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Apostle Chapter 1 (Reupload)

Chapter 1 - The Awakening

My body felt heavy and can hardly breathe properly. I can smell a horrible stench of something foul in the air.
I opened my eyes only to see nothing. Darkness. I tried moving my body but I cannot. It feels as if theres some
kind of heavy pressure or something wrong with the gravity in here. A few minutes later my eyes slightly adjusted
to the darkness. I notice that im inside some kind of huge room thats been damaged. Broken pillars and plenty of rocks
all over. I can finally move my right hand. While checking myself for any injuries I try to survey my surroundings
thouroughly but I have no clue where I am.

I could feel something wet on my clothes by my chest. Blood. I tried waking up but theres severe pain coming from my
chest. I think some of my ribs are broken. I dragged myself using my right hand towards a rock to lean on it.
I noticed someones body not to far away to my right. I tried to speak but my throat is so dry. As it is its hard to
breathe. I couldnt even swallow my saliva. Yet I tried to speak again and again. Eventually..

"C-c-can you"

No response.


My voice is soft but it should be audible enough to hear. Still theres no response. The person isnt moving at all.
Its still dark but I can see better now. The person is using a some kind of robe. Black in colour. I resolved myself
to get closer by dragging myself.


The pain is too much. However I carried on moving towards the body. As I got close enough to make contact I tried to
to speak again.

"Are you okay?"

As I said that I moved the body towards me.


Blood.. Blood all over. I moved away in a panic forgetting about my chest.


This person...a man. Seems like he's dead.

"(What the hell??! Why is he dead? Why am I here??)" as he thought to himself as he stares at the body.

He's trying to remember what happened before waking up. But he can't remember a single thing. Hes panicking even
more as he tries to realize whats going on.

"(I woke up with broken ribs in an unknown place with a dead body. I dont even know whats going on. I need to get
away from here.)"

I tried picking myself up with my right hand try to sit on my knees. I see that I cant move my left hand. More
like I cant feel it. I can definitely see it being there though. Eventually I stood up fighting the pain as I rise.


I tried to find a wall so I can lean on it and balance myself. I can see my surroundings better now. This is not a
normal room. Not a room that you would find in house or a hotel. Theres no window or light. The air is so stuffy.
I looked at the floor and noticed white markings.

"What are these white markings?"

I looked at it as I squint my eyes and noticed its round and surrounded by candles have fallen. I noticed something


More bodies. All over near the white markings. About 20 bodies. All on the floor in blood.

"What the hell happened here? Why am I here? Shit I dont understand whats going on. I need to get the hell out
of here quick"

I walked alongside the wall hopefully to find a door or some exit.


I froze. Theres something here. I looked around quickly to find the source. Nothing. I moved faster trying to find
exit. But I hear the same sound but only closer.


Something is moving on the floor behind me.

"...." I was about to say something but when it got closer I couldnt say anything. Its the body of the man I thought was
dead. Actually he should have been dead. But hes moving right now draggin himself towards me. I moved further away.


More sounds and it wasnt from him. I looked at where the markings are. The bodies arent there anymore.

"Wha--?" Where are bodies?? I couldnt have imagined it.

I looked back to see the mans body who was dragging himself towards me. He isnt there? Where the they all go??
Not wanting to stay in this place any longer I continued moving. I finally found an opening. As I went through the
exit I hear something behind me. Chewing.

"Is someone there?" Big mistake. The bodies are piled up being torn into pieces and eaten by something. Its has two
hands and two legs just like a humans. But its huge. 2? No 3 meters maybe. It was eating the bodies of the people that
were on the floor. I wanted to spew. I could smell the blood and foul meat. The beast noticed me and stood up
completely. It really is huge. I cannot move. Im scared...

I cant speak. The beast walked closer to me. I noticed something like horns on its head. No it is horns! What is
this thing? It was just a few meters away. I want to run away but my body wont move. Why?!! I need to run!
The beasts face was right by mines....

"----HUMAN--" A deep ugly voice. Looking at me while he said that. Red eyes, fangs, dark brown..fur?
"--A LIVE...HUMAN...---"
"--TASTY THAN UNDEAD--" I can see the beast grinning while drool comes out and smacked his lips.

He wants to eat me? No no no no.... I dont even know whats going on or where the am I and what the hell is this thing
can talk. I dont want to die.

"Please....let me go. I dont know where I am and I just want to get out of here"

"---AHHHHAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA!!!--" A horrible and evil laugh. Spit flew all over me as he laughed.
"---YOU---IN DUNGEON---" What? A dungeon? Like the ones in anime and rpg games? Then there must be somekind of exit!
"Then I can escape from here right? You will let me go right? I didnt mean to disturb you"
"--EXIT ON...FIRST FLOOR---" Of course its on the first floor. Why did he laugh?
"----YOU---DEEP IN..DUNGEON---" Deep? As in many floors away from the entrance???
"H-How many floors away??" The beast looked at me with a grin. He seems excited.
"---HUMAN ON...FLOOR 82!!-----"

What? Did he say floor 82?!