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Apostle Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Next Floor

EHHHH????!!! He literally threw a huge ass rock at me???? He wants to flatten me like a pancake??? Wouldnt it be
better to me as is? Wait what the hell am I saying?!


"No. Nope. Hell no!!"

Woke up in an unknown place and had a few broken ribs. So a dead body. Saw more dead bodies. See a beast eating
those bodies. Am I being punished? I can't run much longe--


"Hah" That was really close! Im sure I stabbed him in one eye?! How can he go through that pain and still be able to
throw so well? That boulder was really just a hairs breadth away. I almost slipped when it went passed me.

Ah! I think I see the stairs!!! Tears are forming in my eyes. NO! Its not guarenteed that the next floor is any better
but if I can just get away from him then anything is better. He threw the third boulder but missed. Thank god a stabbed
his eye. If I didnt he probably wouldve gotten me with the first boulder!

Getting closer!! Hmm? The stairway is quite small? I mean its normal for humans but he wouldnt get through it right?
Isnt that like really good right now?? Realizing this started running with all my might and eventually entered the

"I made it! Hah!" Now he wont be ab--

The walls broke and collapsed...
I opened my eyes. Looking around. Took me awhile to understand whats going on. The entrance to the stairway is completely
destroyed. Thats not what suprising. Whats suprising is that the beast is stuck under all that stone rubble. Is he dead?
I managed to get away without being eaten?

"Hah...ahaha" I just started laughing thinking about how crazy this is. Luckily the way to the next floor isnt damaged
badly so I can fianlly leave this floor! But now I should be safe. I need to remember what happened and how I
got here.

"Hmm. No good." I cant seem to remember anything but why do I remember stuff like anime and games? Hmm... Oh my name.
What's my name??? I couldnt actually have forgotten something important as someones own identity right? Hmm... Takahiro? No.
Takashi? No. Lupin? Wait why that name.

"It was definitely Taka-something....." As I was pondering what my name was I recalled a snippet of memory when I was

I was outside in field of flowers. It was a beautiful scenery. The air smelled great. The sun was warm. The wind blew
ever so gently. I was happy. I was...with someone? A girl? Who is she? Shes looks around my age..13 years? Shes pretty
and has a beautiful smile. Shes holding my hand?

"Kurotama...." The girl smiled as she said that.

I opened my eyes. Was that my name? Takashi wasnt even close! What was I even thinking about??

"Kuro..tama?" Finally something about about myself that I remember. But what was that memory? A strange name?
Anyway I rested enough for now I should move to the next floor. But... Suddenly I was upside down.
More like I was being held upside down.