Is Luck Real? Volume 1 Chapter 1 Preview: Not Your Typical Student



The world is cruel.


Your life is already ruined.


Don't bother doing anything.


These were the words I would recite to myself every day. Who told me these horrible truths? Me of course.


I sat under a tree, shielding myself from the ongoing downpour. Well the tree cares about my well being. I didn't have a home, I've been living on the streets for a while… I don't even know how long myself. No one cared to help me. I just sat there, watching the people walk by with their umbrellas. Hey people, there's a homeless kid under a tree whose hungry. Are you gonna do anything?


Of course they wouldn't, it's been that way for years. I've relied on myself to survive. I know I have no future. But rather finishing myself off right now, I actually like how this works. It's amusing. It's hilarious. It's a crazy idea, I thought I was in a coma… hoping that none of this was real, that this was all a dream. There's no possible way everyone on this miserable planet hates you, does nothing to help you… this wasn't a dream though. I'm actually under a tree, homeless, starving, and with death himself waiting around the corner. I really have no future. Because I'm no longer capable of continuing it.


My life was and has always been worthless.


Beep. Beep. BEEP. BEEP.


I awoke to the sound of my alarm. I got another nightmare. A blast to the past. These horrible visions of how crappy my past was really traumatized me. And I'm noticing that I'm getting more nightmares more often, and they all revolve around my past. To this day, I still agree that the world sucks and that my life sucks more, but at the same time, the world gives you some chances to turn your life around as an apology. I took every single chance I can get to change my life. And look where that got me to. I've been adopted, I got a roof over my head, I have food to eat. Yea, I guess my life is better than how it was so many years ago. But I hate it still. My life isn't normal, which is the only thing I really want. A normal life. Well, the only way I can do that is by taking the ultimate solution and restarting my life, and maybe if I'm lucky, I get to live a normal life.


It was seven in the morning, I had school later. I got up off my bed and got changed into my uniform. Yes, I got enrolled into a school, and though I can be a top student in a university, I still go to school. Why? Because school gives you more chances in life. And every single chance counts, even if it isn't guaranteed, it's worth a shot. It's better than wasting my life away in your home too.


I had my typical breakfast, eggs and bread. Simple, but I like it. It doesn't have to be over the top and really cool. And if I have a bigger breakfast than this, I might run out of ingredients before the next month, which is when I get my monthly allowance to buy necessities. The allowance is pretty large, enough to buy food for a year, but I'd rather save what I can and spend when I need to. I mean, the apartment I'm living in is already really great, there's already a whole bunch of stuff people would want in their homes, like a tv or laptop. But that can't help my crappy life. Yeah, maybe a little, but not enough to have an effect.


With all the spare time I'm given, I usually resort to what I love to do now, which is writing stories online. That way I can express my talents as a writer without anyone knowing who I really am. Though I'm not that popular, I'm glad that there are still those few who read them and enjoy them. It means everything to me. I took on writing as a hobby because of how fun it is creating your own world with whatever you say goes. What adds to the fun is by adding elements of genres to spice up your story, I focus on the romance, mystery, and drama genres because there's so much I can do with them. My mind is a never ending waterfall of ideas and stories. When I need to vent out or something, I just write. It's just so relaxing to me. I hope I can gain a bigger audience and maybe even take writing as a job, but dreams can be really vague huh. Not really if you try. All the effort counts, and I've been putting in effort for the past two years I've been writing, and oh boy it helped me out a lot. I now have more than ten followers, yay.


I'm pretty lucky I took those chances, I would've never imagined I would get this lucky. It's almost as if I turned my life around, but this is just where I live, yeah it helped me, but I still hate my life once I step out the door. I have to deal with the fact that my social life is basically the equivalent of me being an ant ready to be stepped on. And I've already been stepped on multiple times. I get bullied at school, and all that Bullying is just making my image worse. You might think that others would have sympathy for the victim, but it's more like the bullies are the heroes and I was the villain. Even though I did nothing at all to provoke anyone.


I literally leave my social life the way it is, trash in a trash can. When I said that school would give me more chances, I mean career wise, like so I can have a stable job and live off that. I have no intentions of socializing and making friends. I kinda forgive the world for a bit, but the people, absolutely not. It took mankind five years to help me out. What did they do beforehand? They left me out to die. Either in the pouring rain, the freezing snow, or the blazing heat. They didn't care how I was left, they didn't care about my well being, they didn't care at all.


Until finally one person, just one person, out of the five years I've been homeless, one person came to help me. To shelter me. To give me another chance. I wanted to ditch my horrible life back then and there, so I did by receiving help from this woman who is now my guardian. I got adopted a few months after taking the chance. The adoption allowed me to realize that “Hey! Maybe this world isn't so bad!” I was so happy at the time. I took a chance to change my life.


