Take on Another World with My Best Friend Vol. II Ch. 6

Erik took a shower inside the RV bathroom. Hot, running water is running down his body. After a long while, a hot shower was what he needed. When he comes out, the RV is filled with steam. It obstructs Ken's view of the road, so he has to stop for a while after hours of driving. He is dressed in a shirt that sizes too small for him and trousers that don't even cover his ankle. He has to wear rubber sandals since those are the only things that fit him.

"Sorry, but it seems that my clothes are not big enough for you, Erik"

"Nah. Don't worry 'bout it. But, you will buy clothing for me back in your kingdom, right?"

"Not just clothing, my friend. If you agree to be our military leader, I'll assure your citizenship myself"

"What about him?"

Erik points at Marcus, the former Mercian Paladin. Marcus is also wondering what would he do when he moved to Newlight.

"What he wanted to be is up to him, as I promised him. He suffered enough at Mercia. But for you, I need your military expertise"

"I don't want to question you how you run your country, so I won't. But your plan of gathering millions of soldiers seems really far-fetched. We would really need to conscript people. And people would not be happy about it"

"They have no choice. We have no choice. Either we conscript, or this world dies"

Marcus is looking really confused. This is a topic Akira hasn't told Marcus yet.

"By the way, how did you know, Erik?"

"Mr. Alexander told me. You might need some help"

"Hold on. What are we talking about?"

"Oh, I haven't told you. But I am on a journey to save this world"

"Save this world?"

"What if I told you that this world is nearing its end? The demons will appear and invade Terra. Ultimately, they will destroy this world"

"Huh? What are you talking about? Demons and Devils are only in kid's stories. Are you saying you believe them?"

"Believe them? I fought one before. Mammon. The Devil of Greed back in Friguld...when Friguld is still a thing"

Marcus seems skeptical.

"That's impossible. In every story in every culture, no human can beat devils. If you kill one, that means either you're lying, or you're not human"

"I am human when I fought Mammon. I nearly died, just so you know. No, I'm not lying."

Akira shows a scar on his chest and his arms. His chest scars are shaped like a hoof from side to side, but the scar on his hand is running through from his shoulder to his elbow, from trading blows with Mammon.

"How are you still alive?"

"I dunno. There's a healer there that is immortal. She was around since the time of Morden"

"She must look really old"

"No, she's quite beautiful, actually"

"Alright. That's enough talking. Akira, I'm hungry"

"Yeah. Me too"

"I still have some leftover burritos in the fridge. Go ahead and grab them and heat them um"

Ken gets off the driver's seat and heads to the fridge. He grabs 4 burritos and heats them up in an oven. After the oven finished heating the burritos, Ken hands each of them the burritos. Marcus only sees a cylindrical metal sheet. He doesn't know how to eat it.

"Peel the foil. The food is inside"

Erik started eating the burrito from the top.

"Man. This burrito hits the spot. Beats MRE every time"

"Thanks. How does it taste, Marcus?"

"It is good, but it's not something we used to eat"

"Well, if you want some sauce, we have some mayo and hot sauce in the fridge. Ken. You rest here. I'll drive"

Akira starts driving and the vehicle heads to the battlefield. He looks back and the RV is filled with people enjoying their food. His mind wanders on Shin, whether he had lunch or not. He dismissed that thought and focuses on driving. After half an hour, Akira and the gang reach the border camp of Suleyman. He stops and pulls the hand brake. They get off the RV, but when Erik and Marcus, The troops of Suleyman surround them with spears and swords pointed at the gang.

"Whoa, hey. Take it easy"

"Guys. We're friendlies. We're here to see Shin"

Once they say Shin's name, one of the soldiers runs to a tent or a yurt the size of it. After a few seconds, Shin came out of the yurt.

"Well, well. Who do we have here?"

