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The Scars of His Sanity Prologue/Chapter 0.5

   The Scars of His Sanity by Simar Singh

Prologue/Chapter 0.5 (AKA The Boring Part of The Story, Very Sorry).

                       17 Years Ago.

“It’s a Boy!” the doctor said cheerfully as he handed over the boy to the mother’s hands.

“Our very first child! What should we call him?” The mother asked the father.

“Let’s call him Alex” He said without a hint of hesitation.

“Alex it is then!

3 Months passed since then and they were back at the hospital discussing Alex’s mental health in the future. The doctor stated that as he grew up the boy would slowly start to lose his sanity and that he should have about 12 years of sanity until then. As they heard those very words leave his mouth the parents began to cry not only for their son’s future but also for the future of his new sibling to be, as the mother had already gotten pregnant again. Out of concern, the mother managed to choke out a few words.

“Will our next child have the same problem?”

   “At the moment this seems to be just a very unfortunate irregularity that isn’t necessarily genetic that you shouldn’t really worry about. However, your son should take these pills to hide his backbones.”

“So you know about her secret then?” said the father of Alex.

“Of course I do, I am a doctor after-all. But I won’t rat you out since I’m in favor of world peace unlike most of the Human race. You two are living proof of what is possible. Although out of everyone to have created a half breed I wouldn’t have thought you would have, Amelia, Queen of the Vampire Side of Delaware. I assume you decided to have a kid on the human side of Delaware for the kids to have a good life, Am I right?” So unfortunate indeed.”

“Damn, Can’t believe you knew so much about me. However, I Thank you for your understanding of our intentions of world peace.”

“I’m assuming the wings will disappear once the Successor is chosen?”

“Yes, and thank you once again.”

5 Years Passed since than and the boy is now 5 Years old and sitting outside with his dad viewing the acres of the gold-colored grass from the sunset as if it’s trying to mock the wheat fields of a cow farmer’s hard work.  

“Dad how come you’re always at work?” Alex said in a curious tone.

“It’s because you need money for food and water and a place to sleep.”

“Do you like work?”

“Yes, if you don’t have a job that you like, then you should just quit and find a job you do like so you can find happiness. Work tends to take up a lot of your life, Alex. With a horrible job you’ll feel awful and never happy to wake up in the morning.”


“Yeah, I’ve experienced it once before and I was apart of that for quite some time. Hey Alex, do me a favor only do what you feel will make you happy. As long as that happiness isn’t at the expense of someone’s life.

“Okay, dad!”

“Thank you, son.”

We sat in silence for a solid 10 minutes as the sun finally came to a close. But before then, I could feel a disgusting, worthless breeze smack my face ever so gently forcing me to close my eyes. At that moment I saw nothing but faint light piercing the through the darkness caused by my eyelids. What one person might call absolute bliss, I thought was absolute hell. At that very moment, my knees went numb and just like how they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” my thought couldn’t help but be noisy, Like being stuck in a car with the bass boosted to the max and the volume up to 100 with the windows closed. Especially since they were uninterpretable, gibberish. I was screaming in pain but no sound came out, making my cry for help inaudible. I was so scared to break the silence it was as if I couldn’t breathe. I was crying but instead of tears my thoughts just got louder and louder until the sun had finally set. Which led to me letting out the greatest scream of relief and pain. My father terrified and worried about what was going on, I told him that It was finally over as tears finally began to stream down my face. After my tears had stopped I explained to him about the noises that pounded my head like I was a nail to hammer. After that day I  got headphones to cancel out any silence. The music I chose to listen to was usually a subgenre of jazz, also known as Lofi hip-hop since the bass was always nice to sleep to, which meant that I normally get called a normie (out of sarcasm of course, not actual bullying).


-End Of Prologue/Chapter 0.5 (The Boring Part Of The Story)-


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