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The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1 — Chapter 1.3

“…You`ve sure got guts…” She muttered coldly.

Then she swayed her hand downwards with her three fingers extended.

…I didn`t see anything around her, and even above my head this time too. But when I was wondering what is she doing…

“Wah!?” I cried.


…a large Excalibur slashes downwards from behind.

Thanks to my instincts, I managed to evade that large and heavy attack just in time.

The moment I`m trying to escape from her great-sword—


She snapped her fingers.

The great-sword immediately exploded with tons of ice needles flying everywhere.

“W-Wah wah…!”

I prone myself immediately to avoid most of the flying needles.

This is bad, this is bad…!

“…scatter.” She commanded.

With popping sounds all over, her ice needles changed to— white feathers???

As it touches my clothes, it sticks to me and turns back to ice. At the same time, it spreads out continuously to cover the rest of the area.

This is just like petrification…!

I quickly get up and run away from the feathers that are all over me as I pat away the ice.



That girl took a single-edged sword on her left hand that was made by ice, and appeared at my blind spot— slashing diagonally from her left to right downwards as she was aiming for my neck.


I evaded her blade by taking a step sideways as I bend my waist.

Before she is going to swing it back, I stopped her by grabbing her left arm—


Such incredible softness and tenderness…!

“…Pervert…!” That girl immediately uttered.

What the hell!? Did she sense lust!?

A spear suddenly appeared from her right hand— that she`s still holding her lunch box, and shoots forth with an incredible speed at point-blank range.


Reluctantly, I retracted my right hand and did an anti-clockwise spin to dodge her spear. I managed to caught her spear with my left hand during the first quarter spin.

Making use of the momentum, I swung the spear with a back hand strike on the ground as hard as I could.


Dusts, snow, and her feathers are scattered all over, creating a smoke screen that was thick enough to cover our sights.

I took this chance to run away as far as I could— with maximum speed.

Thank goodness! She didn`t chase me…!

I finally saw a building. But my foot didn`t stop— until I reach it.

“(Huff)… (Huff)… How scary…!”


At first, she used 20 of her spear attacks to keep me away from her. But her attacks weren`t serious— she`s doing so just to watch my reactions.

Next, she tests my blind spot and made 100 spears to appear on top of me— then pressing down with consecutive attacks.

Perhaps it`s because I threw away the spear that she gave me on purpose to fight back, she got angry.

It was hellish dangerous afterwards.

She heavily pressed her attacks by making a great-sword to appear diagonally above and behind me— my blind spot again.

To prevent me from running too far after her great-sword landed, she made it to explode with needles— forcing me to prone immediately.

Why did she know I would prone? Because it was the best choice to dodge a scattering attack— and she keeps up by changing her needles into feathers.

The feathers are just a camouflage to approach to me with her scary footwork.

That one slash from her is lethal— it`s clearly aiming for my neck. But she knew I`m able to dodge it, so she tried to swung her blade back immediately.

I guess she did not expect me to stop her arm by grabbing it.

That`s why she had such an irritated reaction and immediately shoots her spear, aiming on my chest.

The scary part is— her eyes did not look away even once from me. She`s constantly observing and predicting my every move on every attack, as if she`s playing chess.

She trained hard too— especially on her footwork.

Her fighting`s movement are like a flowing stream and an elegant flower, dancing. What`s more, her reaction speed is really terrifying too, it`s so fast that it`s like auto-countering my attacks.

She`s not even serious either…! Fighting with one hand— just how confident is she?

But— that was as expected… of a fellow special student.

I knew that she`s the same as me the moment I noticed her white blazer after rejecting her duel. It`s just the same as mine— a white uniform that was only for special students.

It`s the first time that someone is able to attack me from behind, and three times on top of that.

Not even my little sis, Restia and magical pet, Ruby is able to do so.

And her weapons…

I stared at her ice spear that was still on my left hand.

…it didn`t break from my swing. It`s well made.

It`s stuck on my hand too because of her ice`s ability. It freezes along with my left hand.

My arm already long gone numb from the cold. So that`s why I`m able to grab her spear without any hesitation.

After I smashed her ice with a punch, I simply threw her spear away on the ground.

Come to think of it… are those words… meant for me…?

‘…is it really you…?’ I heard the whisper from the girl as I ran.

…No. That can`t be.

