Don’t forget to read these three light novels in serialized installments!

There are now eight serialized chapters available to read of the last contest-winning book “Cobalt Blue” by author Zhiliang Tay, on Kindle Vella at The first three chapters are free to read, and if you have free tokens from signing up for Kindle Vella, you can use them to unlock further chapters. Don't forget to like chapters, follow the book, review it, and give it weekly crowns.

New chapters are released on Kindle Vella in bi-monthly installments on the first and third Thursday of every month.

Here is a short description of the action novel “Cobalt Blue”: “Yuri feels she’s a failure when she learns she isn’t accepted into university. When her parents tell her they will no longer help her financially, Yuri has no idea how she’ll survive on her own. BUT THEN Yuri meets an elderly man who makes her an offer to be the successor of his company. She agrees, thinking he was joking. But it wasn’t a joke, and now everything’s changed. Soon, Yuri becomes entangled with one of Japan's most notorious crime families and trains to be their leader.”

This light novel is recommended for ages 16 and older due to language, violence and some sexuality.

Also, don't forget about “Alpha Squad – Vecto: Virtue” by Reid Kemper, the final book in the Vecto trilogy, on Kindle Vella at

The book is a work in progress, and there are 57 short episodes available to read. The author is near the end and has taken a break, but your support can help him finish the trilogy. Please read the episodes, like them, follow the book, provide a review, and give it weekly crowns.

The first episode provides a free lengthy summary of the first two books for those who may have read the first two books a few years ago and need a refresher.

The first two books in the series are available as an ebook omnibus titled “Alpha Squad – Vecto: Vengeance + Voyage” on at and on other platforms such as Amazon ( Print versions for each book are also available on websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Premium members of can receive the ebook omnibus version for free. More information is available at

Here’s a short description of the series: Can a robot be redeemed? The Vecto trilogy is about a sentient robot on a quest to find his arch nemesis, Morphaal. The first book, Alpha Squad – Vecto: Vengeance, is about Vecto’s downfall in his quest for vengeance. The second book, Alpha Squad – Vecto: Voyage, is about Vecto's recovery and journey in search of Morphaal. The third book is about Vecto adapting to his new life and facing off against the one who caused his troubles.

This series is recommended for ages 13 and older due to violence.

The last reminder is that “Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls: Vol 1: Takanova” by Alex Theriot is available in serialized format for a limited time for members. Chapters of the book are being posted bimonthly on the second and fourth Thursday of every month for free for a limited time to all members of Four chapters are already available.

The book has already been published as a ebook and print book. It’s ebook version is available on at, and the ebook and print versions are available via online retailers such as Amazon (

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