"Hey, buddy. Erik's here"

"Oh, hey Mr Shimazu. Nice to meet you again"

"It's been a long time. How long was it? Well. It doesn't matter. Kill them"

"WAITWAITWAITWAIT! What are you doing?"

Shin readies his magic and points them at Marcus.

"That man is the one responsible for the death of our troops"

"He was. He's now a citizen of Newlight"

"Nevertheless, he's an enemy"

Marcus steps in front of Akira to protect him.

"If you want me, I'm here. But don't you point your weapon at him"

"A loyal dog, isn't he?"

"Shin. Stop. Now!"

"I don't take command from you. I'm your partner. And I'm done taking orders from you."

Akira looks closely at Shin. Something is definitely different. His demeanor, and his speech patterns but what stood out is how long his nails are. It forms more like a claw rather than a nail.

"You're not Shin. Who are you? Where is he?"

"Ahehehehe. Have you figured out who I am, boy? The League of Red Sky sends their regards"

The troops of Suleyman, including the thieves guild are surprised by the change of Shin's voice.

"I asked the question here. Who are you?"

"You humans are so arrogant. No wonder our forefather hates you"

Shin's face crumbles apart like dried ground. Its skin sheds apart. The smell of this creature is foul. Like sulfur and rotten things. It stenches makes everyone retches and some even throws up. Erik is no exception.

"It-its a demon!"

"Akira. This might be bad"

"I know. I can't fight him"

"You can't?"

"No. I'm afraid I'll accidentally kill him"

"You think Shin is still in that body?"

"I don't know. But I'm not taking any chances"

"How can we bring him back?"

There's a ringing from Ken's phone. Shin's name appears on the front.

"Hey, Ken. How are you doing?"

"Oh thank God it's you"

"Why? What happens?"

"We're about to fight a demon disguised as you. We're afraid that you're being possessed"

The demon charges toward Akira, but Marcus blocks the demon's attack. He punches the demon, but the demon dodges the punch.

"Can you leave this one to me?"

"Oh, A Mercian Paladin. So you take his side, huh?"

"I do"

Marcus takes out his big sword, which is obviously a two-handed sword, and wields it with his right hand. His vambrace is morphing mechanically into a triangle-shaped shield with a Mercia coat-of-arms in front of it

"Ken, Where are you right now?"

"We're at the border post with Suleyman's soldiers"


"Why are you suddenly shouting?"

"Suleyman soldiers are already retreating hours ago! I'm coming, just stay alive"

"Be careful. Talk to you later"

Ken hangs up the phone.

"Okay. So the good news is Shin is safe. The bad news is we're surrounded by demons"

"Suleyman" soldiers are smiling. One of them starts thrusting his weapon at Akira. But Erik punches the demon, but it doesn't incapacitate the demon.

"Ow. I felt that you lower life form"

"I bet you wouldn't feel this"

Ken, with his shoulder-to-palm armguard, punches the demon. With a single wind magic-charged punch, he blows the demon really far in the clouds and hit the ground into a splattering mess. The demons are attacking 5 at once. Ken specifically avoided using fire magic, since the demons are impervious to them.

"I can't kill them instantly"

Akira opens his item box and turns his Celesword into a Celeknife. It looks like the spiral military knife

"Here. Use this"

He tosses the Celeknife to Erik. Erik grabs it. He looks horrified with this knife.

"Where did you get this?"

"This weapon can turn into whatever I want"

"This is handy as shit"

With his military training, Erik stabs and slashes his way through the demon easily.

"Holy shit, this knife is amazing"

Erik's fighting is different from Ken's. Where is Ken is powerful but still no more than a street fight. Erik, on the other hand, is effective with minimal movement and effort.

"Heh. They are still resisting."

Marcus swings his sword, but the demon blocks the slash.

"Your opponent is me"

"Heh. You're a paladin, but you can't even hurt me"

He bashes his shield into his face. That makes the demon Marcus is facing disoriented for a second.

"Why you little!"