A screen suddenly pops up in front of me.


My device informed me.

“Damn, I`m going to be late.” I mumbled.

Where am I?

I didn`t even bother to look around and opened a screen to check for the school map.

The system`s back.

……really? What luck.

The Student Council President`s building— is just right in front of me.

Since my position now is on the right side of the building, I walked on my left towards the front door.

“Phew… just in time.” I murmured, as I stood on a distance away from the door.

I patted my clothes to clear out the ice and snow that`s sticking on me, then fixing my collar, tie and sleeves to make sure I`m neat.

As I walked, the blurry glass door opened sideways— allowing me in.

“…!” I was stunned.

Isn`t this… just a lobby?

The lobby is mainly designed as a waiting place for the students before their appointment time with the presidents. But…

…fancy chairs and tables, ceiling that was made of glass, high-class painting hanged on the wall, ornamental plants for decorations and a crystal lamp on the centre of the ceiling…


This is just like my house… They sure are rich… at least more than enough space for 100 students.

Now what should I do…? The principal didn`t told me what to do after I`m here.


A fragrant smell caught my attention.

This sweet aroma…

…I could smell the fragrance of Chamomile tea; it seems that someone made some.

But there`s nobody in front of me… where is it coming from—


I heard a clattering sound of a tea kettle being placed down. It`s from my right.

As I scan across the tables on my right…

…a girl that was sipping a cup of Chamomile tea, caught my eye.

She`s sitting at the table on the right end corner, alone.

A black colour blazer… Is she in the S ranked class…?

Because of the sunlight shinning in from the glass window, her long, white-blonde hair that weaved around her shoulder and waist sparkled and glittered beautifully.

Her hair has a short braid, covering from the middle to the left and tied with a black ribbon. What`s special about her is she wore laces gloves and laces thigh-high socks. The tea, ribbon, and her laces gloves and socks, makes her emitting a unique charm.

With such covering clothing, don`t you feel hot? It`s still summer.

But still… the way she sits is really elegant and charming.

“Erm…” I called out to her.

Somehow, her ear visibly twitched. Immediately she looked towards my direction with a cat-like look that`s brimming with curiosity.

In less than a second, she quickly placed her teacup and stood up.

‘Can`t you at least say anything? It`s really awkward.’ I thought.

Still, she didn`t say a word, and walks quickly but yet gracefully towards me.

The click-clacking sounds from the heels of her shoes is in a moderate pace, echoing throughout the lobby.

She smiled sweetly to me as she`s halfway here.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw her smile, no wait— it`s because of nervousness. She`s the 5th girl in real life.


But something doesn`t feels right. Despite that she`s already close, but her pace isn`t slowing down at all…!

So close…! Her chest is nearly touching me...!

“W-Wait stop! Too close!”

I muttered as I took a few steps backwards and grabbed her on the shoulders to stop her.

“Oh my~ You sure have that special feeling too like her~ So how`s your time with her~?” She suddenly asked.

“Hah…?” I don`t know how to react nor respond towards her question.

By her, she meant ‘her’? That girl I met earlier? Then where is she watching from…?

What`s with this absurd of events? These two girls I just met sure has their own unique personality. One is a monster and one is a weirdo.

“No comment? Hmm… but the principal highly recommended you. He even forced the school to admit your enrolment… be sure to do your best here okay~?”

I haven`t even got the chance to react and she`s already into something else.

But judging from her words…

“Umm… are you by chance the Student Council President…?” I asked as I retreated myself to keep some distance.

“Yes I am~ So will the both of you end up in a romantic relationship~?” She blabbered.

“Impossible.” I replied without a second thought.

She seems to be quite displeased with my answer.

“How long are you going to grab my shoulders~? I don`t mind if you want to try somewhere else~” Her way of tone is just like bragging.

“Ah, sorry.” I quickly retreated my hands.

“As a punishment, you are going to carry me to my room~” She said without a shred of embarrassment.

Hmm… she`s a little similar to my little sis. Those type that doesn`t have any embarrassment hanged their mouths, but I can easily deal with this.

“I don`t mind. So where is your room? Come, I will carry you.” I said.

“N-Ngh… You took it seriously… I`m sorry with the jokes, please come with me.” She replied.

She then took me to the lift at the centre, and authenticated her school badge to her own floor.

