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      Hello guys! I’m a newbie light novel writer and I am planning to make my own illustration and book cover but I just don’t get it. Where should I insert my book cover? Should I just insert it in the prologue? And there is that problem with not being able to insert jpeg, png, bmp, and everything so what should the photo be?
      I’m not rushing but I would run into this sooner or later after I finish my illustrations so it’d be very helpful if someone were to give me advice (^ω^)
      Thanks in Advanced!

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      Good question. Most authors are not artists as well, so to ensure an even playing field where their stories are judged on their writing, we do not have cover images for stories. However, we do allow authors who have covers to attach art to their chapters (jpeg and png are supported). You also can post your art on your community wall from your profile with a link to your story to promote it.

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