"Never thought demons would be this weak. I thought you are the stuff of legends"

"Don't get cocky, you dirt-born trash"

Marcus defends himself against the attack of the demon in front of him. The superior demon before him is firing a barrage of dark magic. Once he saw an opening, he moved his sword in a motion of a swipe and it cuts the demon with his right foot.


Marcus tries to cut the other foot, but the superior demon jumped backward. In a matter of seconds, the foot regenerates.

"I felt that. Now it's my turn"

The superior demon punches the shield and it shatters like glass. Marcus flew backward. He gets himself back up, but he found himself trembling.

"What a power!"

"You okay, Marc?"

"Yeah. I just need to catch my second wind"

"Do you need help?"

"It's okay, your majesty. I got this"

With only a sword in his hand, Marcus doe a series of slashes and stabs. Blocking and dodging the demon attacks. The superior demon punches his armor until it was no longer usable by Marcus. By then, Marcus is already exhausted. A paladin, who is supposed to be the strongest knight on the continent, is brought down to his knees.

"Where did that smugness go, huh?"

"You don't think I have given up yet, do you?"

"A dirt like you are no match for me

"A dirt like me is able to fight you equally. What does that make you, then?"

The superior demon growls. His body turns bigger and bigger until the demon can be seen towering over the forest. Marcus himself is already bigger than Akira. This demon is even bigger than Marcus. The superior demon attacks Marcus with his claw, but in the nick of time, Akira cast a shield barrier to protect Marcus. He cast heals on Marcus and one unknown magic chant.


Marcus hears Akira's command. Without question, Marcus raises his sword into the sky. Akira cast lightning from the cloud on Marcus's sword and armor. The sword and armor crackle with electricity. Right now, Marcus is fighting the superior demon similar to Akira fighting Mammon.

"Is this what my lord feels? I feel much more powerful already"

Marcus slashes the giant demon's toes one by one until the demon falls back down, killing several other demons. He discarded his sword and punches the gigantic superior demon in the face and stomach, and with each blow, the demon grow weaker and weaker. By the final blow, Marcus gathers all his strength and punches the demon in its heart, killing the superior demon instantly. Back with Ken and Erik, they killed one-third of the demon already. The rest of the demon refuses to back down. They are charging altogether. Ken and Erik are cornered by each other.

"This is fun, isn't it Ken?"

"It is. This must be how you feel when you are in Regal Brawl, huh?"

"This is much more exciting! Since you're a wrestling fan, how about some tag team with these demons? There are 2 of us and lots of them"

"I am honored. I'll cover your back"

Erik nods and gathers his strength to turn into a Minotaur. Now, he fought not in a military way of fighting, he has turned into Wrestling champion ways. In Regal Brawl, if a person enters last, they have the advantage over the one that has been in the ring. But Erik is a Grand Champion of Wrestling back on earth. He participates in a Regal Brawl as the first pick in the ring and wins until the last. It was the ultimate test of endurance since Regal Brawl only have 30 men fighting until the end. Now, he had to fight thousands of them. He used his old wrestling move. Clothesline, Irish whip, but the deadliest one is his finisher. Where he picks up one demon and puts them in a giant swing position and throws them into another demon. 2 demons are approaching from behind, but Ken defends Erik just in time. About halfway, Erik offers his hand and taps to switch the legal team. Ken is still a beginner in wrestling moves, but his moves consist of punches and high-flying moves like an old Japanese Luchadores. DDT, Jumping Hurricanrana, and even German suplex are some of his moves. Last quarter enemy remains left, and Erik joins in the fight to finish them all. They both collapsed due to exhaustion, but they are still conscious. However, their body is not without some wounds. Stabs, scratches, bruises, and some broken bones

"That was... the best match...I have in...a long time"

"It's an honor...to be...your tag team...partner"

The demon's body decomposes in an instant but leaves a glowing mix of red and purple color orbs. These orbs are floating above the grounds where the demons lay dead. They are slowly moving and starting to move really fast toward Akira. Akira is shocked and tries to run away. But the orbs enter Akira as if Akira is absorbing these orbs. Akira's feeling disgusted by the orbs that he absorbs. But in his head, he heard the voice of the notification.