Only 10 floors…? But judging from the height of this building, there are supposed to have 30 floors.

During our ride on the lift to the 4th floor, both of us remained silent because of the awkward atmosphere that I created by accident.

Basically, awkwardness is a result of thoughts such as ‘If I don’t say something…’ and ‘If I don’t try and get along with her…’ gnawing at your mind.

Come to think of it, what`s her name…?

“Oh my… That was rude of me. My name is Persia, nice to meet you.”

When that thought came across my mind, she introduces her name with a generous smile.

“I see… so you are Persia Silverlight.” I murmured.

“Eh…? How did you know my family name…?” She asked with a tensed look.

“I memorized all of the 3 president`s names before I came here. But I`m not quite sure whether you are Scarlet or Persia so…”

Unlike other high schools, there are Student Council Presidents in the Imperial Knights Academy. Each year one representative. A system created mainly to lighten the work load.

The third year`s president is a guy— his name is Gerald Elbertstein.

The second year`s president is a girl— her name is Scarlet Night.

As for the first year`s president— it was originally lead by the girl known as Kuroyuki Shiroha, but she resigned 4 months ago and passed it over to her vice president— Persia Silverlight.

Since 2 of the presidents are girls, it`d be awkward if I called out the wrong name. Because I can`t remember their face clearly.

And out of the 3 presidents, Kuroyuki Shiroha was the most outstanding one among them despite that she`s a first year. But she doesn`t have any profile picture due to some reason.

As for Persia Silverlight…

“Don`t worry about it. I will treat you fairly no matter our status quo.” I stated.

Her nervous expression relaxed when I said that.

…she`s a noble. She had this tenseness when I mentioned her family name, it`s because many tend to act differently once they knew she`s a noble. But that doesn`t apply to me, and she likes it too.

As for why her family name was so well-known— I will explain about that later.

“Thank you~ You sure know how to be a smart guy~” She said.

‘Yeah right, because my rank was higher than you here.’ I thought.

Oh, we reached.

“This is my personal floor~” Persia bragged.

The student council president`s room is located at the 4, 5 and 6 level. The rooms at the 7th level are for meeting purposes.

The floors at the 8, 9 and 10 are all the principal`s office. Not everyone is able to access those floors.

We walked towards the first door on the left, and Persia authenticated herself at the door. It slides upwards— revealing a vast and spacious room.

Her room was ridiculously large. Even if she was a Student Council President, it was still ridiculously huge for one person.

I looked around.

A depiction of the Imperial Knights Academy`s school grounds was hung on the wall.

Placed in front of the large window with room to spare, was a heavy beech wood conference desk with matching chairs.

…It looked like the boardroom of a large corporation.

As Persia sat down at the head of the table with a practiced ease, the door at the entrance closed.

“Please be seated~” She invited.

I leisurely sat on the chair, as she opened her screen and searched for my details.

She found it, and pressed into my personal data. When she did, another screen popped up in front of me, showing my details to me.

‘Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare. Age 16. Birthday July 7th

These are the only things written on the screen.

“Geez, that`s it?” Persia muttered with a peeved expression.

She constantly messed with her screen by swiping up and down, like she was searching for something else for several seconds.

The atmosphere is starting to turn serious.


Because my details were too little, it`s making me feeling guilty for no reason.

“Mn…” She decided to give up.

After closing her screen, she placed her hands together and looked into my eyes with a serious expression. It totally doesn`t suit her image compared to before.

“…Do you know why you were chosen to attend this academy?”

As she asks me with a questioning gaze, her eyes narrowed.

“Ahaha……” I forcibly laughed, and advert my eyes.

…I couldn`t say the reason. Because there was no reason to begin with.

Seeing that I`m keeping my mouth shut and adverting my eyes, Persia then leaned herself on her chair leisurely, and started to tell me a story.

“At the Imperial Knights Academy, there`s a building located on a specific place— It was the closest building to the pink drop tree, and isolated from any other facilities.”


As I heard the first phrase, the image of that five-storey building suddenly appeared in my mind.

“This building was protected by a force field, as well as warning systems and spy cameras to prevent any outsiders from entering within its territory.”

It is that building…! I even knocked on the force field.

“Within that building, there lived a goddess—which her beauty was so much that it attracts many bad insects (stalkers and perverts) around her, causing her problems. That`s why she spent her daily life inside that building, barely stepping out from it.”