And now, years later, I'm on a lookout for any chances I can get to get an advantage in life. I kinda regret saying that the world isn't bad all those years ago, since I've learned that I was just lying to myself. Yeah, the world helped me out here and there, but overall, I hate my life. I hate it for being so freaking crazy. I never wanted to live like this, and I blame myself for not killing myself year ago, before I took that chance. To be honest, I think I've made my life worse… I don't care what fancy gadgets I get, nor the amount of money I receive, my life sucks, I hate it and that's final...


After finishing breakfast, I prepared my stuff and got ready to head out the door. I took too long eating, which lessened my time to get to school. I now have approximately twelve minutes to sit at my desk. It's less than the usual fifteen I have to get there. Considering that the traffic here at this time has died down, maybe I can make it faster. With all that in mind, I headed out the door.


During my walks, I usually get hit with some sort of bad luck, like accidental traffic jams or maybe even a near death experience with a truck that didn't do a good job a turning. Maybe even get attacked by one of the bullies that walk this way. Every morning, I have to carefully plan out my day, and if something doesn't go as planned, then improvise on the spot. Make sure that the intended goal was reached. Besides, other than myself, I rely on statistics to survive. Every single detail counts, it can change the chances of dying from one hundred to zero percent if taken and used correctly. And thank goodness I rely on it too, it got me out of some pretty sticky situations.


I eventually reached the school where I was greeted with people spacing out from me, saying stuff like “I heard that guys a delinquent.” or “I heard some rumors that that guy did this and that.” Ugh, it's so annoying. This is another reason why I don't want friends, I'm never given the chance to, which I'm absolutely fine with. You people suck either way.


I head into homeroom and the first thing I heard was, “I heard that we’re getting a transfer student today!” A transfer student huh. I didn't go to elementary, but I was already pretty educated at the time so I think there was no need. But I did go to junior high, and I never got a transfer student in any of my classes. The only experience I had with a transfer student was when I was reading other online stories. Having a transfer student. Huh. Is that the world telling me, “Hey Kai! Here's a friend!” Probably. The world is full of surprises, and this is a big one. If the world really is giving me a chance at making a friend, I guess I'll take it. I mean, yeah I keep on telling myself that friends are bad. But I believe that the world sent me this as a chance. And maybe that chance can cause many good things to occur. Who knows! I'll just have to go for it!


Wait. It's gonna be harder than I thought. The students know me pretty well already as the “King of Delinquents” or “The Devil's Menace.” Such nice nicknames you guys gave me even though I did nothing at all, but once the student hears the rumors about me, I lost this chance. Though it might not be such a big deal that you didn't make a friend, it really matters to me, like maybe befriending them can change my future. And if it does, I wonder how. It's these questions that keep me guessing and going for it. Yeah it's risky, but maybe it was worth it.


The teacher then walked in the classroom, “Alright, settle down class. As you might've heard, we are getting a transfer student today. Please walk in!”


As she walked in, I got hit by an unexplainable feeling. It blew me away. I never felt so shocked about a new student in my life. I bet that there's more to this girl. Like, you can't just catch me off guard like that. She looked to be around five and a half feet tall, her long wavy hair had a shiny black color. This girl is amazing, I'd never expect anyone to pass my expectations, rather, blow them out the water. But, there's just something that's a bit off. It's like I've met her before… or maybe it's just me being amazed. I don't remember seeing this girl before though. This is all. Just. Too. Weird. This girl, I have to befriend.


“H- Hello everyone… my name is Ilianna Zvahl, but y- you can call me Lily for short… I look forward to learning with everyone!”


“Ilianna will be with us for the rest of the year, please give her a warm welcome!”


Lily. I feel like I remember that name… Though it's my first time seeing her, it's like I've had a history with her. That can't be true though, if we did, then why don't I remember? Because we didn't. But why do I still feel like I've heard her name before… just who are you, Ilianna Zvahl?


“You will be sitting over there-” Teacher then pointed to the empty desk that was two desks diagonal from mine. The world really is pushing me to make a friend huh.


She then walked to her desk and sat down, ready to learn. Then here I am not going to listen as usual. Usually I would just drift off into a endless void I call my head. Doing so passes time incredibly quick, like one hour to one minute quick. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know what you're trying to teach us already, and I'm pretty sure I can teach the class too.


But today was a little bit different. There was only one thing on my mind, and that was Lily. This girl is just so frustrating to get around. I don't know her but I feel as if I should. It's scary… I still did drift off into my void, but with the to ping being Lily this, Lily that. I'm trying me best to figure out why I feel this way, but nothing I come up with works. My statistics are failing me on this one. I guess I'll just have to befriend her either way.