You have leveled up!
There are 10 leveled-up notifications on Akira's status. He feels sluggish but recomposes himself instantly.


His body feels the surge of power, but different from how humans level up. It feels bigger. Denser. He tried his newfound power on his companion. He healed them with Area Heal, and it has become more potent healing than before. A small healing would fix broken bones, cuts, and bruises. They are feeling better than before. They are feeling lighter, healthier, and even energized. But before they could celebrate, Akira could feel a tremor. The League of Red Sky's demons are sending even more reinforcement and they are bigger than before. Before they approach, there is a loud bang from a distance. One of the gigantic demons falls down. The demons stop dead in their tracks. A loud noise within a far distance and killing one of the demons would mean Shin is covering Akira with a sniper rifle. Akira's phone rings.

"Hang in there"

Shin hangs up the phone. Akira knows that Shin will be fighting. But more importantly, Shin is back. After a few seconds, Shin lands beside Akira.

"Good to s-"

"Spare me the pleasantries. There are bigger problems now"

The demons snap out of it and start charging the group. Shin open his item box and handed Erik his M61 Vulcan that is too big for humans to lift, but Erik could lift it easily with his Minotaur mode.

"Whoa. What is this?"

"Your Weapon, courtesy of Newlight. Here is the ammo bag. Ken, this one is yours"

Shin throws his Remington 870 to Ken. It is fully loaded, but Shin hands him several Speedloaders. Erik throws the Celeknife to Akira. Shin looks at Marcus.

"Who's he?"

"Marcus. Former Mercian Paladin, Now a free citizen of Newlight"

Shin doesn't trust him completely and Marcus doesn't know how to handle firearms. He hands him his chainsaw.

"Pull the thread until the engine revving up. Once it does, there's a button on the handle, pull it"

Marcus follows the instruction. The chainsaw is revving up. Marcus is able to hold it in one hand, so Shin gives him another one.

"Where's mine?"

"You're already powerful enough with that Celething. Do us a favor and cut those three so we can have a clear sight"

Akira turns the Celeknife into a Celeaxe and cuts those trees with one slash. The trees are tumbling down in front of him. Shin, however, uses his M1911 for the demons. There are no other modifications, no enchantment, just plain M1911 with tons of .45 ACP

"Ken. Shoots them once they get closer. Akira, use your lightning. Marcus, Slash them whenever you can. And Erik, Slaughter them all. On my mark, Erik"

The group doesn't have a clear view of the demon yet. They are anticipating this fight. The engine of Marcus's chainsaws is revving. The groups are sweating under the evening sun. The demons are finally in sight, but they are not in range yet. Akira turns around and sees the sky. He raises his hand with an open palm and closes it. Then he focuses back on the demons.

"Come on, come on"

"Akira. Ready your lightning"

Akira acknowledges and readies his chain lightning. When he think of chain lightning, he created a whip with a shape of a chain made of lightning. Shin wonders if he's turned dumber without him, but he focuses back to the demons.

"Be ready"

The demon's horde is getting closer. The reinforcement is enormous, bigger than the main party they are backing up. From their peripherals, there are demons over the horizon.

"Akira. Fry them"

Akira spins the lightning above his head and whips the demon. The demons that are in contact with Akira's lightning instantly disintegrate. He rolled up the whip and throw them like a ball. The lightning ball he rolled from a whip forms a net behind the demons. Preventing them from running.