If you are asking me about a beautiful girl— I already met one, and she attacked me. What a trauma.

“That girl, was known as the <Winter Princess>.” Persia finally ended her story.

“Erm… sorry, why are you telling me all of this?” I asked Persia.

What`s with her story anyway?

“You see… our academy`s rank have been dropping from the tournament since the last 3 years. What we need, is a partner for our school`s strongest student— the <Winter Princess>, and her name was known as Kuroyuki Shiroha.”

The moment I heard this name— my heart jolted with excitement. Because Kuroyuki Shiroha is a person that I admired.

“T-The Ex-student council president…!?” I inadvertently muttered.

“That`s right… But why do you look so surprised…? Aren`t you having fun with her earlier?” Persia asks.


Suddenly, the image of the girl that I fought earlier suddenly pops up inside on my brain.

“S-S-She`s Kuroyuki Shiroha…!?” My voice trembled as I blurted those words out.

“That`s right~ Isn`t she really pretty~? Did your heart skip a beat~?” Persia said with a smile.

Ironically, my heart did not skip after our fight— even till now.

Such a big mistake…! Lucifer Nightwalker…! Why didn`t you realize it…!?

No wait… She did mention her name before…! It`s because I got so stressed out from fighting her that I forgotten about it…!

My blood is turning colder and my body is getting hotter. A drop of cold sweat drifted across my face.

“Why do you look so frustrated? Is it because she`s too hard to handle~?” Persia smug.

“That`s not it. She even held back, I already knew the difference between us.” I stated.

“…!” Persia was visibly surprised.

“No wonder you are a special student~” Persia murmured with a smile.

Seems to me she`s hiding something…

“Ah! I almost forgot…!” Persia suddenly claps her hands.

For a president, she seems to be a little forgetful and unorganised.

“Do you know anything about our academy`s entry system?” She asks.

“No, not a clue.” I replied with a firm look.

The entry system is for the enrolment exam. And I skipped the enrolment exam.

“I will start by explaining from the class division~”

She opened her screen with a details of the enrolment exam, and started to explain.

“In each year, there are a total of 16 classes. The student`s ranking was based on the result of the enrolment exam, and were divided into four ranks of C, B, A and S.”

“The Rank S is the highest rank?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded.

So this girl in front of me is indeed an S ranker.

“And there are 2 exams; paper exam and practical fight test. The students with overall marks in the paper exam of 0-40 are Ranked C, 41-60 are Ranked B, 61-80 are Ranked A, and 81-100 are Ranked S.”

“Huh? Zero marks??? So they don`t have a limit on how low it is?” I asked.

“Yeah… They don`t…” She replied with a quizzical look.

“Anyways, since you were highly recommended by the principal, he informed me that there`s no need for you to take the paper exam, and you were placed directly under the S rank.”

“I see…” I mumbled.

Even the agent is on his knees, I figured that he`d do something at least that much.

So that guy is manipulating my enrolment behind the scenes.

But at the very least, don`t use such a make-up reason for it…! Why the hell did you pair me up with such a strong girl…!?

“And as for the practical fight test… I think it`d be better if I explained at that place. Let`s go now~” Persia immediately stood up and walked.

I followed her.

We went into the lift again. This time, Persia authenticated herself and choose for the lowest floor.

…The basement.

As we rode down the lift, Persia looked at me with a smile.

“Our school focus on both academics and martial paths. You`d best remember this and do your best~” She said.

“Even if I don`t remember, I don`t think it would`ve been a problem to me.” I replied.

“Oh my, aren`t you confident~?”

Persia covered her smug with her hand, acting to be amazed.

“Haha, I`m just joking.” I replied.

We reached. The lift opened, revealing a large and long hallway that seems to be connected to a certain room at the end of the hallway.

As Persia leads me along the path, we started to talk.

“The room ahead of us is the training room.”

“Training room…? So am I going to fight some robot or automata?” I asked.

“They are holograms, to be exact.”

“Huh? How am I able to hit them if they are just holograms…?”

“You will know sooner~”

Somehow, she`s trying to be mysterious.

“Persia, aren`t you S ranked?” I asked.

“No~ I`m C ranked~”

“Stop lying. There`s no way YOU of all people would ever get a C rank.”

