In the cold stormy night a beautiful young girl about 18years old was seen walking into a mini restaurant/bar,she was wet but she didn't care as her cloak did a good job at protecting her from the rain.She opened the door of the restaurant and everything went to a standstill, only the occasional breathing could be heard,yes everyone was afraid of her but today she seemed even more terrifying;her crimson eyes were unusually cold today,so cold that the temperature seemed to drop a degree colder, but not just that her athletic body and her wet hair made her appearance more breathtaking ,but it also made her look more like a serial killer.                         She  walked to her usual table carrying a heavy object that was covered with a piece of black cloth, no-one but her knew what was inside. She got to her table and kept the object at the side of the table. A maid that appeared to be quite close to the girl went to take her order. When the maid got to the girls table the maid asked "what's wrong? you appear even colder than usual",the girl looked up at the maid for a moment ,her eyes were worm and friendly but it went back to stone cold eyes so fast that you would have thought you were having an illusion, the girl looked down and sighed, yes she was colder today but she wasn't just cold; she was angry;angry at the fact that the world was so ignorant, she was angry that no one but her knew what she has been doing, angry that their was no one to thank her for the good deeds she did just because they didn't know and what angered her the most was that no one was meant to know ;but she was not blaming the humans but she was just angry at how the world claimed to know so much yet knew very little. The maid seeing that her friend didn't answer went to go get what she already knew her friend was going to ask for.

        Just as she made her way to the kitchen, the candles started flickering and some went off entirely,in this area they didn't have electricity so they used candles instead. The girl sighed and pushed a button on her wrist watch and everything stopped, everything froze as if time had stopped itself and even breathing couldn't be heard,yes time had stopped,she had stopped it , the girl stood up and left the restaurant with that object she came in with and then she saw them, those things that have been making her life so hard,those things she had to protect the village from, the demons that always frustrated her life, those things that no-one knew of, no-one but her. The demons were all foot soldiers 12 in number, they were by far the most ugly things she had ever seen with ther mouths almost reaching their ears and screeching so loudly that the noise could be heard from a kilometre away the first one dashed so fast that the human eyes wouldn't be able to see it coming, but she was faster so much that they appeared to be moving in a normal pace. She waited until it got close enough,then she unclothed the object and slashed at the demons cutting it into two clean halves,yes it was a sword and by far the biggest sword you would have ever seen.The thing didn't bleed but it died as it slowly fadded into black mist it will be reborn but only after a year and a year was a really long time for her kind. She was done after two minutes and tied her sword with the piece of cloth and wears her cloak when she was done she went back into the restaurant drops her sword first and sits down. The moment her butt touched the chair everything went back to normal this was the reason she was angry no-one knew she felt like she should stop hiding it stop keeping it a.... ,her thought was cut off by the sound of the door opening she looked up and saw a boy about her age wearing a black cloak like her,he had spiky blue hair and sea blue eyes staring at her.He didn't have her cold expressionless face, instead he had sparkling eyes and a nice smile,he walked up to her and sat down, they started at each other for awhile,then he broke the silence saying"I'm Leo,desendant of Poseidon;god of the sea ;you?"she stared at him for what seemed like forever  then she finally broke into a smile for the first time this week and said "Am Alice, desendant of Ares;god of war"