Erik's M61 minigun starts revving and the demons falls one by one. Shredding the demons, big or small, humanoid, or animalistic. Akira with his lightning helps disintegrates the demons' bodies. A precaution he learned from fighting Mammon. The shooting continues, and most of the demons are dead, except some of the demons. Their skin is so thick, that 20mm ammo barely penetrates their skin


Ken nods and ran up to one of the thick-skinned giant demons. He punched the demon with his dragon-like gauntlet filled with ground magic and fire magic. Punched him so hard that the ground beneath him turned into lava and sank some of the demons. It doesn't kill the thick-skinned demon, so he blasts a shotgun shell into the demon's open mouth until it's a mess. Ken retreats and started shooting his shotgun. Shin, is currently shooting with his M1911 with surgical precision. 2 shots of M1911 would find their way to the eyeball of the demons. From his perspective, shooting these demons slows the time down. And when he missed, the bullet turned back and find its way to its target. When his magazine runs out of the bullet, he imbued magic for a bullet and shoots them. He fired a fireball out of M1911, an ice needle, rocks, and a wind bullet. Akira keeps shooting lightning out of his hands. Disintegrating demons one by one. After half an hour passed, the demons are already mostly dead. There is only one left: a wolf-like, dark-red demonic dog with eyes bulging out and upper fangs longer than normal, exceeding its lower lips and the lower fang is longer and protruding out. Its fang is really sharp. Ken and Shin point their gun at the dog, but Akira waves it down.

"Don't shoot. It's a dog"

"It's still a demon. Get out of the way. I'm going to kill it"

"Don't. I'll handle this, alright?

Akira approaches the demon dogs and kneels near the dog. The dog growls. Akira keeps his distance. Akira looks all over the dog and sees that the dog is wounded. A bullet wound on his hind legs. Akira heals the demon dogs. The dog whimpers a little bit and looks at the wound. The bullet wound is already closing. The dog's red fur is growing back out of the damaged flesh. The dog, who seems to know what is happening, bows his head. Akira pets its head and the dog looks delighted. Then he rubs the dog's belly and the dog seems happy. The dog lay on its back, seemingly asking for more. Akira simply rubs the dog's belly. Akira picks up the demon dog and carries it on his back, like a backpack. He walked back to the group.

"Guys. Meet Ivanov. Our new family member"

"Wha- You name it already?"

"It's a dog"

Akira and Ivanov's eyes are sparkling. Shin and Ken is dumbfounded, while Erik is petting the dog on its head.

"It's a male dog"

"Yeah. I knew"

"You're going to adopt it?"

"Absolutely. Look how cute he is"

"Does it look cute to you?"

Akira looks again at Ivanov. Ivanov smiles with sparkly eyes.


Shin cover his face with his hand, exasperated with Akira's decision.

"One more thing, Shin"


"I apologize for how I behaved earlier. It was out of line, and you're right. We're being monitored. That's why they are sending demons to us"

"You know that's not how we settle things, right?"

"Right. All of you. Stand back. Whatever you do, do not interrupt. You too, Ivanov. Okay?"

The rest of the team nods and stands back but Ivanov whimpers. Akira pats his head, reassuring the demon dog everything will be okay.

"Akira. Since we're stronger now, no pulling punches. Give me everything you got"

Akira nods and steps back from Shin.

"Ken. Hand me the shotgun"

Ken throws the shotgun to Shin.


"No. That's yours. Keep it"

Unbeknownst to Akira, Shin already started aiming with the assisted aim that slows down time. Since the shotgun still has some slugs in it, Shin starts shooting Akira on every limb on Akira. Akira teleports away from the shot, but the pellets from the shotgun are fixed on him. Whenever he avoided them, they went back to him. It was a homing shotgun pellet and it would not stop until they are embedded into their target. Akira teleports the pellets somewhere for some time. Akira takes out his Celeaxe and turns it back to Celestaff. He throws it to Shin at full strength, but Shin saw it coming and dodges it. It was so fast, it almost grazes him. Shin is running out of bullets on his shotgun, but he imbued fire magic and shoots fireballs out of his shotgun. The size of the fireball is small, but it is so dense when Akira dodges the fireballs, the fireballs explode. Akira looks back and the fireball created craters behind him. The gang starts to worry that their fight will be destructive, so they moved back further. Akira started charging at Shin and punches Shin Center of Mass and he flew back. But Shin is not hurt as badly as it would be since he cast physical enchantment and an extra layer of barrier around him. Still, that punch would hurt him. Akira fell down suddenly in a pool of blood. The pellets he teleports went back to him and now it is finding their way to every limb of his body. Akira cast healing on his body and the pellets are out of his body, pushed out by his healing wound.