“Eh~ How cruel… You don`t believe me at all…?” She acted like she nearly cried.

“Yeah… Not one bit.” I replied.

“I will become your girlfriend if you believe me~ I`m pretty, so don`t you think you should consider a bit~?”

“No thanks. I don`t have that kind of mood to be thinking about relationships…”

In fact, I have a very limited time. From what ‘that doctor’ predicted— I can only live for another 2 years. Possibly, my life would be shortened. Not even Restia and Ruby know the fact about this.

If you are asking why do I look calm, that`s because I already prepared my heart to die years ago. So at least— I risked the chance to come all the way here to find the solution.

If there`s probably a way— time will tell the solution sooner or later. The ending will either be happy, death, or destruction.

We reached a large metallic door that seems to be made with heavy steel.

“Please wait for a moment.” Persia halted her footsteps.

She authenticated herself by using her school badge.

“Please step inside to this room~ I will be watching from up there~” She said.

“Okay…?” I replied.

Hearing my response, Persia then walked to the other side.


So this is a training room. The ceiling was vaulted, and the room was nearly as spacious as 2 football fields. At one end were innumerable hexagonal patterns placed side-by-side, while the opposing end were made of glass, revealing a flurry of busy workers within.

“…Lucifer, can you hear me?”

From the intercom where Persia is standing, her voice can be heard behind the glass.

“Yeah.” I replied to her superficially.

“Now then, I will explain about practical fight test.” She said.

From what Persia explained, this is just like a virtual reality game. My job is simple, it`s just to defeat the incoming hologram opponents projected by the system. The hologram is able to attack, but the moment they touched you with their weapons, your pain stimulus will be stimulated and you’d inflicted with pain on that specific part on where it was touched.

The requirements for this was just to hit as much as you can, and avoided being hit for more than 10 times.


Someone from the room seems to press a button.

After the ‘beep’ sound, a pair of metallic coloured gloves appeared on the centre of the room, floating on mid-air around my height.

Wait what!? Gloves?

Although there are some silicon wires and a bunch of things attached to it, how the heck do I use these?

Whatever, I will wear it first.

It automatically adjusted itself to my size.

“So…?” I asked, and raised my left hand and pointed at the glove.

“Ah…! Erm… these gloves are linked to your nervous system inside your brain. Imagine a weapon that you wanted, and it will be installed on the glove. It is only limited to 10 weapons at most. But just in case, if the image of your weapon is not clear enough, weird things will come out. So… do your best~!”

“Okay then…” I murmured.

Let`s start with something simple… a pistol.

Pixels slowly appeared from the gloves, installing the weapon that I imagined in my mind.

“Wow. It really came out…!” I inadvertently said with excitement.

I grabbed the pistol. It has weight, how realistic!

To test it out, I pressed the trigger— the trigger`s not moving.

I can`t even take out the parts. I see… then how about this…?

…Part by part combination.

Barrel, slide with forward sight, rear sight and ejection port, grip with a magazine well, take down level, magazine release button, trigger guard, tang, magazine with a magazine spring, bullets…

…and done!

I pressed the trigger—


A bullet fired out and knocked on the wall. Then, it disappeared.

Ho. There`s even recoil. Not bad.

“D-Did you just imagined a pistol…?” Persia asks from the intercom.

“Eh? Is pistol illegal…?” I asked.

“Ah no. That`s not it. Now are you ready?” Persia brushed it off somehow.

“Let`s rock…!” I shouted.

A big screen appeared on the centre. It`s starting to countdown.

‘Hmm… perhaps I should play around for a bit.’ I thought.


“LEVEL ONE.” The system informs.

From a certain distance away from me, an enemy appeared with a large sword on his right hand.

Since it says level one, I thought it is weak— and shot a bullet through its head.

‘HEADSHOT.’ A screen displayed above the hologram.

After the shot, the hologram disappeared.

Hmm… I guess I will take this seriously like a game.

After a second, a hologram appeared— but it`s holding a spear.

I shoot a bullet through its head. It disappeared.

Another second, a hologram appeared— holding a dagger.

And this repeated for another 47 times with different weapons until it reached level 2.

In level 2, the holograms came in a group of 5. Since they appeared from different directions, I imagined for another pistol and shoot their heads with ease with a dual pistol attack.

After another 45 headshot kills, Level 3 arrived.

