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How I Became a Serial Killer LOG 1

My real name is Evan and I am a serial killer. Never did I think my life would make such a turn for the worst.

Discussion (1)

  1. Luis Aleman

    I like the idea of the MC typing out an alibi for the authorities while also giving it the feeling of a normal story when you read it. I would say the strongest points are how it transitions nicely from one scene to another and at the beginning how Isaac was given little screen time. In the short time he was on, he always appeared in my head as having a condescending smirk on his face.

    Other than that, Idk your plans for it since I only see one chapter but I liked the format it was written in as well.
    I didn’t have many problems with it, really. Not that it was bad for the narrative or anything but how the MC made a few quotes about life. Though it’s not your fault because I put down something similar in my first chapter in the beginning and it’s also a very widely used technique when a character sees themselves in a tight spot.

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed what I read and how it always got to the point without providing unnecessary exposition dumps and so on. Every scene I was able to picture in my head perfectly.