"You have become dangerous, Shin. That caught me by surprise. How did you do that"

"OATS. Otherworlder Assisted Targeting System. Remember that game we used to play?"

"Damn you, Vegas"

"That Celestaff of yours is really dangerous. Good thing I dodged it in time"

Akira extends his hand toward Shin. His Celestaff is flying towards him, spinning. Shin dodges this, but he was too late. The staff hits him in the leg and makes him spin mid-air. He fell on his back. Akira turns the Celestaff into a Celesword and charges again. This time, Shin takes his chainsaw from Marcus and clashes his sword with the chainsaw. Akira and Shin are in a stalemate with their melee weapons. Akira breaks up the stalemate and jumped backward, but Shin activates his OATS and targets his torso. He teleports to Akira and slices his torso. Akira winced and jumped back again, further. But Shin teleports again to him, and this time, slices his arms. This repeats 5 times until his torso and his limbs are slashed with the chainsaw. Akira cannot get up anymore. Shin takes out his M1911 and shot him in the torso until the magazine is empty. Akira is laying there, unmoving and drenched in his own blood.


Ken shouts to Shin. He just witness a killing of a friend. Marcus looks away, and cannot bear his master's death. Ivanov is growling at Shin and Erik is on the verge of crying. Ken prepares to attack Shin, but Akira gets up from his pool of blood. He is bloodied, but he is slowly healing.

"Right. Now will you forgive me?"

"All is fine. Don't do that ever again"

Ken and Marcus are in shock, but Erik is laughing.

"My lord. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Good job holding back there. This is our way to make amends"

"You have a weird way to make amends. Even back in Japan, this wouldn't be acceptable"


"Oh, I haven't told you yet. Erik, Ken, Shin, and I is a reincarnate from another world"

"Is it okay to tell him that?"

"Don't worry. He's one of us now. He'll be going back with us to Newlight"

"If he's okay with it, then I would be too. Shin, I'm this idiot companion"

"He's also the Co-King of Newlight"

"A country with 2 kings?"

Shin sighs.

"Akira's the one handling the governmental stuff. I handle any economic matters of the country. He's the De Facto king. I'm just a backup king"

"This is the first time I heard of a country run with 2 kings. Wouldn't it create a succession in the future?"

"It won't happen. I'm the only co-king. When I die, there will only be one king. His descendant"

"Your loyalty is commendable, Your Majesty Shin"

"Don't call me that, ever"

"Shin. Do you still have that 'Evolve points' for Erik?"

"Oh, yes. I still do"

Shin pulls out 100 platinum plates.

"Erik. You are free to refuse. But in order to make you powerful, would you like to evolve?"


"The demons are strong. Even humans could be having a hard time killing one. But if you evolve, it would be easier for you to kill one"

"Alright. Hit me with it"

"But there would be a side effect, depending on your character. Would you still do it?"

"Sure. I'm a military man. I should be able to endure it"

Akira and Shin nod. Shin chants for Erik's evolution. The coin pouches disappear and Erik's body starts glowing. His body is getting brighter and brighter, but Erik suddenly roars.


All of them stand back far away from Erik, who starts lashing out wildly. He punches the ground and it left a big crater where he is standing. His roars create a tremendous earthquake, that shakes the trees until they fell down. The ground is split into a chasm. Akira encases him in a block barrier. Erik punches the barrier. The ground still shakes and the barrier cracks.

