In an island at the edge of the world,far from the human eye, is a place called AMPHISBAENA. It was a land were mythical creatures lived ,but they have long since left the earth; but one remains the source of power to all who lives on its island, very little know of it's existance and they try to keep it that way.The Amphisbaena holds the key of magic called GLAZE but if it ever falls into the wrong hands it can bring earth's distruction.         

                     FLASH BACK

"Mommy were are you going"said a red haired 10year old girl ,with light brown eyes; to a beautiful woman in her late twenties, she had the same red hair but crimson red eyes. The woman always told the girl that she got her eyes from her dad but she had never seen him before. The woman answered "Kathy you know I don't have a choice.How about I make you beef stew when I come home, would that make you happy"the woman asked the little girl, the girl smiled and said"Okay mommy come back soon" ; her mother was going to war against the demons that plagued the world, her mother smiled wearily because she knew she wasn't coming home but the girl didn't notice. Her mom pulled her into a hug, smiled at her and left, she left and never came back. The little girl wasn't little anymore she was 18 now but still she never stopped grieving her dead mother, she was training with her mother sword, everyone in the island had magic except her and Zoe so she never stopped training, well Zoe's different from her ;for staters she uses a spare to fight,Zoe is rank 33 while  Kathy is rank 30,well Zoe's best friend Ivy rank 20,Kathy's best friend Alexsis or as they like to call her Lexi was rank 25 and the others are Tony rank 29,Neal Tiwan son of a billionaire rank 26 and Leo rank 31 ilI' tell you thier powers later. Well Zoe is having a match today against rank 27 his power is lightning