With time passing by fast, break time was in grasp, a chance for me to befriend her. Okay, what should I do, what should I say, I need to make a good first impression or else they'll think I'm weird or something, and I don't want that. Plus I think that the world sent her as a chance so I need to do well or else I've failed miserably.




It's break; I have ten minutes to initiate. First, there's a high chance that she'll get surrounded by people who want to be her friend. That means I'll wait a few minutes for the crowd to grow. The soon enough I'll go up there, scaring away most of the crowd, as well as getting Lily's attention towards me. Then at that time I'll befriend her, despite what the others can say about me, I will befriend her. One factor that can cut me off right now is that she believes the others rumors about me, which can jeopardize my chances. I just hope she didn't believe them...


Minutes passed by, it's now or never. I got up and as expected, I startled a few people. As I got closer people started to run away thinking as if I was a serial killer ready to kill my victims. I approached Lily, and as I thought, I did catch her attention. Nos, don't mess up. This is vital to the plan-


“H- hey, welcome to the school. I'm Kai Rauoa Everstien, I look forward to working with you this year…” Please. Please. Please. Please.


“Oh, H- Hello Kai! I do too!”


I hear the students nearby whisper, saying stuff like “he's baiting the transfer student“ which is pretty darn annoying. Then, someone out of the crowd yelled out, “Kai is gonna use the transfer student for his dirty deeds!”


... if I wasn't so nice, I would've actually strangled you to death.


Lily then slowly turned to me, “w- What does he mean…?”


“Ah, no, it's not what you I am! T- they just spread horrible rumors about me!”


She gave off what seemed as a sigh of relief, “Is that so…”


Thank goodness you understand-


I had one of my bullies come up towards us with a smug expression, “Hey man, you're scaring the transfer student… why don't you just Go DIE ALREADY-”


He let off one heck of a push with me landing on my head and rolling over. Now I think I was more of a throw than a push… like that really hurt.


“Scum like you shouldn't live.”


I thought the same way before. Hah. I agree with you!


“Oh my gosh! Kai! Are you okay!?”


“Y- yea, I'm fine. This isn't my first time being thrown…”


Lily then turned around towards the high and mighty looking ‘hero of the class’, “Why did you throw Kai!?”


The bully who threw me to the back of the classroom gave off a smug look towards Lily looking like he wants to fight, “HUH, YOU'RE SIDING WITH THAT PIECE OF CRAP-?!”


“Leave her out of this!” Before I noticed, I got up and had Lily behind my back, ready for whatever he was about to throw.


“Tchff…” was the last thing he said before walking away. Thank god he didn't fight… that would've been the end of me…


“T- thanks Kai, but how about you!? Aren't you hurt!?”


“I said I'm fine… I deal with stuff like that everyday…”


“Is that why you look like you just got back from a fight?...”




I took a deep breath, I don't really wanna deal with them now… I sat back down on the floor with Lily.


“I see… you get bullied harshly huh…”


“Would you trust the other students about me now?”


“Not really…”


“Yep… rumors are just rumors…”


We were both on the floor, exchanging looks. Her eyes were a glistening sky blue, it was as if her eyes could've blinded me. I'm starting to feel how clichè this is… the cute and friendly transfer student and the protagonist of the story...


“Ah, class is about to start, do you wanna meet up at lunch?...”


“S- sure, that's a good idea…”


“Mhm, I want to get to know you more…”


“So… does that mean we're friends?...”


“Of course silly~”


Ah, I feel so relieved… were friends… and she wants to meet up at lunch… That's great… This would be a really good chance to get to know her better-




Class is starting… later it is Lily, “Ah, let's head to our seats…”
“O- oh, yeah…”

* * *



Thanks for reading this preview!

I'll be writing this from now on, and as well as having a friend illustrate parts in the story, so it'll feel like a light novel. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Justice

    This was a interesting read. Really dark and gray at first but started to get better for the character as the story progress. A good expo for explaining why making a friend would be all the more valuable to him. I am very curious to read more about how Kai may know the transfer student. Good start to the story.

  2. Justice

    Trying to post the comment again. Keeps disappearing for some reason.

    This was a interesting read. Really dark and gray at first but started to get better for the character as the story progress. A good expo for explaining why making a friend would be all the more valuable to him. I am very curious to read more about how Kai may know the transfer student. Good start to the story.

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Discussion (2)

  1. Justice

    This was a interesting read. Really dark and gray at first but started to get better for the character as the story progress. A good expo for explaining why making a friend would be all the more valuable to him. I am very curious to read more about how Kai may know the transfer student. Good start to the story.

  2. Justice

    Trying to post the comment again. Keeps disappearing for some reason.

    This was a interesting read. Really dark and gray at first but started to get better for the character as the story progress. A good expo for explaining why making a friend would be all the more valuable to him. I am very curious to read more about how Kai may know the transfer student. Good start to the story.

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