"Impossible. How did he?!"

He punches the barrier again. It cracks even bigger

"Cast another barrier!"

"This is the strongest barrier I have!"

"Cast another!"

Akira cast another before the other one breaks. When the other breaks, he continuously punches the new barrier. The new barrier doesn't endure his punches.

"Let me handle him"

Erik tried to hit Ken. Ken with his dragon gauntlet punches Erik's hand. The impact of the punches creates a shockwave loud enough to be heard by Sabea's citizens. He deflects his punches and counters the punches with his own. He punches his face, but it doesn't slow Erik down. He grabs Ken's arms and throws him across the field.

"I'll have to hold him down. Akira, contain him with the barrier!"

Akira trapped Erik with his barrier. Erik tried to punch it again. Ken rushes to Erik. As soon as Ken is close to Erik, Akira dispels the barrier. Ken put Erik in a lock where he held him down with his neck. Ken uses all his strength to hold him down for a minute until Erik passes out.

"That was probably the hardest fight of my life"

"He broke my barrier. I'm scared to think how powerful he becomes"

"Good thing he's on our side, right?"

Ivanov licks Erik's face, but Erik is not waking up.

"Is he alive?"

"I just put him in a chokehold"

Ken touches Erik's neck and upper lips.

"Yep. He's alive and breathing"

"Do you want to go back to Romolo with us?"

"I can't now. I need to keep an eye on slave freedom in other cities. Why? Do you need help freeing the slaves?"

"I got Talos and one slave from the planning the liberation"

"Alright. We got a week to free them. After freeing them, what next?"

"I still need soldiers for the invasion. Maybe I'll rally the soldiers of Mercia"

"Do you want to take over Mercia?"

"No. Newlight is perfect. They can govern themselves"

"If you say so. You can take a rest here. You can't bring him back like this"

"I can teleport"

"Erik is still out. You need to make sure that he is himself before bringing him to Romolo"

"Alright. Hey. I have been thinking..."


"Our team has been growing, which means our RV wouldn't fit all these people. Maybe we could transform the RV into a mobile home. Like a bus, but we turned it into a motorhome"

Akira takes out his phone and search "Biggest motorhome" on his search engine. The photo of the bus turned into a mobile house.

"This is good. But what are you planning with the RV?"

"Everybody has their own room, shower, bathtub, kitchen, and lounge. Two stories, the upper floor for the rooms, the lower floor for driver seat, bathroom, and cooking"

"Can you drive a bus?"

"No. How hard can it be, right?"

"Well, that seems like a great plan. Go right ahead"

Akira takes out his RV and uses his magic to transform the RV into a bus. He disassembled the RV, uses materials in his item box, and assembled it again. Akira seems satisfied with the process. He invites the group inside.

"Welcome to the Motorhome, fellas. This will be our house and vehicle while adventuring"

Akira uses his barrier to envelope Erik in the shape of his body. He commandeers Erik's body to Erik's room upstairs to let him rest.

"Right. let's get to the tour"

Akira guides the gang inside. Marcus, Ken, and Shin enter the Bus and enter the lounge directly in front of the kitchen.

"This is the kitchen and the lounge. We can eat and cook here. The door next to it is the Bathroom, if you see inside it, we have a shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink. Further back is the entertainment room. Upstairs is the bedroom area. Settle in. We're going to rest here until Erik woke up"

Akira turns to Ivanov.

"Hey buddy. Do you want to eat?"

Ivanov barks in confirmation.

"What do you want to eat?"

He barks.

"I think I have some. Want to eat now, buddy?"

Ivanov barks again in confirmation.

"You can understand him?"

"Yeah. He wants meat. What do you want to eat?"

"I'm also craving meat"

"Me too"

"Right. Wait here. I'm going to buy some meat first"

"Buy meat?"

