17: Prologue Chapter

The Prologue

"The more people you trust the more betrayal is to be expected."


A little bit of backstory, My name is lzumi Takamatsu. In this world mana is what runs through anything that is alive and/or can create energy. The people of this world are born with abilities depending on our element. I am the son of two of the greatest warriors known to the country of kyushi. In this country special warriors of the country are given code names in battle. My father was called The enforcer. My mother was called the time queen. They were seen as the most powerful of their time, they were feared by other bordering countries. As well as people who lived around them. That's what they were seen as someone who could save them but as well as a threat that could take them out without effort. But how I saw them was as my parents who loved me Juyo and Hinata Takamatsu. People always acted nice towards me but I could tell it wasn't from the kindness from their hearts it was from fear and that they despised me. That was until I started going to school, when I first used my magic. It was seen I couldn't use much mana with passing out. This went on for years. I was bullied in class and by everyone. People kept on telling me how i was the greatest embarrassment of all time, How my parents were the strongest in the country yet i couldn't even perform simple Magic. One day I was tired of it and got in a fight at 9 years old with a kid taller and more athletic than me who had been bullying me for years. I had lost that fight and came back home with bandages all over my face, I got home and saw a note from My parents. Dear, Izumi we have been called for another mission. We will try to be back by tomorrow. Love Hinata Takamatsu. I was used to them not being there because they were called out. But the thing was they never came back, that day nor the next. Then the night that had changed the course of my life had happened with that one knock.


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