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A Way to Change: Synopsis


A mercenary named Aston is coming home from another failed job before discovering a young white-haired girl sitting with her captor. Feeling as if he was bound to her by some unnatural force, he tracks her down and finds that she’s soon to be trafficked to a well-known individual. Outraged, he gruesomely eliminates the man and causes a massive scene. His presence is now known by the media and a bounty is then set by investigators and the police force. His situation drastically changes as he now has a young girl that he is not sure how to care for and a boss who is not a bit pleased over his recent performances. Although he understands his predicaments, the view of the girl brings him at ease; perhaps she can set him straight and show him the joys of life that he so desperately needs. What will he have to do in order to guarantee her safety? What new challenges await him? For now, he must hope that he doesn’t get killed while trying to figure it all out.


A little about me:

Hello! I'm a college student who enjoys writing light novels as a form of passing time. Recently though, I've been writing frequently on this single light novel, and I've pretty much been nose deep in writing this thing. I am comfortable enough to publish chapter 1 of my story as the rest is still very much a work in progress. I currently have 50 pages down and continue to wiggle in the time for writing between classes and school work. Because of this, it's been taking me a lot longer to progress without hacking away time for my studies. I'm working on my first draft, so do keep in mind that everything won't be peachy. Thanks for reading!


P.S. - This is meant for Beta reading and a way for me to receive feedback and criticism. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 are complete, but I won't post any more chapters until I feel they are ready. Thanks again!