One hologram appeared, but it`s weapon is a gun— an assault rifle.


It disappeared after I shoot it on the head.

After 49 kills, level 4 is here.

A group of 5 with guns? Sniper, pistols, rifles, grenade launcher… Damn, this is tricky. I don`t think my shooting skills is fast enough to shoot 5 of them at the same time.

I quickly run around to dodge the bullets and shoot their heads.

But as one disappeared, another came out immediately and shoot their guns at me.

I don`t want to get shot…!

If the system is able to create any weapon that I imagined…!

I quickly installed 5 double-edged swords as I dodge the flying bullets. The swords are able to float and move under my control.

Moving the swords in a god-like speed, I penetrate the holograms in one go.

As those that appeared afterwards, I`m able to kill it before they act.

After 50 kills, level 5 came.

One hologram appeared, wielding a rapier. Although it`s holding a melee weapon, but I`m to tell that it`s a veteran from it movements.

Nevertheless— I`m able to kill it with ease with a bullet through its head.

A hologram appeared.

Hmm…? What is he holding…?

It`s an assault rifle.


It`s an assault rifle.

It fired.

“Not good…!” I shouted as I run to avoid the bullets.

Because of the arrangement earlier, I didn`t expect the hologram to be holding a gun. My reaction was immediately dulled due to the unexpected.

As it fired continuously, I quickly controlled 3 swords to block the bullets, and installed a circular shield to block the rest of the bullets by hiding behind it.

Since the shield is transparent, I`m able to kill the hologram by controlling the rest of the 2 swords.

Before the rest of the 48 holograms are able to act— I killed them with the pistol.

Level 6.

A group of 5 again. With both melee and long range weapons. They had a formation of 2 vanguards and 3 rear-guards.

Although my pistol is able to kill one of them by each shot, but their intense attacks forced me to hide behind my shield.

But luckily I`m able to kill it with the sword.

Level 7.


As long as they are solo, I don`t have any problems.

Level 8.

Not much difference, but they are able to avoid my sword attacks this time as I attack behind the shield.

But the moment I focus the swords one-by-one on the holograms, I`m able to kill it.

It takes time, but after 50 kills— Level 9.

Level 9— BANG!


It blocked my bullet!?

I quickly added 3 more shots.

And surprisingly, it`s able to avoid and block my bullets with his assault rifle without a sweat.

“Guns won`t work anymore.” I murmured.

I quickly remove the pistols and focus on controlling the swords behind my shield. Since there`s only one hologram, it didn`t last long against my sword attacks.

After 50 kills, Level 10. (MAX LEVEL)

A group of 5, and because of their team work, they are able to help each other to defend against my sword and attack me with their guns simultaneously.

This is troublesome. The swords aren`t strong enough.

To break through that defence… I need a powerful attack.

Yeah… like her.

As I hide behind the shield, I installed two spears and took it on my hand.

I took the spear on my right, and aimed for the centre of their formation.

“Pierce!” I shouted, and threw the spear.

Just right before the spear hit the shield, I removed shield in time and quickly ran around to avoid the bullets shot from the holograms.

The force I generated onto the spear was too strong, the holograms were unable to block its impact and disappeared along with the spear.

Since the rest of the 45 holograms were staying in the same formation, I killed them using the same tactic over and over again.

But after more than thousands of kills, I got bored.

“Alright, I give up!” I shouted.

The system immediately come to a halt and made the holograms to disappear along with my weapons.

After removing the gloves on my hand and place it back on the magnetic field, the door slides open afterwards.

As I walk out with a fed-up sigh, I quickly walk towards the water dispenser.

Since it`s an automatic system, a large glass cup slides out from the bottom and clear water was filled.

I quickly snatch the fully filled cup and drink to quench my thirst.

I didn`t think of anything related towards the result of my test. I was just— annoyed.

It`s not as difficult as I think it was. Is it because that the principal is doing something behind this?


Someone gently tapped on my shoulder.

I quickly turned my head and look back, and saw Persia— who is smiling and waving her hand.

After I place the cup on the clean and disinfection slot, we waited at the waiting hall for the results.

“You aren`t tired at all, aren`t you~?” Persia gave a smug.

“Well obviously I am. Didn`t you see my tired look?” I refuted.

