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Since before the humans declared themselves the most supreme existence on the planet ,there were the beasts.

The beasts came before the humans and lived and coexisted with one another,they predated on each other but none the less they were peaceful n beautiful existence. Then some of the beasts began walking on their back legs as their fur fell off. This was the evolution that brought about the origin of the species known as the humans.

The gods on the heavens saw this as a very interesting development and began taking interest in the newly evolved beings that were the humans. Some of the gods approached the humans in dreams and bestowed them with knowledge on how to craft  tools and build structures to live in. All this was done by the gods mostly on the premise of mere curiosity and thus the humans evolved further and in return some of them worshipped the gods.

Although one of the higher gods who was the beast god could not understand or comprehend why the other gods valued the humans so much. He believed that the humans were an existence that would come to harm his precious beasts that he valued as his own family thus he did not concern himself with the humans. On a certain day he met the other two higher gods,the sun god who was a tall being clad in golden robes and golden armour and the other higher god who was the god of the dark who was an entity clad in dark robes and was a being of few words. He then asked..

"sun god why does thee concern thyself with those humans?"

The sun god answered,

"they are an existence that piqued my interests,had thee taken to know them then thee would find them amusing as well"

The beast god irritated with this answer,retorted back,

"the humans are a species that depends on the gods blessings a lot,their loyalties lie most towards the gods who shower them with the most blessings. An existence whose loyalty wavers like the tide of the sea is one that I cannot put my trust in,or do u disagree dark god?"

The dark god smiled gently and said,

"true they may be an existence that wanes a lot and one whose heart cannot remain loyal to one entity only but that is also an interesting factor in them,judging them based on their personality and not their actions is the thinking of a fool."

Angered by the answer of the dark god,the beast god turned his back to them and said this words to them before he left,

"Your curiosity and trust in the humans will be your undoing,should there come a day they turn their swords towards you gods,I will do nothing but watch as for it will be your own mess to clean up. I on the other hand am leaving the gods realm and going to stay in the Emerald Pearl,where most of the beasts of this world reside."

The beast god thus from the gates of the heavens took his divine spear and dived into the earth. The sun god and dark god looked at each other briefly laughing at his words but had they known and taken his words into consideration, then in the least they would have worked together to prevent the catastrophe that would unfold later.

Once in the Emerald Pearl, the beast god declared that humans may hunt for animals but should they overdo it or damage the Emerald Pearl that he would strike them down bereft of mercy.

(The Emerald Pearl;a paradise created by the beast god in the early days of creation to harbour all types of species of beasts,be it furred,winged,bereft of limbs or not creatures,it welcomed all. It had flowing waterfalls,rivers and a lot of streams. Its stretched out wide and far and some of its trees existed since creation itself. Its name was derived from how it looked from the heavens and that is an emerald green colour,truly one of the most beautiful wonders of the world).

The beast god sat down at the roots of the largest tree of all with a worried look on his face. Some creatures and that is the lions,panthers,snakes and some dragons gathered around him sensing their god's troubled look. He smiled and patted on one of the lion's heads and assured them by saying this,

"though troubled times may appear be ahead of  us,I guarantee that I will not allow any harm to happen to any of you. You are all like my very own children and a parent's duty is to protect their child,is it not?"

Then one of the dragon's sighed and stated,

"If the parent protects the child,who will protect the parent? I take my stand here and declare that I will protect our god no matter what be it from the rising humans or even from a god no matter what it takes,and I believe the same goes for every other creature in the Emerald and also on the surface of the earth,right?"

All the other creatures bowed down in acknowledgement of the old dragon's words. The beast god hearing this he laughed and said,

"It seems you have become haughty since you grew to that large size red dragon"

The red dragon replied,

"I only spoke what is in heart and that which all of beasts were thinking my lord"

The beast god smiled warmly and said that the humans will one day turn their blades to the Emerald so I will give you my blessing as well,

"to all beasts within the emerald,by the age of 15 all of you shall  be granted the ability to transform into a human like appearance,the age 15 is the upper limit. Past this age if you have not yet transformed then it was not your luck. I may be a higher god but I am not omnipotent so do not blame yourself ,blame my weakness. Though in human form you will maintain a some of the beast like appearances,like the tail,claws,years and even the strength of a beast. I may not like the human race that much but I am not going to ignore the capabilities they are capable of in that form,ignoring them would be the mistake of a fool. So this is my gift to you all."

When the beast god finished stating his words a wave of emerald divine energy moved out from his body and spread all across the Emerald and even to other parts of the world.

The beast god thus sat down again at the root of the tree and stated this,

"It seems I am low on divine power and must go into slumber to replenish,it would be easy to head to the heavens but I refuse to go where my opinion is not respected. Even I have my own pride."

Thus the beast god slept to recover his strength and his body was placed in the most secure place in the Emerald and thus500 years passed by. Disaster awaits...

to be continued....


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  1. Kid Kami

    I like the idea of evolution theory and gods in one story and that the gods use old english like thee & thus etc. It’s also quite nice, that the beast god is fighting alone, but still has a whole family to protect.

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