Akira went outside of the bus and teleport back to New Miami. He went to the Mall where the Adventurer's Guild and the other places were. He went to the New Miami Butcher, the main distributor of meat in Newlight, which is sponsored by the royal family of Newlight. Akira enters the shop and is greeted by the owner of the New Miami Butcher.

"Your Highness. What a pleasant surprise. How may I help you?"

"Hi, William. I need 10 cows' worth of meat, please"

"That is a big amount, Your Highness. Are you planning to throw a party?"

"No. I'm just using this as my supply"

"Supply? Are you going somewhere?"

"I was asked to be an envoy to broker a peace between Mercia and Suleyman."

A white lie, he believes that it's nothing harmful from this kind of lie.

"But 10 cows' worth of meat is plenty, isn't it?"

"Not at all. Oh, and Please include the sausages too"

William rushes to the back and packs 10 worth of cows in a white plastic box. They came in 8 boxes. He brought them one by one with a trolley.

"Here you go. How long are you planning to stay there?"

"I am not sure. At least a week"

"Then 10 cows is enough. Do you want me to deliver this to your palace?"

"No. I'll be carrying them"

Akira lifts the boxes with two hands. Williams is astounded that Akira could lift a whole 8 boxes alone.

"Your Highness. How did you lift that?"

"With my hand. Lift with your legs, not your back"

"No. I mean, that's almost 9 tons of meat you're lifting"

"Really? I didn't realize"

Akira puts the boxes down.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Your Highness, please. I can't possibly accept your money"

"No, don't. I'm a customer and the customer pays. If I can't pay for the product I'm buying, I would look bad. Come on, and don't give me a discount"

"As you wish. It would be ¥8531200"

"Include the tax, too."

"Yes. Including the tax, it would be ¥9384320"

Akira hands him 10 stacks of crisp ¥10000.

"Keep the change, William. Thank you for the meats, by the way"

William's eyes are glistening over the amount of money on his counter.

"Th-Thank you, Your Majesty. I hope the peace talks are successful"

"Thank you. Send my regard to your family"

Akira lifts the boxes as if they're nothing. People are looking for him in amazement. Akira is uncomfortable with people looking at him. He felt uncomfortable with the people looking at him lifting boxes. He ran outside and went to the alley beside the mall. He stores the meat boxes in his item boxes. After securing the meats, he went to the bank to exchange 10 platinum plates for a hundred million Newlight Yen. After stepping out of the bank, Akira received a phone call from Shin.


"Where are you?"

"At New Miami Mall. What's up?"

"Don't forget the beer"

"How much do we need?"

"Ken doesn't drink beer, Don't give Ivanov beer. A crate will be enough.

"Anything else?"

"Buy clothes too for Erik and Marcus, too. While you're at it, can you visit my house and grabs all of the green crates?"

"What's in the green crates?"

"Don't worry about it"

"Alright. Where are the crates?"

"Basement. There's a light switch behind the bookshelf. It will open up the door to the basement"

"Alright. Anything else?"

"Are we doing American Barbecue or Korean?"

"It's a barbecue. We're just grilling meat"

"Do you have the innards?"


"Great. Don't forget the tare. The supermarket has premade miso tare and some other condiments"

"Alright. I'll get to it. See you in a moment"

Akira hangs up the phone. He rushes to the clothing store and picks the clothing Marcus and Erik. For Erik, he chooses oversized Military camo pants, Plain Tan T-shirts, and Boots. For Marcus, He picks a long sleeve Gray turtleneck, dark blue trousers, suspenders, and a Newsboy hat. After buying the clothing, Akira went to buy everything needed for the food. Condiments, Beer, vegetables, and other things. Then after Akira finished shopping, he went to Shin's house. He teleports inside and turns on the light switch Shin mentioned before. The bookshelf moves to open up a ladder downstairs. He saw no green crates, except for in the armory. He opens the crates one by one. He is shocked by what he finds.

"What the hell are you going to do with this, Shin?"