“Hmm~ It`s not physically, but mentally~”

Despite Persia had such a simple-minded look and appearance, but she`s actually quite the sharp one.

“Actually why are we waiting here? Aren`t the results supposed to come out the moment it ended?” I asked.

“The system is calculating your strength through estimation mode you know?” Persia replied.

“Estimation mode?”

“It`s system that predicts the result that you are able to get when you are not in condition. I know you are able to go higher than just that, so I told the workers to calculate using that mode~”

“Why not just let it be?” I replied.

“Because you are fooling around, aren`t you~?”

Persia had a displeased smile.

“Ahaha… You found out.” I tried to brush it off by laughing.

By the time things are going to get awkward, Persia`s screen suddenly popped up in front of her— showing a bunch of letters and numbers.

“Excuse for a moment.” She said.

She reads what`s on the screen, and inadvertently murmured—

“Oh my…”

I took a quick glance on the contents.

“So what`s my result?” I skipped the details and ask the person in charge.

“2721 kills and estimated 13600 kills.” She answered as she pouted her cheeks.

“Okay… What does this mean? Your aren`t happy at all.” I said.

Judging from her expression, that number`s a high value. As for the reason of her pouty look, I have no idea.


Suddenly, Persia inadvertently placed her fingers on her mouth and looked away— trying to hold back from the laughter.

“……Ehem.” I deliberately coughed to make her come back to her senses.

As soon as she realizes that, she quickly looks at me with an evil grin.

“Do you know anything about the ranks in practical battle?” She asks.

“No, I don`t.”

“Starting from Rank C, 0-200 kills, Rank B, 201-300 kills, Rank A, 301-400 kills, and Rank S, 401-1000 kills.”

Okay… my result is higher than Rank S maximum kills for 13 times.

…I had a bad feeling of this.

“Just out with it, Persia.” I uttered.

“Since your results is overwhelmingly high compared to Rank S and just 5 kills lower than the highest record, 13605…”

“Don`t tell me the 13605 is from Kuroyuki…”

“Correct~ And adding up your total results and take your average results, then congratulations!” Persia said with excitement as she shakes my hand.

My results are totally in Rank S.

“I see. Then I will be in your care.” I replied.

“Sorry, but you are not with me~” Persia instantly stopped me from my conclusion.

“Eh?” I was dumbfounded.

“Since there`s a special case this year, the principal did a slight alteration towards the academy`s system. He created a special building solely for that special student.”

“Don`t tell me...” I inadvertently murmured when the conclusion came into my mind, and Persia cleared away my doubts.

“Yes, you are right~ Special student number 2~ Starting from today, you will be learning and living at the special building, and your classmate is Kuroyuki Shiroha~!”

Discussion (3)

  1. Justice

    This reads pretty well. Minor grammar errors here and there but nothing to detract from what is being conveyed. Its been a while since I last read the other draft so I don’t recall a Persia. She appears to be a well defined character here and because I don’t remember her I’m guessing she will remain a minor character. If that is the case, she does make her presence known while on the scene with a cute demeanor. Regardless of how much she has left in the story, here she made an impact.
    I’m actually surprised that your main character has a time limit to him. I recall a dual personality but I didn’t think it was a fatal one. By adding a time limit, that adds tension for the reader in worrying for the character. Even if the predicted two years is correct, I recommend some degradation as the story progresses to further build sympathy and remind the reader the main character is on a time limit.
    Between the ending fight scene and the protagonist reaching the building of his appointment, that didn’t transition over too well as I read. I recommend the main character remain cautious as he pulls away from the battle with Kuroyuki Shiroha who remains on guard like a predator who just removed a threat to her territory. Something like that. Maybe a final stand off where they are staring each other down, acknowledging the other as a combatant equal or something. Then Kuroyuki Shiroha retreats back into her domain. Something like that to smooth over the change from an epic fight into a more domestic environment.
    Also, there is a lot of ‘I said/Persia said. With only two people talking, some of these information bits can be removed. Having too many is kind of distracting. Only through excessive dialog should that be done just to remind the reader who is talking. Or if there is a breakup in the order of who is speaking. Like one of them interrupting the other. You can also dodge the ‘said’ statements by using physical reactions when the character is talking.
    “I see. Then I will be in your care.” I replied.
    “I see,” rubbing my chin in thought. “Then I will be in you care.”
    I gave a courteous bow.