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Aculards Revenge

There Was A Mystrious Place Where  One Boy Were Born , That Place Was Hell . When Demon King Saw That Boy , Boy was Half Demon Half Human , And Demon King Said : He have to live in Human World With His Human Mother , That Was The Day When  Half Human And Half Demon was Born Named Aculard .

5 years later ......................................

Mom : Aculard , Aculard

Aculard : Yeees Mom

Mom : Dinner is ready Come

Aculard : yess

Ur favorite soup is ready eat it fast we have to go somewhere else , OK mom

While They Were Eating they heard Big Voice Coming From Sky,

Mom : stay here and hide im gonna check what voice was that

Aculard : ok mom , im scared

Mom : dont be scared my boy everything gonna be ok

When Aculard Mom goes outside he saw black thing in sky aculard mom started running in home but it was late Black Hole From Hell already started Working And it taked all humans Soul From Village

when acculard were confused and he started to go outside he saw his mom was passed out he hugged her and started crying , but from the sky he heard Tragical Voice


Aculard Passed Out

some mins ago when he waked up he started crying he was know everything about himself and hell and he gived himself a word that he will be the one who will kill his father , In dat day aculard never smiled.

COM : Thatis How Aculards Revenge Started

Acullard Always Loved Swords and swordsmanship and he started to finding Master Who Would taugh him Swordsmanship and sword arts , aculard wanted to be strong to defeat his father , He was looking for swordsman master with whole 5 days but nobody telled him about it exhaused aculard fall a sleep when his father told him : Go To Far NorthEast In one of the demon continent named Ringus ,

Demon king : Son Be strong and Avenge Ur Mother HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Aculard : YOU.......................................

and aculard waked up , and that day he started journey finding his master .

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