELNs that I should add to this list, please comment below.

Here are original English light novels associated with

Title of Original English Light Novel Author
Alpha Squad – Vecto: Vengeance Reid Kemper
Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero C.S. Mills 
The Everlasting, Vol. 1: Eye of the Wise Biako
The Immortality Protocol, Vol 1 (The Immortality Protocol, Vol. 1) Robert E. Parkin
Restart ∞ Days: Volume 01: An Original English Light Novel S0rahana 
Square One: Volume 1 Mohamed Shafiek
Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls: Takanova Alextheriot

Here are self-published books that are considered original English light novels:

Title of Original English Light Novel Author
Adventure Second Prime: Friendship, Bonds, and the Unlikely Hero Chansu Hiro
Ambrosia Aaron Lee Yeager
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: The Sorceress of Ashtown Part I Brandon Varnell
The Arid Sanctuary and The Nautilus Prince usagiru 
Atlantis: The Visionary Continent: Volume 1 Melissa Wong 
Awakening the Princess (Gun Princess Royale, #1) Albert Ruckholdt
Black Hex: Falling Utopia (Black Hex, #1) AiM
Destruction of Sweet Creation Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.
The Diary of Modern Cinderella Sekina Mayu
Eiichi P.I., Vol. 1 James K. Penn
Element Princess: The Commence Jenaia Williams
Element Punk, Vol. 1: Enter: Katashi Hiromasa (Element Punk #1)  Nicholas Murray
The Fate: Book 1: Tournament Wysteria John Ko
A Fox's Love (American Kitsune #1) Brandon Varnell
Kharmic Rebound Aaron Lee Yeager
Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter: Book #1: The Holy Warriors Awaken Koriander Bullard
Kuro: A Land in Eternal Night: Episode 1: A Vanished Goddess Michael Limjoco
Magical Girl Dallas: Episode 1 Peter Barton
The Mind Control Assassins Sekina Mayu
A Most Unlikely Hero Brandon Varnell
Noctis Noir Volume 1 Papina
Pandemonia Chronicles: DAWN Carey Martell
The Road to Betrayal (Universal War: ARM X #1) Peter W. Smorynski 
Sigma/Star: Volumes 1 & 2 Nick Uskoski 
Sinner: Volume One Zafeer Alam
The Slime Dungeon (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles, #1) Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue
Succubus Brandon Varnell
Twisted Destiny Sekina Mayu
Velvet Redemption C.M. Lanning
Warriors of Matrimony Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.
Zero God: Awakening Black Lyte
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